5 Considerations before buying a contemporary chandelier

By Jelena Raicevic
14 October 2020

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No doubt, contemporary style chandeliers are among the most popular types of lighting.

The reason being is that thanks to their refined, yet sober, design they have great personality and aesthetic potential, as well as considerable functionality. In fact, in addition to decorating and enriching the furnishings setting, chandeliers provide lighting for the entire environment.

It is thanks to these features that nowadays these lighting design solutions are increasingly being selected for  furnishing or restyling projects in a contemporary perspective.

They are ideal for providing lighting and decoration in all your living space’s rooms: whether it be the bedroom the studio, the living area the entrance, conversation area or the living room.

However, before selecting which ones will complete the furnishing context of each room, there are some key aspects to take into consideration. Through this article we aim to describe which ones specifically.

5 Considerations before buying a contemporary chandelier


5 Things to consider before buying a contemporary chandelier

With regard to welcoming and elegant residences, we suggest furnishing according to a contemporary taste where general sense of comfort and refinement reigns: an aura that permeates the entire residence, conferred by the synergy between furniture and lighting.

In particular, the latter component is crucial in creating a comfortable setting and, above all, an atmosphere that is beautiful to admire and to experience with pleasure.

This is why before making any choice regarding the type of lighting designated for the interior of your home, it is essential to consider each of the points listed below.

  1. Consider every detail that makes up the environment’s furnishing concept
  2. Consider the amount of space you have available
  3. Choose your contemporary style chandeliers according to certain materials and finishes
  4. Choose the size and shape of the chandelier
  5. Take into consideration the ceiling’s height and width

Let's now look at each point more closely.

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1. Consider every detail that makes up the environment’s furnishing concept

Before choosing the various chandelier models that will light up the rooms in your home, you should keep in mind each detail that makes up the interior design, or rather:

  • Colour palettes (the colour of the painted or wallpapered walls, furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.)
  • Decorative details (to be highlighted possibly by choosing a lamp that has the same finish)
  • Shapes and lines of the relevant furnishing elements (based on this aspect, you could make a more targeted choice regarding the design of the chandelier)

Assessing these factors will not only help you select the lighting solutions best suited for the context, but will ultimately contribute to the stylistic continuity of the entire aesthetic composition. Once you have defined these general aspects you can move on to the second step.


2. Consider the amount of space you have available

Basically, contemporary style chandeliers can be placed in the bedroom, entrance hall, living room and lounge. Choosing the ideal chandelier for each ambient will also depend on the size of the room.

Evaluating the size of the spaces will help you to select the ideal solution, which will not only complete the furniture composition, but can also help to make the perception of the spaces a more pleasing experience.

A large, sophisticated and imposing chandelier could be perfect for a spacious room, while on the contrary, a smaller model may be too minute for the context and therefore may not stand out.

It is preferable to place smaller chandeliers in limited spaces such as in a corridor, in a bathroom, in a small office or at the house’s entrance.


Contemporary chandelier: consider the amount of space you have available.


3. Choose your contemporary style chandeliers according to certain materials and finishes

Usually, contemporary style chandeliers are made with versatile materials and finishes of remarkable technical-stylistic quality, such as:

  • Chromed, matt or shiny metal
  • Wrought iron, brass, bronze or copper
  • Glass or crystal
  • Gold and silver lacquering
  • Beads, crystals and Swarovski for pendants and decorations

We recommend you to stick to this aesthetic line, choosing solutions that present these features, while trying to take into account your taste and the final result you wish to obtain.


4. Choose the size and shape of the chandelier

Choosing size and shape is a fundamental step in the selection process. The reason being is that it is important that a feeling of formal and linear continuity, between the chandelier and the rest of the furnishings, can be perceived in the environment.

You will need to, therefore, carefully evaluate the shapes and sizes of the chandeliers that will eventually illuminate your interior. You may wish to choose shapes such as:

  • Rectangular or square
  • Spherical, oval or eclipse-shaped
  • Triangular, rhomboidal or trapezoidal and so on...

This will enable each lamp to interact with the aesthetic composition and converse with the design of the furniture (tables, beds, armchairs, etc.)


Contemporary chandelier: Choose the size and shape of the chandelier.


5. Take into consideration the ceiling’s height and width

In addition to the size of the room, the height of the ceiling should also be considered. Basically, it is recommended to position the lighting unit in the centre of the ceiling for aesthetic, general lighting and symmetry reasons.

First of all, chandeliers are always aesthetically appealing and beautiful to admire, and can be even more so only if placed in the middle of the ceiling.

Secondly, they should be positioned in the centre of the room so that they can provide clear, homogeneous and evenly distributed ambient lighting in every corner of the room.

Finally, with regard to symmetry, we recommend ensuring a certain visual balance and a correct proportion of perspectives, so it is advisable to place chandeliers in the centre of the ceiling.


Contemporary chandeliers: choose them to make a style statement in your home

Through this article we have described the main aspects to be taken into consideration in order to make the most targeted and suitable choice for each of your furnishing scenarios.

By following our recommendations , you will achieve an elegant and well-structured furnishing atmosphere as a final result, that is always cosy and pleasant to live in.

By choosing contemporary chandeliers you will provide functional lighting to every room without sacrificing style.

These solutions, in fact, combine design and functionality, which are two essential factors when it comes to decorative lighting: that's why they are ideal for your furniture project.

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Jelena Raicevic

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