Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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1 August 2023

Choose the perfect contemporary dining table to enhance your dining room styling

Discover the ideal contemporary dining table exploring Adora's trendy collections. Find the perfect mix of style and functionality to impress your guests....
13 July 2023

Choose the best upholstery fabrics to revamp your dining room chairs

Details make the difference: discover the best upholstery fabrics for dining chairs to enhance the luxury rate of your dining room and impress your guests....
30 May 2023

What is the difference between classic and traditional style?

There is a subtle difference between classic and traditional style in interior design: find out the features of both to furnish your home....
16 March 2023

Luxury bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant classic style

What makes made in Italy classic furnishing famous and appreciated all over the world is its timeless charm and inner elegance in every variation....
8 March 2023

What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

There is sometimes a tendency to associate contemporary style with rooms furnished in a cold and bare manner, with few decorative elements and far too minimal furniture....
2 March 2023

How to choose the best contemporary living room set to furnish your small apartment

A small modern loft in a luxury residential complex, a small villa in a quiet residential area, an elegant cottage surrounded by nature....
22 February 2023

4 Contemporary sofas for your living room update

Getting tired of your living area is not unusual....
21 February 2023

Which colours add warmth to a modern room?

In popular imagination, the word ‘home’ evokes pleasant feelings of well-being, tranquility and security....
20 February 2023

5 Tips to choose the best bedroom colour schemes for your home

For obvious reasons, each room in a house has different color needs based on the purpose of the room (this is the same for lighting): eating/cooking, relaxing, sleeping, etc....
10 February 2023

Interior design guide: choose the right colours palette

When beginning to imagine the style and colour palette of an interior, it is essential to carefully ponder all the elements involved....
7 February 2023

The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: the Arredoclassic collections

Not everyone knows that the sofa, in the form and function we understand today, began to spread in Europe in the Neoclassical era....
27 January 2023

Classic living room styles: 10 styles you need to know

In any variation, classical style expresses a careful search for perfection, attention to detail and a love of elegance. Every room in the house needs its own atmosphere, a distinctive aesthetic hallmark that ...