Make your living room more exclusive with Adora and Arredoclassic armchairs

By Lorena Fulgini
19 July 2018

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Making your living room more exclusive is something that should be part of the planning process. It means thinking about the furnishing and its arrangement, colours and light, accessories and decorations. In short in means thinking about everything.


It is a task that demands the highest level of care and attention to detail because we are talking about the most lived-in room in the house and the one that has greatest value for those who come to visit, be they friends or relatives. The living room is in fact the room that more than any other reflects what you are like, your personality and your tastes. It is the shared space in which we eat, read, look at the TV, chat, perhaps even work: it always depends on how you furnish it.

The design of a living room is focused on a degree of multi-functionality that is not the case for other rooms and so it's even more important to adhere to a consistent style, trying to convey a sense of unity to the overall look.

If you have selected a classic Italian style, Arredoclassic and Adora are a must, two brands that have made Italian production and quality their strong point.

Make your living room more exclusive-Adora

Make your living room more exclusive with the classic style

A classic style living room is naturally shaped by elegance and exclusivity. Compared to other styles it is more inclined to create a refined and luxurious space, this is part of its essence and its aesthetic features that derive from antiquity: balance, harmony and proportion.

Make your living room more exclusive Arreoclassic 5

The furnishing is arranged in a symmetrical and harmonious manner, with a special aesthetic equilibrium created between the essential nature of the different furniture (and accessories) and the luxury materials with which they are made, along with the richness of the decorations (also included in an essential and delicate manner) focusing on gold, silver and stucco.

The colour palettes are light, tending towards neutral, exalting the marble and the wood of the furnishings. The result if a refined space in which elegance and comfort come together in a powerful union that evokes ancient greatness.

Make your living room more exclusive-Arredoclassic

Armchairs and sofas: the linchpins of an Arredoclassic and Adora living room

In  a living room you can create different macro-areas in the planning phase: the relaxation area, that for dining, etc.

There are, however, certain specific furnishing elements that delineate and create a feel for the entire space: sofas and armchairs.

Central to the entire room, they can radically change the look, modifying the functionality of the same A prominent role for which we must consider their quality, their visual role and their centrality: you should select them with the greatest attention from the elegant Arredoclassic and Adora collections to make sure that your living room has that exclusive feel. Let's look at a few examples.

Arredoclassic Armchair,  a personal choice

Sinfonia Armchair

The living room based around the Sinfonia collection focuses on sophistication with luxury materials, design quality and an ideal union between the different elements that creates absolute harmony.

The armchairs in this collection feature a central flare in the back with a large golden decoration, making a rich and comfortable seat. The lines are soft and compact, the precious materials complete the whole so it emerges as the absolute king of the living room.

Melodia Armchair

The Melodia living room stands out for the quilted features, the unusual volumes and the rich luxury materials used in the sofas and armchair. The softy curved lines and the refined gilding create a relaxing and almost shimmering space.

The soft forms of the armchair unite comfort and elegance. The upholstery can be simple or with quilted inserts, giving you even more customisation options.




Leonardo Armchair

Variations in volume and the quest for different depths are the main features of the Leonardo living room.

The classic style combines with more contemporary volumes for a modern interpretation that is still anchored in the solid classic tradition.

The soft forms of the Leonardo armchairs (and sofas) are reminiscent of ancient capitals. The luxurious materials offer a pleasant embrace and make your living room notably more exclusive.

Mirò Armchair

The Mirò living room is distinguished by the contrast between vertical and horizontal lines, embellished by decorations in crystal resin with floral weaves. The repetition of the curved lines that open like a fan delineate the leitmotiv and combine with the transparencies and the reflections of the glass and the mirror, where light takes the leading role.

The Mirò armchairs boast prized materials with a pleasant chromatic contract that unites with the interplay of light on the surface of the other furnishing elements. Each armrest can be embellished by crystal resin inserts, so that the chairs coordinate with the other compositional elements.

Adora Armchair: an innovative twist to the classic


Diamante Armchair

Sitting on a comfortable Diamante armchair means making the most of your time, immersing yourself in the pleasure of contemporary beauty, with a structural and linear concept that transmits the value of Adora Italian design.

Sipario Armchair

The Sipario living room is framed in a decisive and refined character. The soft and sinuous curves of the sofas and armchairs, enveloped in their strong-coloured quilted padding, combine perfectly with the concise and refined lines. The chairs are wide and deep and balance the continuous line of the back that extends towards the armrest, features a brass ellipsis. The soft cushions are also a decorative element.

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