How to design a classic bedroom furniture layout

By Lorena Fulgini
19 February 2019

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Over the years the classic bedroom has gone from being a small, anonymous space reserved for sleeping, to the most important room in the night area of te house, becoming a real luxurious area for relaxation of the senses.

Consumer needs for comfort and their desire to add a personal touch to furnishing have increased, and with them the practical and stylish needs for this room of the house.

Today, in fact, master bedrooms are larger, with an en suite bathroom, balconies and furniture that is both decorative and practical, to be able to carry out daily activities in this room in total comfort.

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To allow yourself a unique, satisfactory experience, choose made in Italy furniture, in a perfect classic style, to elegantly furnish the space, paying the right amount of attention to the classic bedroom furniture layout.


A classic style is distinguished by its undisputed class and elegance, but a bedroom will only achieve its maximum expression of style, personality and above all practicality when the furnishings are correctly distributed.

Let’s look at the 5 basic steps to follow for planning your classic bedroom layout correctly.

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The correct classic bedroom layout in 5 steps

We spend a large part of our time at work and carrying out our daily duties, which cause us stress and tiredness, therefore at the end of the day, it is necessary to allow ourselves a moment of relaxation in the bedroom.

The master bedroom must be furnished with taste and an eye for details, but most of all strategically and practically. Make your main goal that of correctly arranging the furniture, so that you are guaranteed comfort and freedom of movement.

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By following these 5 important steps one by one, your bedroom will take on a surprisingly new, comfortable appearance.

  1. First of all, think about the bed
  2. Move on to the bedside cabinets
  3. Large or small wardrobe: where to place it
  4. Don’t forget chairs
  5. Add the final finishing touches

1. First of all, think about the bed

The bed is the most important item in the master bedroom, therefore it must be positioned in a space worthy of its size, so that its decorative capacity is highlighted.

Think about where the bedroom door is. According to the experts, keeping an eye on the bedroom door has a great effect on our subconscious and helps us to sleep soundly. Therefore, we suggest positioning the bed opposite the door.

Don’t place your bed in a corner and don’t position it so that one of the two sides is against a wall. Being in the bedroom should be pleasant, therefore make sure both sides of the bed are free and easy to reach.

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Provide the right amount of light to the bed, by placing it next to windows and terraces, points of natural light. How do you want your bedroom to be illuminated? If you prefer indirect light, turn the head of the bed away from the windows.

If to the contrary you prefer direct light, illuminate the spaces evenly, make bed and windows a single focal point, placing the bed between two large windows, right in the centre of the room.

The layout for “Melodia” bedroom, offers excellent ideas in this respect. Light permeates the furniture in this room and reverberates around it gracefully.

The ivory colour of the bed in this refined collection shines brightly and the golden finishing touches on the headboard capture the reflections of natural light. A bedroom with high aesthetic value that satisfies the senses and provides intense emotions.

How to design a classic bedroom furniture layout 12

2. Move on to the bedside cabinets

Position the bedside cabinets on both sides of the bed. The symmetrical layout of furniture is always pleasing for the eye and lends a full, orderly appearance to the entire room.

We recommend that you select each piece of furniture making sure you keep the same style and colour for each. Choose bedside cabinets with refined finishes. Soft lines and golden swirls are important details that turn a simple piece of furniture into a jewel of classic design.

How to design a classic bedroom furniture layout 7

3. Large or small wardrobe: where to place it

Another imposing piece of furniture in terms of size is the wardrobe, the symbol of tidiness and practicality.

Place your wardrobe as close to the bed as possible.

You will be wondering why the wardrobe should always be easily reachable. We are always in a hurry in the morning, and having clothes and accessories immediately at hand when we get dressed is undoubtedly convenient and fast.

Choose a large wardrobe for your bedroom, with a large central mirror surrounded by winding coping in the corners and a prominent golden scroll. Decorative details that embellish this important, practical piece of furniture for your classic style bedroom.

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4. Don’t forget chairs

Including chairs, armchairs, footstools and chaise-longues into the classic bedroom layout can make a difference, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view.

Choose any chairs with classic characteristics and details, finished with fine fabrics and embellishments. Place them wherever you like, and you may need one to sit on in front of your dressing table or chest of drawers, for example.

Add a chaise-longue to your bedroom, the perfect solution that combines both style and comfort.

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5. Add the final finishing touches

There cannot be a personal hygiene area without a mirror and drawers to place your beauty tools in.

To complete your classic bedroom layout, you could place a mirror above the dressing table, with golden friezes shining on the mirror surface and embellishing the sides.

Lastly, to add style and practicality: A lingerie chest perfectly decorated, with masterly touches and classic lines. Its golden curves surround the structure of the piece of furniture and make it more streamlined in its height. 

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Why is the layout of furniture in the bedroom so important?

Designing the classic bedroom furniture layout means lending new light to your room.

The purpose of a bedroom has changed very much over the years. In fact, this room has become a real temple of relaxation and peace, where the arrangement of the furniture plays a vital role for comfort and character of the room.

Therefore, to arrange furniture correctly in your bedroom, just follow these 5 steps:

  • Position the bed
  • Arrange the bedside cabinets
  • Position the wardrobe
  • Add chairs, armchairs, footstools and chaise-longues
  • Finish off with accessories

Always choose the quality and class of classic style furniture: it will add unmistakeable value to your bedroom, adapting perfectly to any space, making it special.

For more ideas, we recommend you read the article: How to design a master bedroom in 5 easy steps.

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