7 Classic dining room ideas 2022 for beautiful gatherings and events

By Jelena Raicevic
25 May 2022

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The year 2022 has seen, and will continue to see in the coming months, a return to a classic-contemporary, or minimal-chic taste, both for the more intimate areas of the home, such as bedrooms, and for more lived-in areas, such as the living and dining rooms.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Interior designers have no doubt about it: refined materials, luxurious details, sinuous lines and other "precious" trends will give living and dining rooms the timeless elegance, typical of classic and neoclassical styles.

In this article, we will discover the most beautiful 2022 ideas for a classic-contemporary dining room. Specifically:

Classic room ideas 2022


Classic dining room 2022: 7 must-have trends

All that remains for us to do is to discover the 7 main trends for creating dining rooms worthy of the most luxurious receptions.

Be careful, though. The key concepts of our time will once again orchestrate a classic furnishing project: compositional flexibility, stylistic mixes and the ability to blend different atmospheres in a sophisticated Mix & Match.

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1. Sinuous lines for the dining area

If this year's fashion shows are dominated by large, oversized garments, in interior design the counterpart to this trend is furniture, sofas and accessories with soft, rounded shapes.

In the living room, square sofas disappear and make way for sensual, enveloping seating which invite you to relax and warm you up like a hug.

Even in the classic style dining room, 2022 sees a prevalence of curved and rounded lines, as in the Melodia collection by Arredoclassic, in which the large oval table stands out, supported by two semi-circular legs and surrounded by chairs with rounded backrests.

The elegant and sophisticated look is completed by a splendid glass cabinet and a spacious sideboard, both of which are characterised by the absence of edges.


Arredo Classic: Melodia collection


2. Quality furniture

We continue our roundup of ideas for the 2022 classic dining room, by pointing out, even for the new generations, a return to quality furniture, designed to last over time, in clear contrast to mass-produced products that make all rooms look the same and impersonal.

“Fast” furniture will not disappear from our homes, also because it has the merit of being versatile, dynamic and affordable, but it will be completed and enhanced by combining it with higher quality, more valuable and expensive furniture, which represent a sort of investment.

Such furniture will last much longer than standardised low-cost furniture.

2022 ideas for classic and neoclassical dining rooms aim precisely at the coexistence of these two trends: on the one hand, the need for dynamic, informal and not too demanding furniture, which satisfies the typically modern need for frequent changes of style; on the other hand, the desire to create unique rooms with a timeless elegance, with a high level of comfort, through classic and neoclassical furniture, featuring luxurious details and precious materials.

As already mentioned, the way forward is a mixture of styles - modern, classic, vintage - and the combination of contemporary furniture and sumptuous furnishings that are reminiscent of the event and banquet halls.


3. Precious and soft fabrics

In 2022, soft fabrics that convey a sense of security and cosiness, such as bouclé, tweed and crushed velvets, are back in vogue, as well as precious fabrics, such as lampas, satin, brocade and damask, which are used for upholstering dining room seating, and also for cushions, carpets, curtains and accessories.


ArredoClassic - Leonardo


4. Art Deco dining room

In the last two years, we have learned to spend more time at home. This has led us to rediscover the importance of surrounding ourselves with beautiful things, which make us feel good and improve our mood.

The dining room and the living room - devoted to hospitality and entertaining - are the places where we can show off our taste in furnishing and where we can amaze our guests with a class that comes from the desire to enhance the handcrafted decorations and the quality of Made in Italy that the whole world envies us.

Green light, then, to chairs and sofas made of precious fabrics, "glittering" materials, contrasting colours, decorative details and furniture with the unmistakable elegance of the Art Deco style, such as those of the Dolce Vita collection by Arredoclassic, in which every element, from the table to the sideboard, evokes clean lines, graceful shapes, prestigious finishes and chic atmospheres.


5. Goodbye tiles, welcome wall panels!

There is yet another classic dining room idea that has found its definitive consecration in 2022: say goodbye to tiles to cover and protect the kitchen and dining area, and make way for wall panelling!

With one important variation, however: no wooden walls, a material that is definitely not suitable for these rooms, but atypical wall panelling, i.e. made from the same material as the worktops or the dining table (in the case of the lounge as a separate room).

As long as they are easily manageable (even more so than tiles) and quick to clean.


ArredoClassic: Donatello collection


6. Mirrors and reflective materials

In addition to real mirrors, mirrored surfaces will go crazy in 2022.

In short, the shinier and more reflective they are, the more suitable they will be for a chic and sophisticated dining room, which combines the elegance of fine materials (marble, gold, copper, brass, silver, bronze) with the gritty look of contemporary metals, such as steel, aluminium, stoneware, glass and nickel.

A typical example of the combination of classic and contemporary is Adora, with its two collections Allure and Atmosfera.

The contemporary minimalism found in polished metal finishes, square lines, rigorous shapes and soft colours is enhanced by the contrast with the golden details and classic marble surfaces.


7. Dream floors

To complete the look of the dining room in classic, art deco or contemporary-classic style, dream floors were a must.

Marble and wood are undoubtedly the most suitable coverings for the elegant and refined ambience of reception rooms, and both are found in nature in infinite chromatic and stylistic variations.

Not to be outdone are the typically modern surfaces, such as resin and micro-cement, which are highly appreciated for their seamlessness and ability to create a continuous surface with a very striking visual impact.

Among wooden floors, the traditional Italian herringbone parquet will be a big trend in 2022, as long as it has a high-gloss finish.

This floor brings out the precious materials and mirrored surfaces we have been talking about like few others, while at the same time adding that touch of warmth and familiarity that we need more and more in these uncertain times.


Arredo Classic: Modigliani collection


Dining room ideas 2022: the watchword is mix and match

Those who madly love classic style and the tradition of quality Made in Italy design furniture, will have "bread for their teeth" in 2022. There are several classic and neoclassical trends that will return to fill the living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms of our homes.

In designing spaces, the difficulty - and also the inspiration - will be to be able to strike a balance between classic taste (and various declinations), and the contemporary style that inevitably affects all areas of our lives, including interior design.

The 2022 idea of a classic dining room is to create fusion environments , where the two styles (classic and contemporary) are mixed to create a surprising and original mix.

On the one hand, there is the modern need to live in a comfortable, usable home, with minimalist, transformable furnishings optimised to the centimetre, and on the other, there is the irresistible appeal of beauty, luxury, precious materials and settings that evoke the elegance of classical and neoclassical taste.


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