How to design a master bedroom in 5 easy steps

By Lorena Fulgini
29 December 2022

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Designing a master bedroom is a process that often requires (and achieves) the same care and attention as the living room and family room, the flagships in the overall interior design of a home environment. There are many reasons for this, firstly because it is your room for rest and relaxation (not that of children or guests), and secondly because it is an intimate and deeply personal refuge.

And then, a key element in how to design a master bedroom, is the bed: one of the most important and often exciting furnishing elements to be chosen, the real structural, functional and aesthetic core of every room that deserves that name.

In any case, the essential function of the bedroom requires, or rather demands, that the furniture (and therefore first the design project) is designed to meet the need for a comfortable and relaxing environment, ideal for sleeping, reading and even "loving" your partner. In addition, the intimacy that should characterize it requires a choice of furniture, light and color that can reflect in part or in full your personality, to maximize the feeling of well-being.

In this insight, we will discover 5 elements to evaluate in order to design a bedroom in which you feel completelyat ease, equipped with every comfort and made according to the aesthetic standards of design and elegance.

Specifically, we will see:

How to design a master bedroom in 5 easy steps: Modigliani collection


How to furnish a master bedroom in a classic style

Any room furnished in the classic Italian style, especially if designed to accommodate furnishings capable of standing out for the opulence and elegance of their design, cannot ignore the creation of a dreamy atmosphere.

This is especially true for bedrooms, where the dreamlike atmosphere is inherent in the very role of which the room is a repository: resting, sleeping and, indeed, dreaming.

The master bedroom is the most private place in the house, where only the hosts have access to, and it is also the "couple's room," the space par excellence related to intimacy between two partners.

Rest and coziness are the two main "goals" to keep in mind when starting to design this interior. The right combination of colors and furniture should be the result of the union of the two personalities who are going to live there.

Here are the 5 elements to take into account when designing and furnishing the master bedroom.


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1. Buzzword: balance

When deciding on the color palette or type of furniture to be included, the partners should be fully convinced and in agreement, so as to produce a design that represents both equally.

However, do not think that this means juxtaposing random hues or mixing styles and furniture elements without any criteria.

Doing so would result in a "bazaar effect" that has nothing to do with the elegance, sophistication and the dreamy, almost princely atmosphere a classic master bedroom demands.

Banishing excess and confusing styles, the starting point for a successful furniture project should always be balance.

Designing and furnishing a master bedroom with balance means harmoniously tying together three pivotal principles:

  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Style

The first two - ergonomics and comfort - are closely related. Ergonomics applied to furniture establishes the various spatial parameters that affect the comfort of use of a room: the minimum distances between one piece of furniture and another so that passage is smooth and safe, and the correct sizing of furniture in proportion to the square footage of the room.

Compliance with ergonomic principles, therefore, is already a good indicator of bedroom comfort, understood as livability and freedom of movement within the space.

Style, on the other hand, is the set of elements that "shape" the bedroom -colors, materials, lines, finishes, decorations - and define it toward a certain atmosphere.

Neoclassical style, for example, favors light and bright colors, shimmering surfaces and luxurious decorative elements, while an art nouveau bedroom, although recalling the stylistic dictates of neoclassicism, focuses on ancient models of Greek and Roman architecture, focusing on geometric lines and elegant frames.


2. Furnish according to the style most akin to your personality

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, home environments should partly or totally reflect the personality of the people who live in them, so as to increase the feeling of well-being within the four walls.

Spending time at home should be a pleasure!

And we know that pleasure comes through both comfort and beauty: it is important to be able to enjoy practical furniture, but equally important to be surrounded by the style and colors we love.

Therefore, a luxurious master bedroom should be designed to accommodate furniture with a "dual soul."

  • Beautiful to look at: capable to evoke elegance, pomp and stylistic accuracy
  • Functional: capable of making our lives easier

By keeping in mind the golden rule of balance, noted in the previous point, and choosing furniture solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, everything else will come into its own -from the choice of style to that of materials, from decorations to the moodboard - and will reflect your personality in a completely spontaneous way.

If you're looking for inspiration, you can check out Arredoclassic's Pinterest channel.


how to design a master bedroom in 5 steps: Leonardo collection


3. Indulge your needs and habits

We have seen that the concept of "comfort" in interior design relates to the ergonomic principles that govern the proper design of spaces. According to these principles, furniture should be well proportioned and sized, and its arrangement should be designed so that the movement of people within the space is smooth and safe.

But there is more.

A master bedroom is comfortable when it has everything needed to organize the wardrobe and keep bedding and personal belongings in order: closets, nightstands, dressers, other storage furniture.

When the space is very large, it is possible to include furniture elements that further elevate the comfort of the room. For instance:

To understand how to make the best use of the space available, just "listen to yourself."

In this case, it will not be a matter of pandering to aesthetic tastes, but to one's own needs and habits.

Those who would (or should) prioritize wardrobe organization, might choose to occupy the walls with one or two large closets, such as 4-door models from Arredoclassic's Dolce Vita collection.

On the other hand, those who prefer relaxed and convivial atmospheres could create a "hybrid" bedroom-living environment, by including in the furniture an area dedicated to reading or watching a movie with their partner. Just an elegant console table as a base for the TV and a matching sofa to customize the room according to your habits and desires will be enough.


