Contemporary dining chairs: make your dining room more unique with Adora Collections

By Lorena Fulgini
31 August 2022

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Chairs complete a dining set, which is why they are essential in a living room design.

Like any other furnishing element, the dining room chairs must be chosen according to both stylistic and practical criteria. The shape and size generally match the characteristics of the table. If the table is small and compact, there is no point in combining chairs with an imposing design. Respecting the proportions takes priority over any other aspect.

A similar point must be made for stylistic trend. Even in a contemporary style dining room there are many different nuances that play a role.

The contemporary environment can be elegant featuring classic “contaminations” or focus on essential and functional Scandinavian-inspired furnishing.

In the former case, the dining set can consist of an oval table in white marble to be matched with dining chairs of royal design upholstered with precious fabrics.

In the latter case, it would be better to choose chairs with a streamlined, minimalist design, with simple, clean lines, and forget decorative frills.

Sometimes this choice is also influenced by current trends. For example, one of the 2022 interior design trends is the return of soft, enveloping lines for the seating.

There is a partial departure from squarish sofas and chairs, although they continue to be a must in contemporary furnishing, favouring instead more sinuous and reassuring lines. For fabrics there is a similar trend reversal in progress: warm, deep colours and soft texture materials.

How can a contemporary dining room be furnished by incorporating various styles and trends?

The ideal approach is to rely on brands that can offer the vastest range of furnishing solutions, embracing different atmospheres and styles.

The Adora collections have been specially designed to meet a very wide range of preferences, offering furnishing solutions that are a compromise between the innate elegance of the classic style and the versatility of the contemporary style.

A sophisticated mix of luxury and functionality, balanced by the simplicity of lines and the elegance of precious details. This is what the Adora collections are all about.

Each collection represents a particular contemporary variation and all of them, without distinction, are characterised by refined taste and the quality of Made in Italy products.

Contemporary dining chairs: make your dining room more unique with Adora Collections

3 Key factors you need to consider before choosing contemporary dining chairs

Before exploring the details of the Adora collections, let's take a look at some general rules that can help in selecting the most suitable chairs for a contemporary furniture concept.

Chairs, as an integral part of living room furniture, cannot go unnoticed. They must be functional but also capable of catching attention and adding a touch of completeness to the interior design.

Let's take a look at the three main factors to consider when making the best stylistic choice for furnishing the dining area in a contemporary style:

  1. Arrange the chairs according to the table shape and size
  2. Choose the contemporary variation that best suits your personality
  3. Choose the materials and fabrics

Let's take a closer look.

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1. Arrange the chairs according to the table shape and size

Details make all the difference, which is why the chair position cannot be random, but well thought out.

If you select a circular table, place five chairs around it with a distance of about 50 cm between each seat.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a rectangular table, we recommend placing two chairs at the head of the table on each side and another four chairs on the longer sides: two on one side and two on the other side.

Finally, if you opt for a square table, all you have to do is place one chair on each side: this composition will give a sense of order to the space.

It is important to emphasise that when designing the dining area, one should establish from the outset which furniture will be the protagonist of the space and match the other elements accordingly.

For example, if the main role is played by the table, the choice of chairs will depend on its style, shape and size. In most cases this is the case. By choosing the dining table first, which is the largest and most visible element, the chairs are matched consequently.

This does not mean that chairs cannot play the leading role. This happens when the chosen chairs have a particularly precious fabric, a sophisticated detail, or when they stand out due to their shape, design or colour. In this case, it is the table that will have to adapt to the chairs

Arrange the chairs according to the table shape and size


2. Choose the contemporary variation that best suits your personality

In any interior design project, the dominant style of the house must be established first. Which style do you feel is closest to your personality and preference?.

Based on the chosen style, we will then review the characteristics of potential furniture elements to see if they are compatible with the effect you wish in the room.

Thanks to this preliminary review, we will be able to complete the living room design in a consistent and harmonious manner.

