Interior design styles: what is yours?

By Lorena Fulgini
27 October 2023

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Explore the interior design styles with the best furniture collections. From Classic to Contemporary, discover how to find the perfect style for your home.

The quest for the perfect solution for your home among the different types of interior design can sometimes be a real adventure.

In the first instance because of the enormous variety of styles, current or less so, that make up the universe of the interior design. In the second instance (but no less important) because of personal tastes.

The same thing goes with clothing: as we dress ourselves as we like and in a way that best defines us, so we select our fittings and furnishings based on our preferences and our personality.

This is why choices for interior design range from the traditional to the contemporary, from the industrial to minimalist, from bohemian to art deco. At the end of the day, it “only” comes down to tastes.

In this insight, we will find out what are different types of interior design and how to choose the one that best suits your taste and personality. Here is a preview of the topics we are going to cover:

Interior design styles: Melodia collection


Classic interior design style: the starting point for all other styles

Classic style is an evergreen in the world of interior design, because it represents a sort of starting point for every other style, as if it were a universal language from which subsequent "theme variations", including modern ones, were born.

Despite its roots in the past - or perhaps because of them - classic style continues to influence contemporary trends, constantly inspiring new ways of thinking about interior design.

But, what are the principles of classic interior design?

Two words, above all, define classic style and make it so beloved and popular: balance and symmetry.

The quest for a sense of order in architecture and furnishing is at the heart of the classic space, an evergreen in the world of interior design.

The elegant lines and forms are reminiscent of the ancient aristocratic villas, reinterpreted in a more modern manner and renewed through decorative elements.

Wooden furniture, marquetry and gilded frames, padded sofas, marble and parquet flooring: these are the details of the classic style that despite their apparent “coldness” also transmit a feeling of comfort and familiarity, without appearing overly festive.



The unmistakable elegance of Art Déco Classic Style

The art deco style reached its peak in the Roaring Twenties, driven by the extraordinary innovations of the industrial revolution. It quickly became the epicenter of luxury interior design styles, without ever, however, erupting into the excesses of the Baroque era, so much so that we can still call it a lavish yet restrained style, in perfect balance between decorative richness and formal harmony.

At the time it exploded, Art Deco was immediately appreciated in America, as well as in Europe, precisely because of its adherence to modernity and its ability to blend luxury and functionality, fine finishes and innovative materials.

Reinterpreted in a modern key, Art Deco is one of the most beloved classic declinations in interior design.

This is confirmed by Arredoclassic Dolce Vita collection: from elegant living rooms to dreamy bedrooms and bright living rooms, Dolce Vita is a mesmerizing fusion of classic Italian design and contemporary accents.

Sophisticated style, visual order, sleek lines, and a clever blend of fine materials and luxurious finishes, make this collection perfect for a living space that won’t go unnoticed.


Interior design styles: Dolce Vita collection


Empire style: the modern world meets the classic one

The Empire style, heavily influenced by the Roman Empire first, and the Napoleonic Empire later, conveyed its sense of grandeur through the use of imposing and massive architectural elements. A hallmark of this style was the use of gold ornaments.

It was customary to adorn furniture with gold leaves, and columns inspired by the glorious Roman Empire were widely employed, as well as motifs such as lions and eagles, and references to the militarism of the Napoleonic regime, with the introduction of decorative schemes based on spires, coats of arms, and trophies.

Arredoclassic Fantasia collection interprets the grandeur of the imperial period in a contemporary way, by artfully shaping soft, sinuous volumes, elegant gilded frames, and polished marble surfaces.

A Made in Italy style characterized by brightness, elegance, noble materials and gold or bronze finishes.


Interior design styles: Fantasia collection


Modern design style: clean lines and functionality

From the timeless elegance of traditional style, we move on to the celebration of the modern design style, in which a decidedly more minimal atmosphere prevails than in classic interior design styles.

Modern style places greater emphasis on clean lines, and square and essential shapes. Environments are designed with an increased focus on the functionality of furnishings, as well as aesthetics and purely decorative details.

Neutral almost ascetic tones are favoured for walls and furniture, such as beige, greys and light browns. The materials are "more chromatic"; glass and cement abound.

