Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.

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31 August 2022

5 Considerations before buying a contemporary chandelier

Among the furnishings that can affect the atmosphere and style of the various rooms in the home, chandeliers have the place of honour, if only because they perform a twofold function: furnish with unparalleled ...
29 August 2022

Adora's contemporary furniture will mark your rooms with the Made in Italy signature

The Made in Italy furniture is famous and appreciated worldwide in all its variations, whether classic or contemporary....
29 August 2022

Adora suggestions for a beautiful and cozy contemporary interior design

Contemporary design combines style and comfort: both are key requirements to ensure that every interior environment of your home can enjoy furnishing that is beautiful to look at without sacrificing comfort....
29 August 2022

5 Reasons to love a contemporary interior design style

No furniture style has ever been so versatile and innovative as contemporary interior design. Contemporary interior design is devised to always be up-to-date and bring constant innovation....
11 August 2022

4 Rules for an elegant and luxury bedroom design

Sleep is fundamental for our health and in average we spend 1/3 of our day sleeping. For this reason, a bedroom represents the place of rest and recovery, essential to face everyday life and to pursue one’s ...
11 August 2022

6 Things to consider when designing a perfect classic living room

The living room is the most 'lived-in' room in the house, the one in which we spend most of our time, and the one that generally has the greatest impact on the appreciation of the entire home, although ...
8 July 2022

Transform your home into a work of art with Arredoclassic classic furniture

In every single piece of furniture in Arredoclassic collections, classic Italian style finds full expression through its refined and timeless spirit. The furniture lines reflect the different variants of the ...
1 July 2022

Living room trends 2022: design and layout for a contemporary space

In 2022, when designing the layout of the contemporary living room, we will still be bound by the concepts of openness and sharing, but with some fundamental changes. Indeed, since the pandemic has transformed ...
31 May 2022

Ambra and Essenza contemporary living rooms: let yourself be inspired by warm colours that lift your spirit

When we talk about contemporary living rooms, we almost always tend to imagine environments dominated by neutral colours, such as grey or total white, by essential, square furniture and by compact, space-saving ...
25 May 2022

7 Classic dining room ideas 2022 for beautiful gatherings and events

The year 2022 has seen, and will continue to see in the coming months, a return to a classic-contemporary, or minimal-chic taste, both for the more intimate areas of the home, such as bedrooms, and for more ...
20 May 2022

Luxury bedroom trends 2022: colours, furniture and interior ideas

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and when it comes to designing this space and renovating its concept, adding a personal touch that reflects your own taste is always a good idea....
20 December 2021

Dining room table: how to choose the best one?

When you are renovating or designing a space such as your dining room, the first important choice to make is the table. You must choose your dining room table carefully....