Adora's contemporary furniture will mark your rooms with the Made in Italy signature

By Jelena Raicevic
29 August 2022

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The Made in Italy furniture is famous and appreciated worldwide in all its variations, whether classic or contemporary.

The contemporary aesthetics are ideal for creating comfortable furnishing scenarios, always beautiful to look at, and with a focus on attention to detail.

The Adora collections have been created according to the standards of contemporary taste and are specially designed to furnish every room in your home: from the bedroom to the living room and dining room.

Adora's contemporary style, with its timeless appeal, is defined by a minimal and ethereal concept: the furniture of the collections enhances every room in your home with versatility and beauty.

In this article we aim to show you how our collections, each with its unmistakable contemporary Made in Italy essence, are capable of instilling a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere in your home.


Adora's contemporary furniture will mark your rooms with the Made in Italy signature


Choose the sophisticated elegance of Adora's contemporary furniture collections

What makes Made in Italy furniture so appreciated worldwide is undoubtedly the design and the attention to small details that make each piece of furniture unique.

Behind these two factors, which distinguish the Italian style, we find the manufacturing art of artisans who, with wisdom and mastery, create highly refined furniture and furnishing accessories.

This is why Italian furniture is appreciated and chosen by everyone. Because it stands out for its refined silhouettes, skilfully designed, and the use of fine materials.


  • Mahogany, elm, cherry, walnut wood etc.
  • Metals, gold and silver leaf finishes
  • Marble, granite, quartz, etc.
  • Precious fabrics, soft padding and meticulously hand-embroidered fabrics

The materiality and quality of the raw materials emphasize the visual impact of the furnishings, which in a choreography of refined softness and solidity, decisive lines and soft sinuous curves, make every room bold and scenic, luxurious and welcoming.


Adora collections: beauty and quality of the contemporary style

Adora collections are the perfect combination of style and performance, they do not sacrifice comfort and functionality, and as a result are great furnishing solutions.

Here they are:

Two brand new collections have been added to these six collections: Luce and Poesia, the latest Adora collections.


Adora collections: beauty and quality of the contemporary style


Adora: quality branded Made in Italy

Adora creates furnishing elements with a sophisticated and contemporary design for the various rooms throughout your home, from the living room to the sleeping area, relying on the extensive manufacturing tradition rooted in the Marche region.

The brand’s furniture lines are all marked with the "100% Made in Italy" certification, a guarantee of authenticity, reliability and quality.

Style and refinement are combined with the highest quality of materials and workmanship to create products of excellence, exclusively Made in Italy.

Adora exports its collections worldwide, conveying the standards of Italian beauty and aesthetics, making it an icon of timeless elegance.

Discover the unique beauty that distinguishes the Adora collections and choose the furniture that best reflects your taste: only in this way will you be able to furnish your home with elegance, keeping your personal style alive.

Let's take a closer look at Adora's contemporary collections.


Adora: quality branded Made in Italy



Ambra Collection: simplicity and refinement

Elegance is in the simple things. This is true in interior design as well as in fashion, the arts and every other area of contemporary living.

Simplicity understood as the ability to match people’s preferences directly and immediately. This is in short Ambra, the contemporary collection that is all about immediacy, stylistic consistency, clean design, visual harmony and the ability to guarantee a stylistic fil rouge between the various rooms in the home.

From the living room to the dining room, via the bedroom, we find scattered here and there the distinctive features of Ambra and its unique elements that make it immediately recognisable.

Details that are repeated as reminders: the flared legs of the dining table are also the same in coffee tables, or the feet of sofas that also appear as bases for the bed, bedside tables and other bedroom furniture.


Ambra Collection: simplicity and refinement


Essenza Collection: luxury and charisma

Reinterpreting the luxury-à-porter of the past in a contemporary key is the philosophy of the Essenza collection.

Added to this is an entirely contemporary characteristic: the ability to adapt luxury to functionality and fine details to aesthetic clean lines.

The Essenza collection embraces the stylistic needs of contemporary environments with practical, linear and versatile furnishing solutions, while boasting a charismatic soul that shines in its own light.

Dining room furniture luxury.

Every detail contributes to an atmosphere of minimalistic luxury. Refined materials, shiny, mirrored surfaces, marble veins, and gilded inserts are mixed with a symmetrical design that focuses on the essentials, without decorative frills, but with unparalleled expressive power.


Essenza Collection: luxury and charisma


Allure Collection: Modular Elegance

Allure is the collection of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables designed to furnish the living room in a contemporary style, without losing the dreamy dimension of luxury, elegance and refined details.

This is due to the combination of Made in Italy design tradition and the ability to provide the most trendy shapes.

Allure's strength lies in creating modular arrangements by adding or removing elements. This means creating unique and customised compositions.

The living room can change with just a few targeted adjustments - isn't that the spirit of contemporary style?


Allure Collection: Modular Elegance


Atmosfera Collection: the charm of contrasts

The Atmosfera collection picks up on the veining and vertical gilded inserts of the Essenza collection, offering even more sophisticated colour points and combinations. The light, bright colours of white Italian marble alternate with blue seats, while the gold speaks with the brown of the coffee tables.

The latter, available in both coffee table and occasional table versions stand out for their sophisticated and original structure where the real marble top, made even more bright by the satin gold finish powder coating, is supported by legs that pick up on both the colour scheme and the vertical line of the sofas' quilting, sharing the essentiality of their design.


Atmosfera Collection: the charm of contrasts


Diamante Collection: as charming and complex as a jewel

Majestic and sculptural lines, and a design inspired by the shapes of cut diamonds, make these sofas with soft, vaguely retro shapesluxury furniture pieces that boost the simplicity and symmetrical look of their lines, featuring reflective glass surfaces that speak with the frames finished in elm wood, colour contrasts that enhance sizes and shapes. The Diamante collection represents the best of contemporary Made In Italy furniture.

Every detail is to be admired as if it were the details of a piece of jewellery. Each element is designed to combine the elegance and refinement of the classical soul with the versatility of a contemporary, ever-changing spirit.


Diamante Collection: as charming and complex as a jewel


Sipario Collection: light and colour

Sipario, the most eclectic of the contemporary collections by Adora, features strong colours (magnetic colours, velvets, 3D decorations) diluting everything with its light, given by the ethereal combination of white and gold.

A sophisticated mood somewhere between vintage and bohemian: circular shapes, sinuous and rounded seating, beautiful showcases quilted fabrics, and precious finishes.

Everything is designed to provide warmth, familiarity, glitz and shine.

Choose the Adora collection and furniture pieces that best reflect your preferences: this is the only way to furnish your home with elegance and with your personality clearly visible.


Looking for inspiration to furnish your home in perfect contemporary style?


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