All this could sometimes lead to a cold, aseptic atmosphere. Remember, however, that even the most minimalist of interior design styles can be "warmed up" simply by introducing personalized elements - from wall decorations (photographs, art prints, paintings) to furniture accessories (curtains, pillows, rugs, lamps) - or a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest of the decor because of a particular shape, a bold color or a completely different style.

Think, for instance, of family furniture (an antique and valuable sideboard, a table inherited from grandma, and so on). Family objects often have economic as well as emotional value; introduced judiciously as part of a modern design style, they not only do not disfigure, but also enrich the composition and make it more interesting.


Interior design styles: Poesia collection


Industrial interior design style: combining contemporary and vintage

Born in lofts and old industrial buildings, the industrial style is the one we have come to love in various famous American TV series. And still today it is among the most beloved modern interior design styles.

Walls with exposed brickwork, metal or unrefined wood elements, exposed piping, raised ceilings with mezzanine floors: all of this is and defines the industrial style.

A fascinating design in which metals such as iron, steel and aluminum dominate for the base infrastructures, combined with wood and cement.

The materials maintain their natural look inserted in an industrial context, whilst black and the darker tones of grey dominate in terms of colour. More vivacious colours such as blue and red are mainly used for furnishings.


Interior design styles: Moderna collection


Contemporary design style: an evocative mix of atmospheres

What is modern vs contemporary design? Here is a very popular question when speaking of interior design styles. We should immediately point out a certain grammatical and stylistic differentiation: the terms modern and contemporary have similar meanings, but they are not interchangeable.

Contemporary, as the word suggests, is a style that molds itself on current events, fluidly and spontaneously adapting the aesthetic canons typical of modern furniture - basic lines and forms, functional furnishing, innovative materials, neutral tones - with current trends in order to create a fresh and pleasant space.

As a result of this different approach, contemporary style has a more flexible and transformative nature than modern interior design, which is instead more orthodox in its stylistic principles.

In addition, contemporary design style places much importance on open spaces and natural light.

Flashes of bright colours and graphic elements can co-exist in the mind of a designer who plans a contemporary interior, but greater importance is placed on the choice of materials, particularly natural ones such as wood.

Contemporary-classic: modern design and chic details

Is it possible to reinterpret the timeless beauty of classical style in a contemporary way? Yes, as long as you can mix classical and contemporary elements with balance without distorting the characteristics of either.

In a classic-contemporary furniture project, you should aim at building, on the one hand, a simple, modern style and, on the other hand, to embellish the essential design with luxurious classical contaminations.

And the result? Interiors in which refined details dialogue with contemporary design icons, and refined décor with informal elements and custom furnishings.

The contemporary Luce collection by Adora clearly exemplifies this versatile style by harmonising the essential aesthetics of modern furniture with the luxurious and refined design of Made in Italy.

Luce is available in two stylistic variants: Luce Light and Luce Dark. The first is characterised by the luminous onyx marble finish, which, combined with the light nuance of the zebrano wood effect, creates a fascinating stylistic continuity.

Luce Dark, on the other hand, focuses more on colour contrasts, combining the light wood effect with the dark, sophisticated finish of the Portoro Gold marble effect.

Although they create different interior design styles and atmospheres, both versions share the use of light to accentuate the quality of the finishes, the asymmetrical design and the play of different shapes and textures.


Interior design styles: Luce Light collection


A journey between interior design styles

As you may have guessed, the world of interior design styles is quite diverse and complex. It encompasses within it a wide range of artistic expressions and design philosophies, each with its own unique charm and beauty.

From the timeless elegance of classic style to the functionality of contemporary design, there is no one way to interpret interior design, as it holds so many nuances and so many connotations. Not to mention that creativity and personal expression can defy convention and transform spaces, making them truly unique.

Uniting the endless possibilities of the design world are two indispensable factors: quality and beauty.

Arredoclassic and its contemporary brand, Adora, embody both.

Discover classic and contemporary collections and contact our consultants for a custom design.

Furnishing your living, dining and bedroom spaces with Arredoclassic and Adora classic and contemporary collections is a declaration of love to your home.

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