Contemporary dining room furniture: the Diamante collection

By Jelena Raicevic
4 November 2020

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The dining room is the realm of hospitality
and if you love contemporary style you know that flaunting contemporary dining room furniture can be very stimulating.

The characterization of a house’s interior also depends a lot on one’s taste and personality. And your guests will no doubt appreciate the stylish, avant-garde and chic dining room furniture, the ideal setting for your dinners.

However, in order to obtain the right effect of elegance and refinement, typical of contemporary style, designing the spaces well and choosing carefully the various decorations - such as the fabrics and the furnishing accessories - won’t suffice. The choice of furniture will be, above all, fundamental.

This means that you cannot go wrong in terms of quality and style, when relying on a furniture collection that meets your expectations. When it comes to quality materials and design, the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence is always a guarantee. And Adora's collections are proof of this.

Below is a selection of furniture that is ideal for your contemporary dining room: the Adora Diamante collection.

Let yourself be attracted by the style and features of the Diamante collection and you will discover the perfect furniture for elegant and avant-garde spaces.



3 Rules for the perfect contemporary dining room

Let's start by developing three rules that should not be overlooked when it comes to designing a perfect contemporary dining room.


1. Design and attention to details

Details in contemporary design are very important. The spaces are often very clean and airy, but that doesn't mean they lack personality.

It’s the details of the decorations and finishes that make the difference, giving that extra touch of personality and character to your contemporary style room.


2. Neutral colours

The walls, furniture and fabrics will almost always tend to have mainly neutral colour tones. Beige, light brown, or even various shades of white are just a few examples of colours that can prevail in a contemporary style room.

There will no doubt be bright touches of colour, but without excesses and limited to individual design elements.


3. Clean lines

The lines of furniture and furnishing accessories will be clean and not confused or overly contorted. When tending towards geometrical or curvilinear shapes, therefore, the surfaces of contemporary furniture and their shapes as a whole will never be excessive, but always contained and well harmonized throughout the surrounding spaces.

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The Diamante collection: characteristics and style

The geometries and preciousness of the embellishments are the main protagonists of Adora's Diamante collection.

The attention to detail in this collection can be seen in the care that was taken in working the materials, which have been finished and processed as if they were jewels or precious stones.

It has been said, in fact, that contemporary style prefers attention to detail that isn’t excessive in quantity, but well balanced and measured in terms of quality. And this is evident when admiring the handles and contours of the various furnishing elements, where the design of the detail is never left to chance.

Even the supporting legs of some collection’s elements take on the decorations of the handles, and are designed to achieve design elegance combined with the robustness that only a quality piece of furniture can give.

The team of Adora's technicians who contributed to the design and production of the furniture in this collection studied a new material for these decorative elements, TECRES®, highly technological and performing, obtained from an extrusion of polymers that are compressed at very high pressure into steel moulds.

In this way, the elements are perfectly robust and resistant.

They are then finished with polished gold chrome plating which enables to obtain the beauty of an elegant piece of furniture without the problem of wear and tear over time.

Having made these due premises on how the Diamante collection furniture was designed and created, let’s see the main contemporary furniture for the dining room.


Contemporary dining room furniture: The Diamante collection


Table and chairs: elegance and functionality

The table, the protagonist of the dining room, sums up the primary decorative feature of this collection.

The decorative element that most catches the eye in the Diamante table is undoubtedly the cutting of the corners, which takes on the leitmotif of the entire collection: the typical geometries of precious stones.

The Diamante collection chairs are elegant and comfortable: upholstered in soft fabric and embellished with simple padding details. They perfectly match the geometric shapes of the entire dining room, giving that extra touch of comfort and functionality necessary to welcome friends and guests.

The primary colour is clear and neutral, in perfect contemporary style.


Contemporary dining room furniture: The Diamante collection


Display cabinets: the touch of brightness you need

The Diamante collection showcases are the element that can help brighten up your dining room.

The doors are composed of glass set in frames with a rather essential design in elm with light golden veins.

The Diamante display cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture to display your most precious and cherished objects.


Console table and buffet: corners of elegance

Every room has a secret corner; a precious design corner that adds value to the overall harmony. The Diamante collection buffets and console tables are perfectly suited to this purpose.

The Diamante console table, with its natural flat colour, the gilding of the legs and the sharp and composed shape, can give elegance and preciousness to your room’s smallest spaces.

More impressive and decorative is the Diamante Buffet, which can be positioned to decorate the wall at the side of the table. Its modular design enhances its rigorous and well-proportioned forms.

The overall design is echoed by the triangular handles and the gilded silkscreen prints that decorate the front of the cabinet.


Contemporary dining room furniture: The Diamante collection


Contemporary dining room furniture: the Adora design

The design of the Adora brand's contemporary dining room furniture is inspired by the elegance and taste of Italian design, reinterpreting it in a contemporary manner so as to keep up with the principles of style and the ever-changing interior design market.

The Adora design thus combines elegant and sober elements, from a compositional point of view, with decorative elements that are rich in precious details.

What emerges when observing a space decorated with Adora's Diamante collection is precisely the energy that stems from the harmony of the clean and elegant lines along with the rich and precious materials that decorate and complete the collection.


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Jelena Raicevic

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