Classic contemporary design: browse the 2023 collections

By Jelena Raicevic
7 July 2023

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Do you want to furnish your home in a classic contemporary design style? Learn how to create a refined and functional furnishing style with Luce and Moderna, Adora's new collections.

One of the most common challenges for those who wish to design their interior of their home is finding a consistent and harmonious style that is in line with their tastes but also with Interior Design trends.

A task that is far from simple when considering the risks and the many variables involved. In fact, often people end up resorting to standardized furniture solutions or DIY compositions where colors and styles are mismatched precisely in an attempt to be original and stand out from the usual collections.

How does one get out of this limbo? Is it possible to furnish following current trends without being a "slave" to them?

This is what we will find out in the following article on classic contemporary design and the 2023 collection trends.

We will see that the key to standing out is to rely on companies that offer contemporary furnishing based on great Made in Italy design and unquestionable and timeless standards of beauty. Adora, with its functional and elegant collections, is one of them.

But let's proceed one step at a time.

Here are the points we will cover in this in-depth article:

Classic contemporary design: browse the 2023 collections. Luce Light by Adora

What is a classic contemporary interior design style?

A classic contemporary design style is one that combines some elements of the traditional classical style with the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary aesthetics. It is a harmonious combination of the decorative "richness" of classic elements and the minimalist lightness of contemporary design.

We could call it a "hybrid" style, precisely because of its ability to accommodate two different ways of interpreting furniture. However, this definition would not be quite correct. In fact, a classic contemporary style tends to break free from the "pure" aesthetic standards of the two worlds from which it emerges to become a style in its own right, with its own characteristics, peculiarities and variations.

For example, in an Italian modern living room furnished in a style somewhere between classic and contemporary, there will be no predominance of either, but rather an effective combination of the strengths of both styles.

There will be the lightness, the functionality, the compact shapes and brightness of the contemporary style, but also the fine materials, luxury finishes, visual harmony and decorative details of the classic style.

So let's get into the specifics and see what choices are most effective in creating a balanced atmosphere between luxury and minimalism using the best Italian living room furnishing solutions.

Classic contemporary design: italian modern living room. Luce Dark by Adora

How to choose an italian modern living room

In the vast furniture industry, it is not easy to intercept and know how to choose collections of classic contemporary design that can create refined and original environments, and authentically and spontaneously reflect the personality of those who live in the home.

The best approach is to turn to companies such as Adora, a leader in Italian living room furniture. Adora responds to the modern needs of the living spaces by offering a range of furnishing solutions with a sophisticated and functional design, with a keen eye on the latest furnishing trends, but without losing its original stylistic signature, based on Italian design, quality materials and care for finishes.

Whether you are looking for an Italian-style living room with a strong contemporary effect or a glamorous living room that knows how to combine simplicity, glitz and elegance (if only through some details, complements or fabrics), Adora has the solution you're looking for.

With Adora, the creative possibilities are truly endless. If one loves a neutral color palette with cozy, soothing shades of white and beige, the bright and minimalist Ambra living room may be the perfect solution.

The Poesia living room on the other hand, features beige-bronze contrasts, which make the volumes of the furniture stand out, making the vision dynamic and gritty.

On the other hand, if one prefers the glamorous and luxury side of Made in Italy Design, the Diamante, Atmosfera and Sipario collections, which have in common gilded finishes, shiny and brilliant surfaces and the noble and curvy shapes of the sofas are the perfect option.

Adora recently introduced two new collections: Luce and Moderna. The former is designed to furnish both living and sleeping areas, while Moderna is focused on the latter.

Let's review them in more detail.

Classic contemporary design: sofa Diamante by Adora

Italian living room furniture: what are the 2023 trends?

The 2023 trends for Italian modern living rooms seem to pay more attention than in the past to details that evoke the luxury of the classical world: rich textures, fine materials, and dramatic, attention-grabbing furnishings.

