Timeless living room design: how to achieve it in your home

By Jelena Raicevic
29 November 2018

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Which style, which items and which furnishings, which colors or games of light can offer timeless living room design? The question, however, is poorly formulated because to design and create an environment that remains fashionable over the years, if not even over the centuries, it is not necessary to talk about individual elements, but rather about an attitude and a vision of the whole.


The concept of timeless design is apparently simple to achieve in words but not so easy to achieve in practice. In fact, it is not enough to comply with and follow what is already considered the ageless classic style, and it is not even enough to approach the a home interior design by making choices that are neutral and often without their own identity (and this applies both to the furniture and everything else). 

Timeless living room design: how to achieve it in your home 26

Rather, it is necessary to underline shapes and structural lines, enhance the architectural system without focusing too much on the decorative features, possibly use colors that are perfectly complementary to neutral tones and assess the choice of materials based on their durability: something that after decades may be considered vintage or antique, not obsolete.

Timeless design, especially when it concerns important rooms such as a living or dining room,, in fact acquires strength capable of surviving fads and trends in every single aspect, infusing an idea of elegance, simplicity and functionality created to last and become a paradigm, or better a "classic".

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Timeless living room design through the classic style

"We are dwarves on the shoulders of giants" Bernard of Chartres said, a French medieval philosopher, comparing the dependence of modern culture on classical culture. The idea is perfectly applicable even today: we are heavily indebted to classics in various fields, from the artistic to the architectural one, up to the way of interpreting thoughts and humanity. Classics are the best example in terms of "timeless"concept and this obviously also applies to interior design.

The skillful balance of shapes and lines, soft and neutral colors, choice of elegant materials are thought out to give value to substance rather than the appearance and represent the characteristics that make the soul of classic design immortal. These are peculiarities born more than 2000 years ago and that should be taken into serious consideration to achieve timeless living room design.

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The classic style is literally immortal: it has crossed the cultural and artistic history of mankind without losing its connotations, but only changing some specifications, updated according to current times. Like a dress with a specific silhouette in which to change specific details from time to time. An interior design project created according to these stylistic features has a centuries-old strength and resilience.

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Escaping from fads (as if they were the worst evil)

Something that by definition is timeless (or that you wish make so) must of course shy away from temporary fads, that is those trends unable to remain constantly interesting in terms of aesthetics over the years. For this reason, timeless living room design should never include ornamental or opulent elements, too complex or too particular: the secret remains rather inherent in a simple and sophisticated furnishing style that at the same time focuses on functionality (see below for more details).

This does not just concern a single style, as we talked extensively about the value of classics: it can include several contemporary or vintage elements, it is essential that the result appears balanced and orderly, two essential features for a design that knows how to overcome the test of time. It is necessary to avoid vibrant effects or furniture with illusory charm: your living room will benefit from it.

Timeless living room design: how to achieve it in your home

The aesthetic need for functional design

The title is deliberately a game on words, but it should be considered almost literally. The concept of timeless living room design is, in fact, strongly linked to its functionality: balanced, harmonious... essentially an environment where every object or furniture has its "task". Even in this perspective it is clear that it is necessary to avoid solutions that go beyond the search for an essential approach, certainly not brought to the extreme, but in any case a key element of furnishing in all its aspects.

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A strongly traditional choice of colors for the living room

A strong and stable presence, capable of highlighting the timeless value of a choice based on traditional furnishings. This is the role that color should play when talking about timeless design. To achieve this goal it is necessary to give room to neutral tones such as grays, beiges and whites, perhaps supported by even brighter hues, but used only to highlight the neutral aspect.

Even classic colors such as blue, green, and red (in their different hues and shades) are not exempt from this role: often complementary to neutral colors, they can be the protagonists of your living room without running the risk of going out of fashion.

Harmonizing furnishing

The last recommendation for timeless living room design is the choice and material of the furnishings. The solutions in this sense are many and varied, but they follow a single idea: to combine the furniture according to the material (taking for granted the consistency of style). A system that can be used not only for the entire living room, but also for micro-areas inside it, such as the sofa, coffee table and TV stand. The "link established" among the individual furnishing elements can lead to achieving true value over time.

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