5 Considerations before buying a contemporary chandelier

By Jelena Raicevic
31 August 2022

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Among the furnishings that can affect the atmosphere and style of the various rooms in the home, chandeliers have the place of honour, if only because they perform a twofold function: furnish with unparalleled class and illuminate the room.

Depending on the style (classic or contemporary), the style (minimal, luxury, large, or small) and the design (material, shape, and colour), a chandelier will be more or less suitable to fit into a given context.

Some models have a clear identity. Think, for example, of chandeliers with crystal pendants, perfect for furnishing a classic-style dining room or living room inspired by the splendour of the grand reception rooms of the past.

Less formal are contemporary chandeliers characterised by greater versatility and the ability to embrace different styles.

There are all kinds of chandeliers on the market, ranging from hyper-modern ones, recognisable by their futuristic shapes, the prevalence of cold materials such as glass and metals, and their compact and essential design, to chandeliers that lie somewhere between contemporary minimalism and luxury typical of the Made in Italy tradition.

The latter, belonging to a hybrid style often identified as contemporary-chic (or classic-contemporary), are among the most popular for contemporary furniture projects, given their flexibility.

Beauty and luxury without giving up on functionality and current trends. Isn't this what contemporary means?


5 Considerations before buying a contemporary chandelier


5 Things to consider before buying a contemporary chandelier

In luxury residences, furnished in contemporary-chic taste, the lighting system plays a crucial role, often acting as the guiding element of the furnishing design.

Through their importance, lighting fixtures create the perfect synergy between the modern and chic (literally) shedding light on contrasts.

And so contemporary chandeliers, from their privileged position, illuminate the unique features of the environment. Sometimes it will be the dialogue between wenge wood and the gilded details of the living room cabinets and at other times it will be the combination of geometric shapes and the jewel-like design of the luxury nightstands in the bedroom.

But before choosing chandeliers for contemporary interiors one must consider every factor. Only then it will be possible to identify the models most in line with contemporary concepts in terms of decorative lighting.

Therefore, it is fundamental to think about the following elements:

  1. Space: room size and ceiling height
  2. The function of the chandelier
  3. The illumination power
  4. The furnishing style
  5. The colours of the room

Let's look at each point more closely.


1. Space: room size and ceiling height

The choice of chandelier for each contemporary environment - bedroom, foyer, and living room - depends on the size of the room.

Evaluating the size of the spaces will help you to select the ideal solution, which will not only complete the furniture composition, but can also help to make the perception of the spaces a more pleasing experience.

A large, sophisticated and imposing chandelier could be perfect for a spacious room, while on the contrary, a smaller model may be too minute for the context and therefore may not stand out.

It is preferable to place smaller chandeliers in limited spaces such as in a corridor, in a bathroom, in a small office or at the house’s entrance.

In addition to the size of the room, the height of the ceiling should also be considered. Also in this case, the proportions apply. In a house with low ceiling, it is better to opt for compact ceiling lights or chandeliers.

In contemporary living rooms with a high ceiling, it is better to choose a chandelier that provides a high visual impact.

Basically, it is recommended to position the lighting fixture in the middle of the ceiling for aesthetic purposes, general lighting and symmetry.

Standing in the centre, the chandelier draws the gaze of the observer and provides a view that further enhances the contemporary-chic atmosphere of the room. In fact, for symmetry, a certain visual balance and the correct proportion of perspectives should be ensured.

From a technical point of view, the chandelier in the centre of the ceiling ensures an even and balanced distribution of light in all areas of the room.




2. The function of the chandelier

Depending on the role of the chandelier different formats, sizes, materials and colours can be chosen. Choosing a chandelier for the children's room is very different from choosing it for the foyer or living room. It is not just a question of design, though. Functional lighting is also lighting that facilitates performing certain activities.

We know that today's environments often host several functions. For example, a contemporary bedroom can accommodate a make-up corner, furnished with a vanity unit, a pouf and a mirror; in a versatile and cosy contemporary living room we could instead find a workstation desk.

In all these cases, it is important to differentiate the lighting system by providing, in addition to the main chandelier, another set of functional lamps for specific activities: desk lamp, spotlights, wall lights etc.


3. The illumination power

The function of the chandelier goes hand in hand with the power of the lighting, which is measured in watts (the amount of energy consumed) and lumens (the amount of light emitted).

The values must take into account the size of the room, the degree of brightness (meaning the amount of natural light) and the atmosphere one wants to achieve. Daylight or soft lighting for a soft ethereal atmosphere?


4. The furnishing style

Usually, contemporary style chandeliers are made with versatile materials and finishes of remarkable technical-stylistic quality, such as:

  • Chromed, matt or shiny metal
  • Wrought iron, brass, bronze or copper
  • Glass or crystal
  • Gold and silver lacquering
  • Beads, crystals and Swarovski for pendants and decorations

We recommend you to stick to this aesthetic line, choosing solutions that present these features, while trying to take into account your taste and the final result you wish to obtain.

To create a harmonious and stylistically balanced room, the choice of chandelier should also take into account the style of the furnishings as well as the decorative details, trying to create a matching effect.

For example, in an Essenza di Adora living room, the matching detail between furniture and chandelier could be the gilded finishes.

Assessing these factors will not only help you select the lighting solutions best suited for the context, but will ultimately contribute to the stylistic continuity of the entire aesthetic composition. Once you have defined these general aspects you can move on to the next step.


5. The colours of the room

Before choosing a chandelier to illuminate the rooms in your home, you should also take into account the colour palette that makes up the home's décor.

Not only the colour of the walls, but also the shades and patterns of the wallpaper or the colour of the furniture (if in wood, depending on the type of wood: light or dark?), accessories, carpets, curtains, but also structural elements such as floors, doors and windows.

Each furnishing design features its colour scheme, which may consist of a single dominant colour combined with a couple of minor tone-on-tone colours, or two or three leading colours that are interspersed and combined to create a specific stylistic mood.

The colour of the chandelier can be used either in continuity with the other furnishings, creating a simple yet elegant contemporary ambience, or in a project where the chandelier stands out for a particular colour, material or detail, in deliberate contrast with the rest.




Contemporary chandeliers: choose them to make a style statement in your home

Through this article we have described the main aspects to be taken into consideration in order to make the most targeted and suitable choice for each of your furnishing scenarios.

By following our recommendations , you will achieve an elegant and well-structured furnishing atmosphere as a final result, that is always cosy and pleasant to live in.

By choosing contemporary chandeliers you will provide functional lighting to every room without sacrificing style.

These solutions, in fact, combine design and functionality, which are two essential factors when it comes to decorative lighting: that's why they are ideal for your furniture project.

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