Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: elegance Made in Italy

By Jelena Raicevic
30 November 2023

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Enhance your neoclassical bedroom with Made in Italy quality: discover the Arredoclassic collections and make your environment elegant and unique.

Furnishing your home with Arredoclassic means enriching every room with the unmistakable beauty of Italian classical style: high-quality furniture finished with precious materials and sought-after details that make each room rich and luxurious.

Neoclassical style furniture is one of the variants of classical interior design. It brings class to even the more intimate, more hidden away areas of your home, like your bedroom for instance.

This is a reserved place for relaxing and unwinding, so this room needs to be furnished tastefully with special attention paid to ensure total comfort at the end of the day for the people living in and using this part of the home.

It is important to be able to enjoy a relaxing, intimate atmosphere in your bedroom, that is of a certain emotional and stylistic level. To do so means choosing the most suitable pieces of furniture.

In this in-depth article we will find out what are the elements of the neoclassic style and focus on how to use the aesthetic potential of this style to create a bedroom that is elegant, sophisticated and, at the same time, comfortable and cozy, ideal for the bedroom.

How? By showing you the luxury and quality of the Arredoclassic Collections, designed to make your bedroom the intimate oasis of your dreams.

Here is what you will find in the article:


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Modigliani collection


Neoclassical bedroom: create the perfect scenario with Arredoclassic

Imagine entering a neoclassic bedroom where every detail exudes elegance, luxury and refinement as in the great Italian furniture-making tradition. An intimate and enveloping place where history meets innovation and design merges with functionality. In such an environment, surrounded by beauty and comfort, one can only feel comfortable. You will not help but feel well-being and a sense of welcome.

Why - you may be wondering - is the neoclassic style so beloved? Why is it among the most suitable classic styles to furnish a bedroom?

The answer lies in its uniqueness: a style that combines the opulence of the past with the practicality of the present, the luxury of the classic style with the versatility of the contemporary mood.

A neoclassic design is class and elegance elevated to the maximum level, with its majestic shapes, the luxury and noble atmosphere, the simple yet harmonious style inspired by Greek and Roman architecture.

Clean lines and straightforward shapes are enriched with precious details, gilded decorations and fine materials, creating an environment that, overall, is both elegant and welcoming.

The Arredoclassic collections embody all these values based on the spirit of Made in Italy.

Each piece comes from a careful design idea followed by a mix of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production techniques, until the final creation: the collection. Not a simple juxtaposition of furniture pieces, but the fulfillment of a harmonious, coherent and balanced "whole," in which each individual piece dialogues with the others and with the overall vision.

Are you ready to discover the neoclassic collections that will transform your bedroom?

Let’s start!


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The Modigliani neoclassic bedroom: a masterpiece of luxury and refinement

Modigliani by Arredoclassic is one of the neoclassic bedroom furniture collections that best represents the scenic presence and timeless beauty of the classic Italian style.

The leitmotif of this neoclassic bedroom, as well as of the entire collection, is the warm walnut and burl walnut finish of the furniture and the contrast between the latter and the decorative gold leaf details, which serve both as a decoration and light accents.

The geometry of the furnishings reminds of the grandeur of Empire-style columns, and overall the design conveys a noble and luxury atmosphere.

The wardrobes, in both three- and four-door formats, house a large central mirrored insert, enlivened by the gleaming reflections of the gilded handles.

The linear structure of dressers and nightstands is enriched by precious gilded decorations and accents of the gold leaf friezes that complete the elegant silhouette.

The beds are also of great visual impact thanks to the headboards and footboards featuring contrasting silkscreens and wooden colors that match perfectly with the central gold leaf crown.

To break the stylistic continuity of this collection of neoclassic style furniture, it is possible to opt for the upholstered bed, which, with its light and ethereal nuance, outlines a striking color contrast with the walnut finish furniture.

At the top, in the middle of the majestic flared headboard with capitonné work, there is another elaborate gold leaf frieze, while the footboard and stringers are covered with fine fabrics, decorations and elaborate finishes.


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Modigliani collection


Fantasia: a harmonious blend of classic and modern taste

The atmosphere changes completely with the neoclassic Fantasia bedroom, in which classic and modern styles merge harmoniously and dynamically, enhancing each other's strengths.

