Unveiling interior design trends 2024: what's next?

By Jelena Raicevic
26 January 2024

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Discover the interior design trends of 2024: the dominant colors, the hottest styles, and all the most interesting new developments in classic and contemporary styles.

Interior design is an ever-evolving world that can give the spaces we live in not only an aesthetic but also an emotional and "experiential" feel. In fact, from year to year, it is not only the trends that change, but also the way of living the home.

While it is true that the home is a refuge, an intimate place in which to showcase one's taste, it is equally true that stylistic guidelines, choices of materials, furniture and color palettes follow the trend of fashion. Equally, the architectural subdivision of space and the arrangement of furniture adapts and molds to people's changing needs and aspirations.

This is why trends often emerge as true concept revolutions, capable of giving a different appeal to the way we conceive interior spaces.

And 2024 will keep following the rule. There are many innovations ready to make their way into interior design trends 2024, and in this article we will explore the most interesting ones:


Interior design trends 2024


What's trending in interior design right now?

In this dynamic of continuous renewal of the housing concept, the 2024 interior design trends seem to focus on a combination of quality, detail and uniqueness. Homes become not only places to live, but veritable opportunities for personal expression.

In terms of furniture trends 2024, the companies that can offer the right mix of quality and innovation are increasingly more, offering classic and contemporary collections based on evergreen design and the great Made in Italy furnishing tradition.

The mixture of contemporary-inspired furniture pieces, based on compact lines and functional shapes, and more voluminous and bold ones, made of solid materials and warm shades of brown (a color that is making a strong comeback in 2024), juxtaposed with luxurious finishes in gold or bronze, in the wake of the maximalism that we had already noted as a rising trend in 2023.


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What color furniture is in style in 2024?

Every year in the Interior Design industry there is curiosity about the colors that will dictate trends. In 2024, the winners are undoubtedly warm and "earthy" tones, which outrank the vibrant shades of bright red, acid green and neon yellow.

Peach Fuzz, already crowned Pantone color of the year 2024, is a chic and gentle color, somewhere between pink and orange. As Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute explains, "Peach Fuzz is a hue that radiates warmth and modern elegance, offers a gentle embrace, effortlessly joining the young with the eternal, and reinforces our desire for a peaceful future."

Among the interior design trends 2024 there are not only natural and restful colors. Also charming to the eye we find bolder colors such as chocolate, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. Coming to us directly from the 1970s, these 3 colors are enhanced specifically by their combination with soft peach, beige, and light wood tones.


Interior design trends 2024: Luce Dark collection


Home decor trends 2024

In addition to the aforementioned maximalism, which thrives on abundant shapes, luxurious textures, and bright layouts, home decor 2024 sees the comeback of two seemingly very different styles: Bohemian from the Seventies and Modernism from the Sixties joined by the same attention to those aesthetic details that make a difference by making each room unique.

Regarding patterns, the interior design trends of 2024 highlight a preference for plant and flower decorative themes, while geometric shapes (super popular in previous years) show a slight decline.

However, the concept of personalized decoration remains fashionable. Interior decorations (mirrors, carpets, giftware, lighting, and paintings) are no longer designed with a "mass-produced" approach, but made to be as original as possible, so as to respond unconventionally to each individual's needs, tastes and lifestyle.

All this translates into greater freedom of expression: furnishing becomes a way to tell a story about oneself, have fun creating juxtapositions of furnishings of different shapes and styles, and play with colors alternating textures and patterns. Environments become dynamic, alive, and personal.

Very popular in 2024 will be the use of wallpaper, which can become the secret weapon for creating effects that tell the story of their inhabitants.

As mentioned, an increasingly common trend is the use of floral-themed wall coverings to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Contextualized, wallpaper suits both elegant homes, set up in the different classic style compositions, as well as modern, gritty homes.

The last Salone del Mobile highlighted the patterns that make people seek out the most: those that include lush greenery, a variety of wildlife, and the most elegant flowers, such as roses, orchids, magnolias, and cornflowers.


Interior design trends 2024: Luce Light collection


Interior design: the furnishing trends of 2024

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that the best companies on the market are those that allow for personalized and "guided" advice on the type of environment to be created, not only in terms of furniture, colors and materials, but also in terms of atmosphere and stylistic nuances.

Book now a consultation with our experienced interior designers! They will help you choose the furniture solution most in line with your taste and the trends of 2024.

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.