Italian contemporary furnishing: all you need to know about

By Jelena Raicevic
22 December 2023

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Experience the global allure of Italian contemporary furniture, and discover how to elevate your home with the best Made in Italy collections.

Italian style means elegance and sophistication, in all its variations. Indeed, Made in Italy products are famous and recognized worldwide, not only for their fine classic style, but also for their contemporary aesthetics.

The essence of contemporary Italian style lies in the ability to create a harmonious balance between the typical elements of traditional classical design and the peculiarities of modern aesthetics, which is characterized by clean lines and a mix of materials and textures.

It could easily be labeled as a "hybrid style," capable of blending two different interior design philosophies. However, it is more correct to interpret it as an approach detached from both aesthetic schemes, which absorbs the strengths of both and then rises to an autonomous style with its own specificities and variations.

In essence, contemporary Italian furniture is a skillful union between the decorative "richness" of classical style and the lightness and essentiality of contemporary design.

Here is a list of the things you should know to fully capture the essence of this furnishing style.


Italian contemporary furnishing: all you need to know about. Moderna collection


7 things you need to know about contemporary Italian furniture

In the increasingly diverse landscape of Italian contemporary furniture, finding design collections to bring elegant and trendy spaces to life - while also reflecting the personality of the people who live there - is a real challenge.

The secret is to rely only on leading Made in Italy contemporary furniture companies. Companies that have always captured the stimuli and changes in society and consumer habits, while maintaining a unique and recognizable stylistic identity.

One of those companies is Adora, which has made Italian design, quality materials and attention to detail its uniqueness, along with the ability to keep up with times and meet the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing market, by offering collections that are both refined and functional.

If you want to create a unique contemporary furnishing scenario, you could start by designing a customized style moodboard, by taking into account some relevant aesthetics and décor tips.

Let’s see step by step the key aspects to consider for achieving a contemporary style in furniture.


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1. What colors are contemporary?

To determine what color palette works best in contemporary furniture design, we should first understand the difference between classic and contemporary furniture, not only in terms of furniture shapes and materials, but also in terms of atmosphere.

After all, what is a moodboard if not a visual collage that summarizes the atmosphere, feeling or "mood," precisely, that you want to create in a space?

Color is one of the central elements of any interior design project and any moodboard, precisely because it defines the overall atmosphere of a room and characterizes every element that makes it up: from walls to fabrics, from upholstery materials to objects.

Imagine, for instance, a bedroom furnished in a luxurious classical style. The color palette that best resembles this style involves the use of light neutral shades, both warm, such as shades of beige and brown, and cool (the gray scale), because they are the most functional in creating refined interiors and sober, timeless atmospheres.

In terms of contemporary Italian interior design, which focuses on more appealing atmospheres with greater visual impact, the color palette veers toward bolder, more "vibrant" colors.

It is not uncommon, then, for contemporary collections to include dark furniture, such as the Moderna bedroom by Adora, dressed in a sophisticated smoky gray glossy lacquered Sycamore wood finish, or to focus on glamorous and luxurious contrasts, as in the bedroom in the Essenza collection, which blends warm tones of dark brown with precious bands of satin gold metal.


Italian contemporary furnishing: contemporary colors. Essenza collection


2. Best furniture pieces for a contemporary style home

Building on the idea of bold and captivating atmospheres, Made in Italy contemporary furniture takes this concept to the next level.

Indeed, contemporary-style Made in Italy designer furniture, while presenting a more compact and essential design than classic-style furniture, can be true statements of luxury and elegance. Works of art designed to elevate any living space, from the dining room to the bedroom to the living room.

Contemporary Italian furniture can be finished in light wood and decorated with gold leaf details or marble, glass, metal or stoneware tops with different finishes, or powder coated metal plates, for armchairs and couches.


Italian contemporary furnishing: best furniture pieces. Diamante collection


3. How to choose decorative lighting for a contemporary space

Lighting is an essential element for contemporary rooms, because, apart from playing a central role, it is also employed as décor.

Contemporary lighting solutions feature frames and lampshades made with high-performing and highly decorative materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Fine fabrics
  • Iron
  • Crystal
  • Copper

Among contemporary trends for 2024 we find chandeliers in spherical, oblong or cylindrical shapes, and vintage lamps shaped like honeycombs or reproducing lighting fixtures from past eras, such as oil lanterns or candles.


Italian contemporary furnishing: decorative lighting. Sipario collection


4. Selecting fabrics and textures for modern living

Contemporary fabrics best suited to reflect the compositional linearity of modern spaces include natural fibers, such as silk and wool, and plant-based fibers (hemp, jute, linen, cotton).

Materials are not the only thing affecting the style of a room; textures, graphic patterns, and fabric colors play an important role too: smooth, simple textures and plain fabrics work best in contemporary style rooms.

However, in Italian contemporary furniture we often find elaborate textures and fine fabrics typical of classical style, such as velvet, brocade and damask, used, for example, to upholster dining room chairs.


Italian contemporary furnishing: fabrics and textures. Diamante collection


5. Curtains that complement Italian contemporary furniture

Choosing the right curtains for each room is never easy, especially when you want to give a different personality to each environment, while retaining the same stylistic continuity throughout the house.

Contemporary style requires matte colours and simple nuances that add a touch of colour to the room, without weighing it down visually.

For this reason, in order to obtain a clean and impeccable result, choose long roller or ring curtains, based on your needs, with grey, white or beige nuances.

For a bolder layout, you can opt for red, black or ocean blue fabrics, without overdoing it.


Italian contemporary furnishing: curtains. Sipario collection


6. Contemporary flooring options for an eye-catching look

Floors, along with walls and fixtures, are the elements that, more than others, can direct the specific style and atmosphere of a room.

And contemporary Made in Italy furniture, in particular, is appreciated all over the world not only for furniture production, but also for upholstery materials.

What kind of flooring is used in Italian contemporary style? For sure, wood and marble floors are the flagship of Italian design. These fine solutions can dress up any room (regardless of style) with class.

Popular modern floors also include resin and seamless stoneware floors, which provide both aesthetic performance and functionality.

Wood-effect laminates are also popular due to their excellent versatility, and are available in endless variations and imitate wood to perfection (including grain and color changes): they are the perfect solution for living rooms and contemporary bedrooms, especially with light and bright finishes, capable of visually enlarging the space and creating a feeling of warmth and coziness.


Italian contemporary furnishing: contemporary flooring. Poesia collection


7. Wall decoration ideas for a modern aesthetic

Glossy and matte black, natural wood or metal frames, design clocks and abstract paintings are perfect decoration solutions to complete contemporary Italian style furnishings.

If you want to add more than one element, hang them close, so as to create a sort of mosaic, for the best visual impact.


Italian contemporary furnishing: wall decoration. Atmosfera collection


Why you should choose contemporary Italian furnishing

Italian contemporary furniture is perfect to combine the clean and glamour allure of modern style and the typical elegance of Made in Italy classic design.

Choosing contemporary furniture means creating a calming and placid atmosphere, with a formal and stylistic balance unlike any other style. This is why you should choose this interior design for your home.

On one condition, however: choosing only contemporary collections based on the quality and innovation of great Made in Italy design.

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