In this sense, the Luce collection, a new addition in the Adora catalog, represents the perfect combination of the functional living room furniture typical of the contemporary style and the sumptuous and "princely" atmospheres of classic luxury environments.

There are two versions: Luce Light and Luce Dark. In both these versions, as the name suggests, the main expression is brightness.

Light, the undisputed protagonist of this sophisticated living area in classic contemporary design style, is present in every element: in the materials, shades, finishes and individual furnishings, such as the glass display cabinet, which perfectly embody those "scenic furnishings" that are all the rage in 2023.

This furnishing style, as well as the others in the collection, plays on asymmetries and contrasts between open compartments and closed volumes to create dynamism and original optical effects. Very striking in Luce Light is the texture contrast between the cool texture of the Onyx marble effect of the sides and tops and the warm texture of the zebrawood-effect doors.

Color evenness, on the other hand, reinforces lightness and contemporary minimalism with the light and bright furniture shades creating an elegant and refined atmosphere, enhancing the feeling of tidiness and harmony typical of the classic contemporary style.

In Luce Dark there is a sharper color contrast offered by the Portoro Gold marble finish coating the tops and sides. This variation adds a touch of glamour to the living room.

Champagne-colored satin metal feet and handles and lights inside the furnishings are details that add a touch of luxury to a collection that features clean, essential, and modern lines.

Classic contemporary design: italian living room trends 2023

How to furnish the bedroom in a classic contemporary style

Adora also has trendy solutions for furnishing the bedroom in a classic contemporary design style that is original and sophisticated.

Along with the Luce collection, which features a beautiful version of the Italian modern bedroom, one can find "Moderna" the other Adora novelty of 2023.

The Moderna collection, focused entirely on the bedroom area, effectively combines minimalism based on clean lines, subdued shades, and functional design with the distinctive elements of Adora's luxury à porter that is the same we find in the bedrooms of the other collections.

The Italian bedroom offered by the Moderna collection amazes with its ability to integrate contemporary minimalism with small luxury details that make it unique.

Relying on the undeniable appeal of traditional Italian manufacturing, the Moderna bedroom enhances the compact shapes of nightstands, beds, closets and chests of drawers offering eye-catching shades and refined details.

The smoky gray of the Sycamore wood finish is a good example of a very elegant color choice, and at the same time modern and gritty.

Speaking of details, one that catches the eye for the originality of the design is the glossy black top slightly offset from the main body of the gray furniture. This difference creates a sophisticated chromatic tone on tone effect and a "3D" effect that enhances the contrast of volumes.

Moderna is available in three versions where the shape, finish, and color of the accessories (handles and feet) vary:

  1. Moderna Titanium
  2. Moderna Gold
  3. Moderna Chrome

In Moderna Titanium the contemporary minimalist style prevails: square accessories, geometric shape, and satin finish.

Moderna Gold is the most luxurious version because, somewhat like the Essenza bedroom, it introduces accessories in gilded finishes, the difference being that in Moderna the design of handles and feet is more rounded and curvier and the gilded finishing is glossy and shiny.

Moderna Chrome comes close to the Gold version, from which it takes its shape and polished finishes, while the chrome effect gives a contemporary feel more similar to that of Moderna Titanium.

How to furnish the bedroom in a classic contemporary style

Do you love the contemporary classic style? Choose a luxury design from Adora

In this focus article on the classic contemporary design style and modern furniture trends 2023, we have seen that although it is not easy to identify furniture that is simultaneously original, high-end, functional, and refined, there are solutions that can hit the mark.

However, the choice, however, has to fall on companies like Adora, which has made Italian design and the pleasure of luxury its flagship.

Thanks to a modern and avant-garde furniture concept that does not forget elegance and glamorous details, Adora offers contemporary collections in perfect balance between luxury and modernity.

Browse the new Luce and Moderna collections and the website to explore all the contemporary shades of the collections offered by Italian furniture solutions signed Adora.

What are you waiting for? Adora will make your home a unique and special place.

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