4. Bed choice - a separate discussion

The bed is the star element of the master bedroom and, as such, deserves a place of honor.

If space allows, the advice is to reserve an unusual position for it, such as in the middle of the room, to enhance its innate prominence even more.

With such a design, the bed will not only be the focal point of the room, but will also serve as a useful structural element to delimit spaces, generating separate, yet united environments. Around the bed you can arrange an area designated for the dressing table and one for reading.

In a smaller room, on the other hand, the bed, despite its aesthetic and functional preponderance, will have to be placed in a less scenic and more strategic spot, keeping in mind that other furniture should also have to fit in easily.

Regarding the stylistic details of the bed, Arredoclassic offers several versions, and every one of them can make a decisive impact in creating the basic atmosphere of the bedroom.

For a room with fairy-tale contours, opt for the Modigliani bed, with its upholstered, slightly flared tufted headboard, its footboard upholstered with fine fabrics and majestic gold leaf frieze.

Those who love the great Made in Italy furniture-making tradition, will not fail to appreciate the warm and cozy atmosphere of the Donatello bed in walnut finish and luxurious golden decorations.

For a classic style inspired by aesthetic cleanliness and geometric rigor, Arredoclassic offers the Art Deco mood of the Dolce Vita double bed, the refined design of the Leonardo bed and the elegant symmetry of the Liberty collection bed, with the fretwork in silver and gold tones, running along the headboard, and the side columns with gold leaf decorations that trace the design of fine sculptures that catch the eye.


How to design a master bedroom in 5 steps: Liberty collection


5. Classic bedroom: a lesson in style

Each room in the house is designed and furnished according to its peculiarities, as well as according to the personal tastes and needs of those living there.

Thus, for example, in the living room, we will almost always have a warm and cozy style, and in the dining room an elegant and convivial atmosphere. The kitchen will focus on practicality as well as design.

What about the master bedroom? Since it is the most intimate room in the house, one might think that the choice of style is a kind of "private matter," like a covenant between partners.

Although, as seen in the previous points, the design of a classical bedroom can be partly influenced by the weight of the personal choices of the partners, it is still important to respect certain stylistic tricks to create harmonious and balanced environments, optimizing the value of the classical style and its different declinations.

Classical style never wanes, it is always elegant and refined, just like the luxurious noble houses.


How to choose colors for bedroom walls

For bedroom walls, it is preferable to opt for soft, restful colors -  shades of ivory and white, the scale of beige and light gray - as several studies have shown that light shades have a calming effect on the body and conciliate sleep.

With solid-color walls in neutral colors, however, you risk creating an atmosphere that is too cold for a room like the bedroom.

There are two ways to solve this.

The first involves the use of a soft, enveloping color palette for furniture and accessories (rugs, pillows, curtains, pictures, ottomans), so as to play on the dynamism of color contrasts.

Both earth tones - the various shades of brown, red, and yellow - as well as bronze, copper, and gold hues go well, which, in addition to warming the room, harmonize with the finishes and decorations typical of luxury bedroom furniture.

Another possibility is to enhance the elegance of the classical style by enriching the walls with refined paneling, as can be seen in the Liberty collection.

The color palette is not the only element we can experiment with to create original and luxurious compositions: we achieve a similar effect by combining different materials and finishes and playing with lights fixtures.

By the way, there is a close correlation between the choice of lighting and that of the master bedroom's color.

To create a balanced and refined environment, it is a good idea to design these two elements together.


How to design a master bedroom in 5 steps: Dolce Vita collection


How to light the bedroom with style and elegance

The bedroom is not a room that needs to be brightly lit, such as the living room or kitchen, unless it also houses a study nook or workstation.

In this room, it is more important to be able to rely on different light sources, preferably with systems that allow you to adjust their intensity.

The advice is to alternate between localized lights for illuminating "difficult" areas, such as the inside of the closet or the dressing table (if any), and soft lights to be distributed evenly throughout the room.

Above the bedside tables, on either side of the bed, wall lights are perfect, since they create a very pleasant soft atmosphere and make the room cozy, by taking advantage of the reflection of the (warm) light on the color of the walls.

If you prefer a single source of lighting instead, you could opt for a jewel chandelier with luminous crystal pendants, in line with the luxurious style of the bedroom.


Designing the master bedroom: get inspired by Arredoclassic

Designing master bedroom furniture presents greater risks than other rooms. The reason lies in the very nature of this environment: the bedroom is the most intimate and private place in the home, the one in which we tend most to identify ourselves and pour out the different sides of our character.

While, as we have seen, it is important to indulge one's nature by choosing the style, colors, and atmosphere that we feel most akin to, it is equally important to avoid the risky "bazaar effect" that would be created by putting oneself before the demands of style and functionality.

We should be guided by stylistic and design balance, and the ability to make luxury and comfort coexist.

By choosing Arredoclassic collections, you can make the most of your bedroom, resulting in a stylistically balanced composition in which decorative details and luxurious elements are harmoniously interwoven with soft lines and an understated atmosphere.

Contact one of Arredoclassic experts now and start designing the room of your dreams.


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