It is essential that each piece of furniture gives a sense of aesthetic continuity to the whole arrangement, so you need to consider the style in which you wish to furnish your home.
Italian furnishing style offers a wide variety of choices, including:
  • Contemporary
  • Fusion
  • Modern
  • Urban
  • Scandinavian
  • Minimal
  • Industrial

Choose the contemporary variation that best suits your personality


3. Choose the materials and fabrics

Once the aesthetic type that will dress each room overall has been established, it is necessary to move on to the heart of the project.

Choosing which chairs will complete the dining set is a decision that must be made with care, since the materials and fabrics must reflect contemporary style standards.

Indeed, you can create combinations of leathers, faux leathers and fabrics suitable for this style variation. Visual impact, refined textures and an enveloping consistency are the characteristics of the finest materials most suitable for a contemporary design setting.

Choose the materials and fabrics


The Adora dining chairs: contemporary collections for every preference and need

For the dining room, Adora offers five collections: Poesia, Diamante, Sipario, Essenza and Ambra. Let's review the characteristics of each.


Poesia Collection: the charm of harmony

In perfect continuity with the refined minimalism of the rest of the collection, Poesia chairs are characterised by a simple, essential design and elegant look.

The sinuous, light silhouette is supported by slightly flared legs in a darker shade than the seats. The high backrest ends in a soft curve that softens the overall view and emphasises the comfort and ergonomics of the seat.

The quilting embellished with geometric patterns that refer to the design of the living room furniture handles, creating the compositional balance of the collection.


Poesia Collection: the charm of harmony


Diamante Collection: feminine silhouette

The Diamante chairs are characterised by elegance and luminosity, just like the entire collection.

The silhouette is in perfect balance with geometric features and sinuous lines. The result is an elegant and feminine chair perfect for the versatility of contemporary environments.

Proof of the modern character of the Diamante chairs is the high degree of customisation achievable. The customer can choose to personalise the model with different fabrics designed to offer comfort and elegance.

They incorporate the triangular style at the edge of the backrest, and stand out for the characteristic vertical stitching enhanced by decorative gilded buttons.


Diamante Collection: feminine silhouette


Sipario Collection: gentle elegance

The Sipario chairs offer the capitonné processing characterising the entire collection in a contemporary key.

In addition to this classically-inspired decoration, Sipario chairs also feature a square silhouette, deep seats and imposing legs. These features make them perfect for minimalist contemporary settings.

However, the straightforwardness of the design is softened by the gilded edges that decorate the seat, the gilded buttons that embellish the backrest with small touches of light, and the colour contrast between the seat and legs, the latter featuring an elegant ivory shade.


Sipario Collection: gentle elegance


Essenza Collection: when design meets comfort

The Essenza chairs feature a slender, minimalist silhouette that provide lightness and an ethereal effect.

The uniqueness of the seat lies in its contrasts: the light and dynamic design of the wavy slim backrest contrasts with the strong and solid design of the dark wooden legs. The latter alternate the straight lines of the front with the slightly curved lines of the back supporting the seat.

A statement of style and comfort for the dining area: a place where conviviality goes hand in hand with relaxation and aesthetics.


Essenza Collection: when design meets comfort


Ambra Collection: class and simplicity

The Ambra chairs are the symbol of the contemporary-classic style: on the one hand, they guarantee comfort and a sense of cosiness, fully performing their principal task; on the other hand, they push the attention on the details that bestow a sophisticated atmosphere and great personality.

The design is minimal but with character. The silhouettes straightforward, solid, yet soft and slender.

The legs, slightly flared at the bottom, join the backrest in a barely sketched curve, giving the seat a harmonious and elegant appearance.


Ambra Collection: class and simplicity


Contemporary dining chairs: the unfaltering elements for your dining room

We have seen how to choose the perfect seats to complete the living room furniture set-up in an impeccable way.

To create a setting with contemporary aesthetics, choose the Adora items that best suit your taste and give your living space a luxury atmosphere.


Looking for inspiration to furnish your home in perfect contemporary style?

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