4 Rules for an elegant and luxury bedroom design

By Jelena Raicevic
20 September 2018

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Sleep is fundamental for our health and in average we spend 1/3 of our day sleeping. For this reason, a bedroom represents the place of rest and recovery, essential to face everyday life and to pursue one’s dreams as well as perform one’s duties. However, sleep and rest require more than a comfortable bed: the right atmosphere is necessary.

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However, as it is valid for the design in the other rooms of the home, it would be indeed appropriate to demand that little something “extra” for your bedroom, perhaps by adding a luxury and refined look to it, in line as much as possible with your personal taste. This is an idea that tends to emerge often when one stays in a beautiful hotel room.

In fact, how many times did you fall in love with the marvelous rooms and suites made available by 5 or 4 star superior hotels where you stayed vacationing? You have certainly noticed the stylish elements and details of such unique elegance that perhaps you wished you could have in your own room. High-quality vacation villages and hotels often represented precious inspiration for the design of a luxury bedroom.

Turning your bedroom, dedicated to rest and relaxation, into a room boasting luxury and elegance requires a double effort, because when designing it, it is necessary to pay attention to two aspects (rest and luxury) avoiding that they end up contrasting each other.


Planning and Style: Designing a Luxury Bedroom

Elegance, harmony and refinement are intrinsic qualities in the concept of luxury: it is not sufficient to pile up expensive items or furniture to create a luxury bedroom, in addition to the fact that they may ruin the “atmosphere” and thus interfere with your rest. Each furnishing element, each detail and each color combination and light effect must be thought out in such a way to respond in a balanced and harmonious manner to your style, rest and elegance needs.

Planning the room and choosing the style with which to furnish it are steps that must be thought out before even starting the design stage and they are a big help in keeping track of the theoretical structural bases on which the environment is designed.

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Pay careful attention to the bed – it is the key element of the entire room

The bed is without a doubt the focal point of the bedroom, both from a functional and strictly stylistic point of view (color, texture, and finishes). It is possible to state that it is the actual bed to dictate the amount and the aesthetics of the entire room since it is the fulcrum around which a luxury bedroom is designed. In addition, it is the major wellness factor for your good night sleep: if the bed frame and the mattress are not quality ones, say goodbye to good rest.

Quality is a fundamental aspect: beside the material used that if of good quality can provide much more the idea of a luxury bedroom, the make of the bed must be excellent and capable of ensuring maximum comfort. The same thing holds true for the mattress, pillows, quilt and even the blanket: in addition to the choice of fabric, which must be of a high quality, they must also add to the aesthetics in such a way to match the style chosen for the general look.


Even the pillows may work as elegant decorative elements, just as the blanket and the quilt. The choice of a precious and rich-looking fabric, their matching to the chosen style and the other furniture will help significantly in increasing the feeling of luxury provided.

The bed head board deserves a special mention: it is an optional element for any bed, having a purely aesthetical value and, if added, it proves very useful to make the bedroom even more rich-looking. For this reason, whether it is padded or upholstered, with gilded details or carved and decorated wood, it is certainly worth it to keep the head board into consideration.

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Colors and light are a pillar of the bedroom

We have often talked about color as a macro-structure of interior design for the home, giving significant importance to the choice of the color palette and combination: these choices start first of all from the selected style, which is important in order to set the chromatic tone. Luxury is not made by color, but it can be enhanced by it: neutral hues and mono-chromatic combinations (accompanied by more or less bright and lively accents) help in highlighting the decorative elements and the lines and materials that are the true bearers of luxury in your bedroom.

The same role that design has in the luxury bedroom applies to the illumination: just as color, it does not automatically mean luxury but if used properly can enhance it. In fact, the use of multiple light points can give a boost to the sophisticated and relaxing look of the room, just as the choice of the lighting fixtures and lamps and their quality: lamps and lighting fixtures with simple and elegant design give a sense of luxury in multiple ways.

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Choose furniture of value and model them with harmony

Light and color, just as the layout, fully support the idea of luxury design in the bedroom: the true factors (or reasons) are the bed and the rest of the furniture. It is the precious material with which they are manufactured, the high quality, and the precious decorative elements, all naturally matching the style well defined by those details and accessories mentioned above.

There are also a series of home décor elements (in some cases not often used), most of the time added more for aesthetic reasons than for actual practical use, that can definitely boost the luxury appearance of the bedroom, always keeping in mind the requirements related to materials, quality of manufacturing, harmony and more. Below, you find a few examples of them to complete the design of your luxury bedroom.

  • Large mirror;
  • Dressing table;
  • Velvet chairs/armchairs and
  • Carpets and curtains
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