Classic interior moodboard: Melodia collection

By Jelena Raicevic
26 July 2018

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Before exploring our moodboard inspired by Arredoclassic's Melodia collection, we must introduce the concept of the moodboard: what is it and what is it for?


It is a tool made of images, drawings, texts and other visual elements that supply a starting base for an interior design project, offering the designer (it could be you) a style guide to follow in a uniform and harmonious way.

Classic interior moodboard melodia collection 5

To create it, a series of steps are necessary: according to us there are 5 fundamental steps, and we explain them here.

  1. Target: Define the moodboard based on what you like and what you need in your house.  The images and the other added elements will have to be coherent with your vision.

  2. Indoor and outdoor environment: Contextualize the moodboard, both for the outdoor and indoor environments.  In our example, we approach a living room with a classic style, a choice that would likely be different inside a house in the mountains or the countryside (for any type of room).

  3. Colour palette: Step number 3 is regarding the colour, or better yet, the palette or colour scheme: an important criteria before continuing with the search and selection of images useful for your moodboard.

  4. Gathering and selecting the material: The collection of images has to proceed uninterrupted, making use of every possible source, multimedia and others, possibly defining keywords to make the search easier, in order to gather coherent elements.  At that point, all you have to do is select, move, mix and arrange the images in the best way possible.

  5. Format and layout: To finalise your moodboard, you do not have to know any special graphic design software: we remind the youths that beyond the digital world there still is a world of paper that is still alive and well. Choosing the format and the layout that you like the most will simplify the work, in this manner you will have a concept capable of providing you with a direction for your actual project.

Classic interior moodboard-melodia collection

Melodia: the refined design with gilded motifs

Tradition and Made in Italy represent the combination that make Arredoclassic's design and production standout, creating furnishing solutions of great value (in aesthetics and materials) for prestigious environments.

The Melodia collection presents itself with soft lines, almost romantic, thought to bring back the neoclassic style with a hint of art decò.  Friezes and arabesques decorate the individual pieces of furniture in the collection, bringing refined effects that are harmoniously linked to the volumetric solutions of the furniture itself.

A living room that is perfectly "in tune"

The Melodia living room offers, just as the name suggests, perfect chromatic and stylistic harmony. Lines, details, structures, decorations: every element has been thought out with the highest care for details and quality, following high Italian artisan standards.

A mix of capitonnè workmanship (that embellishes the upholstered sofas, chairs and armchairs), round and unusual shapes, luxurious and prestigious fabrics, all grant a characteristic image to the Melodia living room, capable of embracing with its soft lines your shared moments and moments of relax, ready to surprise you every day with its refined gilded details.

An arabesque motif, like the capitonné work, characterises all chairs, armchairs and sofas, generating an aesthetic effect of great impact.

Classic interior moodboard melodia living room

Gilded details act as an authentic common thread of the entire collection, including furniture and accessories, used in particular on details and fabrics, frames and feet, chandeliers and even (in a softer more subtle version) in a thin strip of wallpaper.

A wallpaper that adds value to the living room and grants unity to the entire environment thanks to the choice of neutral and muted colours, capable of working harmoniously with the colours of the furnishing.  The colour palette of the living room is oriented towards neutral or muted colours in a context that aims for similarities, avoiding contrasts.  What results is a relaxing and elegant environment, where aesthetics and comfort meet every need.

The sofa

Liff-moodboard-arredoclassic-melodia-dett-2A paradigm of the variation on theme of curved lines for this collection, the Melodia sofa knows how to combine comfort and elegance thanks to its soft lines, summarising and amplifying the aesthetic impact that it "emanates". The upholstered version is available in the simple version or with the capitonnè inserts, for those who wish to amaze.


The chair

Liff-moodboard-arredoclassic-melodia-dett-1The chairs of the Melodia living room represent an excellent accessory. The oval back embellished with silk upholstered brocades gives elegant personality to your seating and recalls the noble salons of the Renaissance period where large banquets took place. The ivory frame matches the one of the table.


The table

Sinuous lines and an eclectic ellipses surface for this table are characterised by two large circular columns at the base. Refined details, delicate silk-screen prints and the ivory that recalls the value of marble offer a striking, elegant and refined furnishing, where creases and gilded feet are perfectly balanced.

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.