Luxury living room furniture: 5 ideas for an elegant home

By Jelena Raicevic
9 February 2024

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Looking for solutions to furnish your home with the best luxury living room furniture? Discover the 5 best ideas for a refined and trendy home.

What does a dream home look like and how is it furnished with style and luxury? And what makes a home truly luxurious in terms of interior design?

Let's start by saying that, in the world of interior design, the word "luxury" does not necessarily imply grandeur or opulence. A luxury home can be as small as a mini-apartment in Paris with an Eiffel Tower view or as big as a 3-story villa nestled in the countryside of one of Italy's most beautiful regions.

In this article, we will look at five solutions that can be adopted to embellish the most lived-in and representative room in the home - that is, the living room - relying on luxurious living room furniture and stylistic details that can create the most suitable atmosphere and context around the furniture, whether in a contemporary or classic style.

In particular, we will see:


Luxury living room furniture: 5 ideas for an elegant home


How to choose luxury living room furniture

One of the most important aspects when choosing luxury living room furniture pieces is to keep in mind the overall harmony. Basically, luxury living room furniture pieces should be chosen to create the most balanced and harmonious vision possible not only in terms of furnishing, but also in terms of structure (size, shape, ad lines) and style (colors, materials, and decorations). All these features combine together to create a luxury atmosphere.

Going back to the original question (what makes a "luxury" home?), it is possible to identify a number of characteristics common to almost all luxury residential settings. This is a non-exhaustive list, but it can be useful to understand how to create a luxury living room.

In a luxury living room there is almost always the following:

  • attractive design;
  • quality materials and finishes (marble, wood, frames, frescoes, gold finishes, etc.);
  • "one-of-a-kind pieces," ranging from high craftsmanship to works of art and iconic furnishings by famous architects and interior designers;
  • functional spaces and accessories;
  • large windows: natural light helps in boosting the visual impact of the environment.

Those who wish to create a luxury living room do so because they seek beauty. And this is achieved by working on custom architecture, distinctive design, extreme attention to detail, and opulent or designer finishes.

In fact, luxury comes from the integration of fine materials and finishes with a range of benefits that elevate the overall comfort of the living experience.


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Why luxury living room furniture pieces make the difference

It goes without saying that a feature common to almost all luxury properties is the budget allocated for interior design. Be careful, however, not to think that expensive furniture and luxury furniture are the same thing. Have a large budget available does not always lead to luxury furniture. In fact, luxury is not only related to the price of furniture, but to a number of features that, if present, make your furnishing valuable, elegant, unique, and above average in terms of quality and design.

High-end materials such as marble, stone and fine woods are used for the structural elements of a luxury living room. Sometimes people choose to keep floors full of history such as cement tiles, mosaics or majolica tiles salvaged from period dwellings and old farmhouses.

Also of the highest standard are the furniture pieces, sofas and home decor pieces, behind which is often hidden fine craftsmanship and the experience of Made in Italy companies that cherish design, quality and attention to detail.

These homes have high-end features that ordinary homes do not.


Luxury living room furniture: Diamante collection


5 ideas for decorating the living room with luxury living room furniture

Style is not the deciding factor. In fact, there are luxury living rooms in all styles: modern, minimalistic, classic, vintage, and contemporary.

However, the common denominator is always the presence of at least one attention-grabbing design element.

Below you will find the five best ideas for bringing a sophisticated luxury look into your living room.


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1. Include at least one "jewelry-furniture piece"

In the Dolce Vita living room by Arredoclassic, the furniture that attracts attention is undoubtedly the sparkling display case, available in 3 door, 2 door or single door versions.

Catalyzing the gazes are the transparency of the glass and the gilded trim, while the walnut burl band embellishes the silhouette with a pleasant color break against the ivory color of the frame cover.


Luxury living room furniture: Dolce Vita collection


2. Choose a luxury contemporary style for the sofa area

 A subtle streak of eccentricity drives the design of the Sipario contemporary collection by Adora, whose key value lies in the bold yet refined character of luxury contemporary living room furniture.

A perfect example is the sofa, which features soft and pleasing curves, bold colors, and diamond-quilted upholstery that echoes the decorative style of other elements in the collection. The luxurious feel of the Sipario sofa is emphasized by the high back, the brass ellipses of the armrests, and the gilded leather edging that catches the eye and leads it to the central brass frieze.


Luxury living room furniture: Sipario collection


3. Strive for the timeless elegance of the classic style

To bring the sophisticated monumentality of Greek and Roman architecture into the living room, the Liberty collection by Arredoclassic is the perfect solution.

Recognizable among a thousand for its references to classical-era friezes and its noble and luxury look, Liberty gives the living room class and brightness. Gilded finishes shine alongside the glossy ivory surfaces of the furniture, and stand out in the decorated frames and geometric details.

Particularly impressive is the dining table, which stands out for its base formed by a double half-cross support and ivory top with wood-effect grain.


Luxury living room furniture: Liberty collection


4. Flood the living room with the energy of "Light"

Speaking of modern luxury living room furniture, we cannot fail to mention the Luce Light living room by Adora, in which the energy of light is transformed into an ethereal and evocative atmosphere, introducing color contrast elements that emphasize the generous and comfortable shapes of the sofas.

The seats, characterized by sharp, uniform lines, are harmoniously matched with precious fabrics, warm tones, and satin champagne-colored feet. Practical details, along with a symmetrical design, contribute to a bold and modern atmosphere. With its clean, minimalist design enhanced by refined details, the Luce Light sofa combines lightness and elegance, creating a sophisticated and trendy environment.


Luxury living room furniture: Luce light collection


5. Don't overlook the details

Details also play a huge role in creating a luxury atmosphere in the living room.

In addition to defining the uniqueness of the environment, details reflect the owner's preferences and lifestyle. They play a twofold role:

  • on the one hand, details add warmth, authenticity, and a sense of welcome, avoiding the aseptic effect we might feel in a "perfect" living room;
  • on the other hand, they contribute to changing the look of a room and making it more elegant and sophisticated.

This is the case, for example, of the Poesia mirror by Adora, available in two versions: one with a mirror-effect outer frame and one with an ivory marble-effect outer frame.

The latter steals the show for the striking color contrast between the whiteness of the ivory marble effect and the dark nuance of the internal screen-printed glass frame in Emperador Dark finish.


Luxury living room furniture: Poesia collection


The name of a veritable luxury living room is Arredoclassic’s Adora

In conclusion, luxury is not an abstract concept, but an experience that materializes through precise aesthetic rules and distinctive features. The quality of luxury living room furniture, combined with good taste in its selection and arrangement, is paramount.

Equally important is the attention to detail, which contributes to an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. In a luxury living room, every piece of furniture must be carefully chosen to create a harmonious overall view.

If you wish to transform your living room into a masterpiece of luxury and comfort, follow our advice and consider relying on professionals in the field.

Arredoclassic and Adora are at your disposal to help you realize the living room of your dreams, combining exclusive design, fine materials and impeccable attention to detail.

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.