What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

By Lorena Fulgini
10 January 2020

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Contemporary interiors are by far the most popular living room style.

What makes contemporary style so unique is its sophisticated allure, its simplicity, the bold linearity of furniture profiles, the use of daring texture and unusual yet classy colour contrasts.

We often think that contemporary design interiors can be cold and aseptic. On the contrary, with the right tips, we can create a classy and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are thinking about furnishing or restyling your living room, you should read this article.

We’ll show you the right elements to furnish a contemporary living area.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

6 basic elements that make a living room contemporary

Moderation, minimal allure and total cleaning : these are the aesthetic features that make contemporary style one of the most popular furnishing trends.

Do you want a well-designed interior, down to the last detail? Here are the essential features for a contemporary living room:

  1. Basic, dark or bright colour palette
  2. Bold lines and balanced spaces
  3. Contemporary furniture and seating
  4. Wooden, tiled or carpeted floors
  5. Clean and minimal designer lighting
  6. Decorations and art elements

Let’s find out the necessary features to create the perfect contemporary interior

1. Basic, dark or bright colour palette

The contemporary interior colour pattern has a kaleidoscopic variety, offering a great freedom of selection between basic, dark or bright colours.

From light white or pink nuances, to brighter purple or dark green hues. The choice is yours!

If you want to add a touch of daring colour to your living room palette, opt for a bold pairing: match a wallpaper with a vibrant pattern with a basic, dark or bright wall colour.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 2

2. Bold lines and balanced spaces

The most evident elements in a contemporary interior are its lines and balanced spaces.

Bold and classy vertical and horizontal lines can be found in architectural details, high ceilings, wide window profiles without any decoration, and artworks and sculptures with geometrical shapes.

In a contemporary living room, the empty space on the walls, floor and between the furnishing elements has its appeal. It makes the room cooler and cleaner, and makes every single furnishing detail or piece stand out.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 3

3. Contemporary furniture and seating

In your living room, furniture should be the expression of a true glamourous and contemporary style statement. Therefore, you should opt for furniture and seating with essential and clean shapes.

Let yourself be guided by your aesthetic taste: choose the furniture that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

You can opt for a geometric collection, mellowed out by soft lines and curved recesses, and embellished by precious golden finish polished metal inserts. Or you can opt for a bolder and more sophisticated furniture collection, made even more fancy by a contrast of textures on the diamond-shaped upholstering and on the golden finish metal inserts.

Lastly, to create an amazing interior, choose sofas, armchairs, chaise longue and footstools upholstered with high-quality fabrics with different textures, favouring a colour pattern in line with a contemporary interior.

Don’t forget to add square accent pillows with unique fabrics and patterns and bold colours, based on your taste. This way, not only will you design the visual aspects of the entire ensemble down to the last detail, you will also add a greater sense of comfort to your living room, by matching fine textures.


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4. Wooden, tiled or carpeted floors

A contemporary living room floor must transmit a sense of lightness and total cleanliness. To choose the best solution for your interior, you can decide between:

  • Wooden flooring;
  • Tiles, ideally white or ivory;
  • Carpeted flooring, or, if this option is not the right choice for you, you could leave your floors bare and add a couple of decorative rugs in the right places.

Try to be consistent when choosing your rugs: opt for shapes and colours in line with the collection you chose for your living room.

5. Clean and minimal designer lighting

In any interior design project, lighting is essential, both from a style and function standpoint.

In order to ensure the highest level of visibility and comfort, without compromising the style, opt for lighting solutions with high technical performance, such as:

  • Chandeliers
  • Hanging lamps
  • Recessed lamps
  • Wall lamps
  • Floor lamps

Made with materials in line with the contemporary style canons: glass, metal, crystal or copper.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 4

6. Decorations and art elements

You can place contemporary sculptures and abstract artworks at eye level, maybe on a column.

Concerning wall decoration, we suggest you opt for modern (matte or polished) black natural wood or metal frames: they will be perfect for your paintings and prints, in any solution.

Elegance and attention to detail: that’s what makes a living room contemporary

In this article, we described the essence of a contemporary living room, showing you the essential features to create a sophisticated and classy interior.

Follow our tips and let yourself be inspired by the elegance and attention to detail of the Adora collections, the brand that perfectly embodies the contemporary standards, designed ad hoc to bring luxury in your living, and meet even the most demanding aesthetic requirements.


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