Luxury bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant classic style

By Lorena Fulgini
23 July 2021

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Attention to detail, value, elegance and passion for beauty are the cornerstones of classic Italian taste.

What makes made in Italy classic furnishing famous and appreciated all over the world is its timeless charm and inner elegance in every variation.

The Arredoclassic collections were designed matching the aesthetic criteria of classic style, but each has different characteristics.

The company decided to offer different and unique lines both to meet the preferences and needs of the most demanding clients and to boast the prestige of the countless nuances of this style.

In this article, we will talk about how to furnish a bedroom in a classic style and, in particular, we are going to review more closely some of the brand's collections designed to furnish this environment.

Luxury bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant classic style


Luxury bedroom ideas: 4 classic style sets to furnish this space

The classic style offer vast freedom of choice among refined collections that meet the aesthetic requirements of different stylistic variations.

Below, we will show you the main types of classic furniture ideal to create an authentic dream-like atmosphere:

  1. Renaissance style: opulent and austere
  2. Art decò: between classic and modern
  3. Neoclassical design: beauty that never fades
  4. Baroque: abundance and charisma

Now, let’s review the characteristics of the sets designed according to the principles of each aesthetic current.

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1. Renaissance style: opulent and austere

In the Donatello bedroom collection opulence and austerity coexist in full harmony. On the one hand, the decorative details that embellish the entire composition bestow character and stand out for their polished appearance and quality.

On the other hand, the warm nuances of the walnut finish soften the gilded touches creating a perfect balance between richness and grace.

Donatello furnishings make the bedroom a beauty-filled room that does not give up comfort and functionality.

In short, a Renaissance style room designed specifically for those who wish to enjoy a luxury-filled yet elegant atmosphere.

Among the golden reflections of the cymatia and friezes and the inimitable texture of the wood, bright polychrome games of light illuminate the room with intense nuances while maintaining a serious yet elegant mood.


Renaissance style: opulent and austere


2. Art decò: between classic and modern

In the Dolce Vita collection art deco is all-embracing and visible in the design and details of each piece of furniture. A place of relaxation where no detail is left to chance and where comfort is never missing.

The aesthetics of the furniture is based on contrasts between precious finishes and gradient colors that make each element unique yet connected to the others by a thin line of stylistic continuity. In this room, the balance between classic and modern sophistication will leave you breathless.

The rose gold and silver finish frames create a charming contrast with the walnut brier-root band and, together, become the leitmotif of the entire collection.

In the Dolce Vita bedroom, you will always feel pampered and surrounded by furniture that combines design and functionality.


Art decò: between classic and modern


3. Neoclassical design: timeless beauty

The Liberty collection spreads a clear aesthetic message: a return to neoclassical design and refined sumptuousness. Between references to ancient Greek tradition and precious decorations that reflect the attention to detail of the made in Italy, the furnishings of this collection appear unquestionably elegant, full of pathos and versatile.

The furnishing elements for the Liberty bedroom follow the same aesthetic line, however, differing in details and unique design. Overall, the furniture pieces of this collection can dress with sober lines this room, offering intimacy and comfort.

Square and defined profiles, precious golden leaf decorations and silver frames: these characteristics make this bedroom a timeless beauty.


Neoclassical design: timeless beauty


4. Baroque: abundance and charisma

With Sinfonia collection  any bedroom will take on a new and charismatic image in every way reflecting the Baroque style.

A rich and opulent atmosphere, where every detail is perfectly organized and where there is certainly a sense of calm and peace. The collection is characterized in each of its elements by silk-screen contrasts between solid wood and walnut brier root.

Daring two-tone color combinations made even more opulent by the gold leaf embossed decorations rest at the foot of the chest of drawers, as cymatia on the headboard or as a frieze on top of the wardrobe.


Baroque: abundance and charisma


Get inspired by our luxury classic bedroom ideas and create a wonderful scenario

In this article we provided a few ideas on how to furnishing your bedroom describing the various characteristics of the Arredoclassic collections.

These collections are unique in their own right but share the same concept: a classic Italian style.

This is something that does not go unnoticed and that makes each one true furnishing jewels.

Choose the collection that best suits your taste and furnish your bedroom making it beautiful, welcoming and cared for every detail.

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