In Fantasia, the simple, squared-off shapes of the furniture, shiny marble-finish tops in ivory hues, and two gilded decorative elements make it instantly recognizable.

  1. The characteristic triangular-shaped "double F" found both in the middle of the bed headboard and the handle of the closet;
  2. The elegant gilded frame (featuring many small letters "F") wraps around the furniture elements, from the upholstered bed to the wood-finish bed, the dresser, the nightstands, the wardrobes and dressing table.

The precious details make the shape and materials used a daring game, emphasizing the cross between modern and classical style.


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Fantasia collection


The princely atmospheres of the Melodia bedroom

Furnishing in the classic style calls for the creation of balanced and refined environments. For example, it is important to know what the colors for neoclassic interior design are, but even more important is to know how to adjust the uniqueness of the style and customize them according to the context.

For the neoclassic style, key colors include shades of cream, ivory, and beige, but we have seen that more enveloping shades also work well, as in the case of the Modigliani collection, dominated by a warm walnut finish.

Regarding the neoclassic Melodia bedroom, we can certainly say that it has been designed in full respect of neoclassic style standards. Yet even here there are elements that deviate from the formality of the Greek-Roman architecture of neoclassic style taste.

Melodia's unique feature, in fact, is the harmonious combination of rational shapes and curved lines that soften its silhouette, creating a romantic art deco atmosphere. Such contaminations make the collection more interesting, versatile, and dynamic.

The gold frames on the wardrobe, the friezes at the bottom of the bedside table and the top of the bed perfectly match the characteristic ivory color, while at the same time interrupting the continuous color, with the elegant golden details.

Therefore, if you are looking for a neoclassic style furniture for your bedroom with princely atmospheres, refined design, luxury gilded accents and alternating high volume shapes and soft lines, Melodia may very well be the right solution for you.


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Melodia collection


The Leonardo bedroom: balance between luxury and harmony

Leonardo neoclassical bedroom has square lines, typical of this style, which perfectly match the slim framework and golden fretwork that lend grace to the warm beige color of the surfaces.

Each piece of furniture has recurring patterns and decorations, as proof of stylistic continuity and attention to detail that is essential in the neoclassical style furniture.

We find gentle golden coping on the outer corners of the fretwork, along the headboard, on the chest of drawers and to the sides of the large wardrobe mirror.

The design of the wardrobe is perhaps the one that catches the attention the most in the Leonardo bedroom: with an ingenious variation in the thickness of the side volumes, it creates an evocative game of light and shadow, while the gilded frames that decorate its silhouette boost its symmetrical and straightforward neoclassic appearance.


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Leonardo collection


The Liberty bedroom: when simplicity means luxury and elegance

One of the most sumptuous, elegant Arredoclassic bedroom collections is Liberty, with its pure neoclassical taste.

Definite shapes and rich golden embellishments are the characteristic features of this sophisticated neoclassical bedroom.

Each piece of furniture is decorated with gold and silver fretwork and with minutely formed detail work.

Golden sculpted embellishments are placed vertically on the sides of the footboard and headboard (and on other pieces of furniture such as the chest of drawers and wardrobe, for example), reminiscent of the Corinthian columns in the majestic capitals in large Greek temples.

The spirit of the collection lies in the use of pure geometries and surfaces that give off light. A design choice that elegantly simplifies the basic decoration: a precious 24-karat gold leaf screen print.

In this sense, we can consider the Liberty collection as a perfect combination between the contemporary concept of "essential design", understood as the creation of functional and usable spaces, and the concept of "luxury design", which emerges on the aesthetic level with the choice of fine materials, precious finishes, and luxury decorations.


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: Liberty collection


Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom collections: discover the Made in Italy furniture

Arredoclassic Collections tell the story of the value of old-style Made in Italy that continues to conjure up new, unique emotions.

As seen in this in-depth review, neoclassic bedroom furniture is among the most versatile of the classic styles because it manages to combine the majesty of ancient classical architecture with contemporary influences, resulting in a unique and sophisticated design.

Choose the collection that inspires you the most from the ones we introduced and start designing the bedroom of your dreams.

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