Contemporary dining table: it is much more than just a table

By Lorena Fulgini
29 October 2020

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A living roo
m is one of the home’s main rooms. It’s your home’s living area where conviviality finds its full expression and the atmosphere outlined by the furniture’s composition plays a decisive role in terms of welcoming people, comfort and style.

In order for these aspects to interact in the best possible way in your contemporary style living room, it is important to choose ad hoc furniture where functionality and elegance can be combined in a single solution.

It is well known that tables, as well as chairs, inside this room, are not a simple pieces of furniture, rather they are the real nerve centre of living room furniture.

This is why it is important to select the most suitable solutions that are appropriate for the contemporary concept and that are, above all, ideal for your stylistic and functional needs.

Through this article, we aim to present some key tips to help you select the right table. We will then show you the details of each of the Adora collections specially designed to set up sophisticated furnishing contexts for living rooms.


coover: Contemporary dining table: it is much more than just a table


4 Things to consider before choosing the right contemporary dining table

As mentioned earlier on, a dining table is essentially the living room’s focal point.

From the size and shape to the type of material, there are various aspects to think about before choosing your living room’s table. Specifically:

  1. The size of the room
  2. The ideal table shape for the room
  3. Material and finishes
  4. What sort of seats should be combined with the table

Let's move on now by analysing each point.

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1. The size of the room

First of all, we need to evaluate the size of the space in which the dining set will be placed. This will give you an idea of the size of the dining table you need.

Ideally, the distance between the edge of the dining table and the wall, or any other piece of furniture, should be roughly one meter. This will allow you to have enough space to move around freely, move the chairs and have enough space to walk around the table.


2. The ideal table shape for the room

The size of your living room has a decisive influence on the shape of the table. If you have limited space, we recommend a 36-44 inches square four-seater table or a round table with a 36-48 inches diameter.

You could also choose a triangular-shaped table. These models can accommodate up to 6 people depending on their position and size.

If you have enough space, a 72 inch long rectangular table  will be the ideal choice to accommodate six people, while a 96 inch long rectangular table can comfortably accommodate eight people.


Contemporary dining table: ideal size


3. Material and finishes

The choice of material and finishes is a decisive decision that should be made, in this case, taking into consideration the contemporary furnishing concept and therefore an entire series of related aesthetic factors. Like, for example:

  • Wall and/or wallpaper colour
  • Floor colour and finish
  • Design of the remaining furnishings that make up the composition

If you like wood, we recommend that you always opt for hard and strong woods such as walnut, mahogany or oak.

If, on the other hand, you want to opt for more sober and elegant material, choose a table with a glass top: ideal for different types of decorations.

And, since glass tables are reflective, they add a lighter, brighter touch to the room.


4. What sort of seats should be combined with the table

The ideal way to choose seats for the living room would be to buy the entire set, or choose chairs that match the table perfectly.

If you’re in a daring mood, let your creativity and the desire to create new combinations run loose: choose chairs from another collection and match them with the table using aesthetic criteria.


Contemporary dining table: seats set


Contemporary dining table: the Adora solutions

Sipario Collection and Diamante Collection are the furniture lines designed to give not only personality, but a bold style to your living room.

Both collections follow a contemporary genre line, yet present different aesthetic features. Sophisticated and versatile solutions.


Diamante Collection: a living room with a precious and refined character

The Diamante collection table presents a top with a solid geometry, embellished with gold silkscreen prints in contrast with the ivory colour that completely embraces the structure, making the element extremely elegant.

Diamond chairs, skilfully designed to offer comfort and enrich the living room furniture, have a geometric profile that echoes the design of the table, which is made more precious and bold by the vertical seams and golden buttons.


Contemporary dining table: Diamante Collection


Sipario Collection: a contemporary style in all its splendour

The Sipario table is characterized by a top where the particular overlapping of the marble silkscreen effect  printed on the golden base can clearly be admired: an interweaving of volumes that creates an asymmetrical dynamic play.

Supporting the top is a base with defined and solid geometries that partially take on the lozenge work found in other elements of the collection.

The Sipario seats evoke the capitonné workmanship, which is repeated throughout the collection, in a sober and elegant manner.

The golden edging enhances the square profiles and the refined shape. Small touches of light embellish the backrest, moving the velvet surface with small golden buttons.


Contemporary dining table: Diamante Collection


Contemporary dining table: choose the solutions you love the most

We’ve given you some useful tips in order to correctly choose dining tables for your living room in this article.

Furthermore, in order to guide you through the various style and concept options, we’ve shown you the Adora collections designed for this important environment in your home.

Make the choice that fascinates you the most and opt for an ad hoc solution that can make your living room a welcoming, refined and comfortable space.


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