Adora contemporary bedroom sets: create a unique space

By Lorena Fulgini
20 November 2020

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A home’s sleeping area is the most private part of a house and designing its interior with contemporary room sets is often the desire of those who appreciate avant-garde and stylish furnishings.

Furnishing an intimate and private space, such as your bedroom, with elegant and refined solutions and with a typically contemporary design, can be a choice of character and taste.

Indeed, your bedroom is a private room. It's the place where you take refuge after a hard day’s work, the space for relaxation and silence; this doesn't mean, however, it can’t be impeccable from a design point of view.

Designing your bedroom according to the rules of contemporary design can be a great satisfaction for you and for those who share with you this space of luxury and comfort.

However, always keep in mind that in order to create a truly elegant space, you need to make the right choices with regard to furniture.

The collections with which you will design your interiors must envisage a certain quality, both in terms of design and in terms of materials and finishes.

For this purpose, we thought of proposing a selection of furnishing elements for your bedroom so as to help you design it according to the rules of a perfect contemporary style.

Cover: Create an elegant space with Adora contemporary bedroom sets


Contemporary bedroom: luxury and quality comfort

As previously mentioned, the bedroom is an intimate and private environment. However, this should not exclude your desire to make it elegant and unique, worthy of an interior design magazine.

There are a number of measures that can be taken to create well-furnished spaces with taste and style. The contemporary style, in particular, allows you to design environments that are perfectly in line with the guidelines of the most avant-garde interior designs and as a result, never obsolete or trivial.

However, this does not mean that rules are not needed to obtain an impeccably and elegantly furnished room. There’s more to simply buying furniture and furnishing accessories and placing them in the right way within the spaces. You need to know how to choose the right furniture.

The choice of a single piece of furniture is fundamental when it comes to contemporary style.

Each element, in the contemporary bedroom, has its own importance: quality is privileged over quantity, and therefore the choice of the single element must be very well thought out.

Relying on a brand that guarantees the quality of materials and style is always a winning choice in this case. You are guaranteed a result that is up to the standard you are seeking for your luxury bedroom.



Contemporary bedroom: the Diamante collection by Adora

Adora's collections are always a guarantee of style and quality when it comes to designing luxury environments.

The Diamante Collection, in particular, is inspired by the cutting of diamonds, unique and rare stones; on the one hand taking on the linearity and perfection of its geometries, while on the other, the refinement and luxury of its essence.

The distinctive feature of this collection is the precise study of every element and every detail, a quality reminiscent of the processing of precious stones such as diamonds.

It is the perfect collection to furnish glamorous and stylish interiors: the contemporary bedroom sets in this collection are designed for those who also seek to furnish their sleeping area with the care and elegance it deserves.

The thread that links the design of these furnishings is a play of lines that intersect to form frames with elm wood finish, combined with the shine and elegance of glass or other lighter material that contrasts with the brown of the finishes.

In the Diamante bedroom, in particular, the darker brown tones are combined with lighter tones tending towards beige, all of which harmonize impeccably with the choice of the right upholstery and bedding fabrics.

Below is a proposal for contemporary bedroom furniture from the Adora Diamante collection.


contemporary bedroom sets: Diamante collection by Adora


Sophisticated and comfortable bed

The bed, protagonist of the sleeping area, must express elegance and luxury, but also inspire the right comfort.

The Diamante collection beds will meet the various tastes of those who prefer a headboard upholstered in soft fabric, or a more linear structure that echoes the geometric lines of the entire collection.

The choice of soft and light-coloured coverings can create the right atmosphere, inspiring in those who enter the room a feeling of relaxation and at the same time a sense of refinement.

A pair of functional and refined bedside tables from the same collection will frame this wonderful bed model with a perfect aesthetic balance.

We suggest completing the bed furnishing by choosing quilted blankets with refined fabrics and neutral shades in order to enhance the structure’s decorations and its elegant shapes.

Finally, if there’s available space, you can opt for an elegant chaise longue, to be placed at the end of the bed as a crowning of a sophisticated and luxurious environment.


Contemporary bedroom sets: sophisticated and comfortable bed


Spacious and refined wardrobe

The wardrobe of the Diamante series takes up the geometric lines that are characteristic of the entire collection. Its size allows for perfect organization for any practical need.

Combining the brown of the finishes with the lighter beige of the doors, creates the perfect combination of elegance and style in your room, thanks to the refinement of the nuances, which are well in line with the rules of contemporary design.

The handles with their sophisticated and elegant lines, add a hint of refinement and enhance the entire piece of furniture like a jewel to be displayed.


Contemporary bedroom sets: Spacious and refined wardrobe


Matching elements for a relaxation corner

In a luxury bedroom, a must are the typical elements of the relaxation corner, which will make your sleeping area a truly special and stylish space.

You can thus choose the Diamante collection mirror, perhaps combining it with a pair of armchairs, from the same collection, with soft and quilted upholstery, so as to create a precious little corner inside your bedroom, which guarantees the right privacy and where you can take refuge after a long day’s work.


Contemporary bedroom set Adora: Made in Italy design

Relying on the Adora brand to furnish your contemporary bedroom, is a guarantee, particularly because you know you are buying pieces of furniture, designed and created according to the Made in Italy style.

The Made in Italy Adora collections reflect attention to detail, refinement and elegance of the design.

Choosing Adora's contemporary bedroom sets is a guarantee of quality and elegance.

You will be able to enjoy your beautiful contemporary bedroom with the certainty that you made the right choice of quality.


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