Timeless living room design: how to achieve it in your home

By Jelena Raicevic
2 January 2023

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Which style, which items and which furnishings, which colors or games of light can offer timeless living room design? The question, however, is poorly formulated because to design and create an environment that remains fashionable over the years, if not even over the centuries, it is not necessary to talk about individual elements, but rather about an attitude and a vision of the whole.

The concept of timeless design is apparently simple to achieve in words but not so easy to achieve in practice. In fact, it is not enough to comply with and follow what is already considered the ageless classic style, and it is not even enough to approach a home interior design by making choices that are neutral and often without their own identity (and this applies both to the furniture and everything else).

In this focus, you will learn how to transform your living room into a "timeless" environment.

Specifically, we will see:

timeless living room design


What it means in interior design to achieve a timeless environment

Timeless design can be defined as a furniture concept based on the creation of a style that transcends passing fads to rise as an icon of elegance and functionality. An aesthetic capable of enduring and turning into a "classic."

Easy to say, a little less so to achieve.

A mistake that is often made when deciding to furnish the living room in a "timeless style" is to reason about the individual furniture elements to be included to achieve the desired effect.

It is not essentially wrong to make these kinds of considerations; however, in order to achieve such an ambitious goal, it is more important - at least at the beginning of the design phase - to be able to enhance the overall architecture, without focusing specifically on individual decorative elements, and to envision an overall vision capable of indulging timeless aesthetic canons.

Remember that this is not a matter of chasing a stylistic trend, but rather of giving life to a timeless dimension in which every single choice-the materials of upholstery and furniture, the shapes, colors, finishes, decorations-must be functional to last over time (without becoming obsolete), evoking an unchanging and universal beauty.


How to create a timeless living room through classic style

Today's society is indebted to classical culture in so many areas, from art to philosophy to architecture. And it could not be otherwise, as the past takes root and prepares the ground for the present.

Thus, if we decline the concept of "timelessness" to interior design, we cannot help but think of the classic style, understood as the choice of elegant and valuable materials, as the skillful balance of forms and lines, and as the creation of solutions that are so universal (both aesthetically and functionally) that they become, precisely, "classics", models to follow.

Classical style is an immortal style that has been able to traverse the cultural and artistic history of mankind without losing its connotations, but only changing some specifics, adapting them to the present day.

Making an interior design project following the classical style therefore means creating an environment that can withstand the centuries.


Timeless living room classical style: Modigliani collection


Classical style in interior design: main features

Crossing the threshold of a classic-style living room is like being catapulted into a "world apart" in which time - understood as the incessant flow of tastes and fashions - is suspended in a dimension of objective beauty, unscathed by the fickleness of trends.

But there is more.

Classical style not only shapes a pattern of beauty, but also communicates a real social status: noble and aristocratic spaces, luxurious atmospheres, precious finishes, refined details.

As in the Modigliani living room, in which timeless materials come together to create an elegant and functional environment. Wood infuses warmth and a sense of welcome, while glass, marble finishes and gilded decorations evoke glitz and uniqueness.


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3 Tips for bringing a timeless living room to life

Moving on to practicalities, here are 3 tips for creating a timeless living room that will leave your guests spellbound.


1. Prefer natural materials for floors and walls

Natural and "evergreen" materials, such as parquet, stone, and marble, convey a sense of authenticity capable of withstanding the passage of time, as opposed to synthetic materials, such as laminates, or imitation coatings, which are inevitably more slaves to fashions.


2. Choose fine and elegant furnishings

Classic furniture in wood finish expresses the value of authenticity and refinement that must emerge in environments characterized by timeless beauty. 
All the same, it is also important to be able to diversify the composition by alternating different materials, such as MDF (medium density fiberboard), lacquers, and glass, while maintaining high quality and fine workmanship, and playing on contrasts, combinations, friezes, and decorative details.


3. Aim for stylistic continuity and compositional balance

Environments that work best over time are those that are balanced and visually harmonious (both in hues and in the composition of furnishings and accessories), without conspicuous excess. Excesses tire in the long run, especially if they are dictated by a passing fad.

This is not to say that timeless classic furniture cannot include an eye-catching design piece or an unusually decorated portion of the wall. Rather, it is good to have focal points that break up the basic uniformity, otherwise there is a risk of creating flat environments without personality.

What is important, however, is to maintain a balanced stylistic impression by creating a visual continuity that conveys sophistication and compositional elegance.


Timeless living room: Donatello collection


What elements cannot be missing from the interior of a timeless living room

The stylistic connotation of a "timeless living room" can lean toward a sumptuous Renaissance mood, emphasized by dark wood finishes and golden friezes, as in the Donatello collection, or toward more sober atmospheres, characterized by the bright colors and square shapes of the classic Art Deco style, as in the Dolce Vita living room.

Or a timeless living room can be inspired by classical Greek and Roman architecture, as in the Liberty collection, or focus on the princely and luxurious atmospheres of the Fantasia living room.

Beyond the stylistic declination, there are furniture elements that cannot be missed in a classic-style living room that aims to never go out of style.

Let's see them.


The sideboard

Whether it is a low sideboard or an imperious cabinet, the sideboard is a must in any classic-style living room.

It is often used to show off the most elegant dinnerware, as in the Leonardo sideboard, in which the crystals of the tableware create a play of sparkling reflections with the beveled glass of the doors.

In this sideboard, luxury is in every detail: from the sculptural form to the gilded decoration of the frames, from the chiseled handles (real jewels) to the gold leaf finial.


Timeless living room details: Leonardo collection


The bookshelf

The bookshelf is the quintessential piece of furniture that reconnects us with classical culture. In a timelessly styled living room, the shape and size of the bookshelf recall those of libraries of the past, large and filled with antique books and precious manuscripts, as in the Modigliani model, available with a glass backrest or upholstered in fine fabric.


The conversation corner

In a convivial environment such as the living room, a comfortable and refined sofa area, consisting of a large corner sofa or two linear sofas, in which to welcome and entertain guests.

The conversation corner will be complemented by a rug of proportionate size and in keeping with the style and quality of the seating, and by an elegant central coffee table on which to serve tea or place decorative objects.


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How to light up a living room in a classic style

As for lighting, there are several solutions to create an atmosphere that is both refined and warm and welcoming. For instance:

  • Central chandelier: in luxurious classical-style living rooms, the choice often falls on chandeliers-bejeweled chandeliers with crystal arms

  • Pendant lamps: in this case you choose to diversify the lighting system by placing a few elegant pendant lamps alongside the central chandelier to illuminate specific areas of the room, such as the table or reading area

  • Wall lamps: like hanging lamps, wall sconces are also instrumental in making living room lighting more dynamic; the best models for creating a timeless style are those in which the simple form and subdued colors are embellished with luxurious details, such as a fine material or worked detail

Timeless living room acceossries: Melodia collection


Accessories to complete the look of a classic living room

To shore up the timeless design of the classic living room, include the following items:



Whether set in a wooden or glass frame, whether simple or decorated with friezes, mirrors are among the most distinctive additions to the living room: the classic and refined models will never go out of fashion.



Decorating the walls with paintings and works of art, enclosed within precious frames, is almost a must for a living room that aims for timeless beauty. After all, what is more immortal than art?



Plants add value to any room, including a classic living room. The important thing is to know how to fit them into the context naturally, without their presence hindering movement or creating a point of disharmony.

Remember: a plant placed in a strategic spot can change the face of the room by decorating with disarming simplicity and discretion.


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