The timeless elegance of gold leaf furniture

By Jelena Raicevic
24 July 2018

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The timeless appeal of the sparkling gilded details is one of the special features of the Arredoclassic collections. It embodies attention for details, even the smallest, that the brand is dedicated to: something that makes a quality difference.


Choosing Arredoclassic means acquiring a piece of furniture that is planned and created by expert hands and that embodies classic Italian tradition. These experts include those who know how to extend and apply good leaf: an artisan process that draws upon the skill of the craftsmen who work with precious tools in the company workshop.

Refined, elegant and timeless, good leaf furniture is derived from Italian craftmanship that recalls ancient and luxurious splendour, that are able to adapt to modern contexts and spaces and respond to new interior design trends.

The Arredoclassic furniture range is based around the Raffaello, Melodia and Donatello collections.

The timeless elegance of gold leaf furniture

The origin of gold leaf

Gold has always been one of the precious metals most commonly used by man to create and decorate and has witnessed the evolution of increasingly ingenious and innovative practices.

Behind the origin of gold leaf there is the work of the gold-beater, an artisan figure (almost a goldsmith) that came into being in the early Medieval period. He reduced precious metals such as gold (very malleable) and silver into the finest foils by beating them with a hammer (by simply inserting a grain of gold in the middle of two animal skins and beating).

The evolution of the gilding technique

Gilding via the coating of gold leaf and therefore an ancient decorative system that has its roots in the noblest traditions of artistic furniture. Despite technological variations in the application of precious materials, the technique has remained largely unvaried over the years.

First of all the surface is smoothed and cleaned so that it can uniformly absorb the glue that adheres to the gold leaf. The glue is then extended by brush and then extended on the furniture in small sections to make the surfaces uniform without ripples.

Once the gilding is dried, it is cleaned and then another protective layer is added that permits the metal to remain shiny and unaltered over time.  The final phase of the process is the veneering and the final finishing. At the end, you have a perfect Arredoclassic gold leaf furniture: a union of a hundred-year history and traditional processes that calls upon advanced technology to fit even the more modern forms.

gold leaf furniture-technique

Use in different home spaces

Gold and other decorative metals are now more frequently used in the classic Italian style, with even greater adaptations and new implementations. Inlay work, friezes and gold leaf are the most elegant and refined solutions, that can adapt to contexts other than the classic look without being out of place.

Gold leaf has a wide variety of uses. It can embellish the look of a wall or part of this, or can enhance furniture and accessories such as mirrors and paintings.

Its versatility derives from the fact that thin sheets of gold can be applied on almost any surface, even the most unusual.

In the home, it is best used in the living room to complete the look created by a sofa, a table or a sumptuous dresser. It can also be effectively used in the bedroom (on the bed head, drawers or chests) and the bathroom.

The timeless elegance of gold leaf furniture 7

One of the advantages of gold lead is its significant staying power:  it remains affixed to the material for an indefinite period (it would be too much to say for an infinite period). The protective varnish applied after laying allows it to maintain its original glow, protecting it from external elements (as such it is water and mark proof).

Gold leaf furnishing: the Arredoclassic offers


The Melodia collection features soft and romantic lines that embody the neoclassical feel, with a touch of art deco that embellishes furnishing through arabesque friezes, gilded details in which gold leaf is used in almost a regal fashion.

From the drawing to the living room and up to the bedroom, gold leaf is a strong element in this collection adapting to its rounded lines and creating a wonderful union with the ivory tone. 

The timeless elegance of gold leaf furniture 6


gold leaf furniture-detail-2Donatello is inspired by the neoclassical feel, reviving the spirit of renaissance decorativism in friezes and gilded decorations. The collection balances decorative richness with the use of two types of finishes alone, dark walnut and gold, working to create a union with a timeless feel.

In the living room the gold leaf techniques is used to encircle and uniform in the soft line of the sofas and dressers in a harmonious manner. The same effects are sought in the dressers and the buffets of the living room as well as the wardrobes, beds and other elements that form part of the bedroom furnishing, in an extremely elegant mix. 

Jelena Raicevic

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