Choose the perfect contemporary dining table to enhance your dining room styling

By Lorena Fulgini
1 August 2023

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 Discover the ideal contemporary dining table exploring Adora's trendy collections. Find the perfect mix of style and functionality to impress your guests.

Many people think that a contemporary style cannot blend into their home decor. However, they may simply not know what the specific characteristics of this style are.

Thus, the first question to ask oneself when starting to design the furnishing for the dining room is: what is a contemporary dining room?

If there is one style that can adapt to different decorating contexts, it is the contemporary style. Thanks to its versatility, functionality and objective elegance, the contemporary style is able to enhance any environment with its clean and innovative lines.

We would also like to point out the fact that very often the dining room is the most visible place in a flat or a large dwelling.

It’s the space where we invite guests, where we spend time with them, organizing dinners and aperitifs. It’s the space most open to the "public" and therefore it can be considered as our business card, in terms of design.

And which piece of furniture - among all the furnishings in a dining room - will attract your guests' attention the most, if not the table?

Isn't this the most prominent and central element of the dining room?

So, why not think of restyling your furniture starting from an aesthetically central element like your dining table?

In the following guide we aim to show you, step by step, how to choose a modern contemporary dining table, its main features and the design details that make it suitable for your new, contemporary style dining room.

The best choice is one that takes into account, in equal measure, proportions, style, colors and materials; but also personal tastes and interior design trends. In this last regard, we will take a look at the latest sophisticated dining room collections by Adora.

That is what we will explore in this article:


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: Ambra collection


Contemporary dining table: how to choose it considering size and placement?

Before choosing the preferred model of a contemporary dining table, we need to take into consideration two essential aspects:

  1. The design of the contemporary dining room
  2. The design of the dining table

When we talk about design here we include a number of aspects that relate to the "physical" characteristics - the size and shape - of the room and table. Keeping these two elements in consideration is crucial to making the right choice in terms of proportions. And we know that a proportionate choice is the starting point for a contemporary-style environment that is welcoming, pleasant, livable and harmonious.

If we put a very large table in a small dining room we would risk making the room unlivable by hindering movement within the space.

Not to mention that if the square footage is small and we use it all for the table, there will be no room for other dining room furniture, such as the buffet cabinet or the sideboard.

Conversely, choosing a small contemporary dining table for a large room would detract from the role of the table and disperse the value of its design.

And in both cases we would have a disproportion that should be avoided because it creates disharmony and poorly styled environment, as well as one that is not very functional and strategic.



1. What are the ideal dimensions of a contemporary table?

As already mentioned, the table must play an important role in the dining room.

Therefore, its size will also have to live up to the primary task that has been entrusted to it. However, this does not mean that it should be disproportionate to the rest of the room.

When choosing a table, always keep in mind the size of the room where it is going to be placed.

What to do if the square footage of the room does not allow the inclusion of an imposing contemporary style dining table? In such cases, it will be sufficient to give a different meaning to the term "important." In fact, we can also give importance to role of the table in different ways, not only through the size.

If space is tight, it is important to make sure that a modern contemporary dining table of a small to medium size is equally the star of the room. How? By putting the spotlights on some other feature: a fine material, a charming and eye-catching color, a particular shape or a design detail that steals the show.

In the table from the new Luce Light collection, for example, the focal point is the sophisticated and original design of the two central blocks that support the base: the elegant zebrawood-effect finish, combined with the nuance that is both simple and warm, increases the table's perception of lightness, brightness, and elegance.

Be careful not to make the opposite mistake: having a vast square footage and not taking advantage of it to emphasize a large contemporary dining table set.

So if your dining room is large, do not be afraid of choosing a table that stands out for the majesty of its size, shape or overall design.

A table such as the one offered by the Sipario collection, for example. Here, what catches the eye is not only the width of the top but the original design of the base, in which the symmetrical geometry is "broken" by the central jewel element. In addition, the screen-printed marble finish top resting slightly offset on the gold base creates an asymmetrical height difference that adds lightness and modernity to the design.


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: ideal dimensions


2. Where to place the table inside the dining room?

Once the correct proportion between the layout of the room and the size of the dining table has been identified, the other crucial aspect is the choice of placement within the room.

Positioning should be strategic to maximize not only the overall aesthetics of the room, so that it looks harmonious and welcoming, but also the functionality, which is an integral part of the contemporary furniture concept.

Indeed, we know that a contemporary dining room design must also meet the needs of comfort and enjoyment, as well as those related to elegance, quality of materials and fine finishes.

That is why, when choosing where to place a table in a dining room, we recommend keeping in mind its functionality as well.

Therefore, when placing a contemporary dining table inside the room, be sure to leave the right amount of empty space around it. In this sense, the ideal location is in the center of the room, where it is easily accessible from all sides. In addition, placing the dining table in a central position, without walls limiting its functionality, promotes conviviality and allows all diners to interact comfortably during meals.

It is far better to choose a small contemporary dining table that allows freedom of movement, rather than a large table, which may be aesthetically perfect - if taken as a single element - but unsuitable for the spatiality of your home.

Another solution to gain inches in a small room might be to choose a contemporary round dining table, such as the Diamante model from Adora, which is only 150 cm in diameter. The lack of corners makes it compact and space-saving in the contemporary style. At the same time, the Diamante table is a furniture-jewel (hence the name of the collection) that will leave your guests amazed. A concentrate of luxury, class, and quality Made in Italy.


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: the placement in the room


Modern contemporary dining table: which are the main style features?

Now that you know how to place your table in the right space in your home, we can proceed to show you how to choose the contemporary dining table set according to their main stylistic features.

We will take a look at Adora's signature trends and collections for a modern, functional and charm-filled living area, focusing in particular on the three elements that define the design of a contemporary table:

1. Dining table materials

Choosing a type of table means, above all, choosing the material. The materials of contemporary style tables are often functional to the creation of glossy and lacquered surfaces.

If you love elegance and glamour, for example, we suggest you choose a table with glass as a covering: contemporary glass dining tables will give a chic touch to your living area and contribute to a greater diffusion of light.


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: the materials


2. Dining Table colours

From a colours point of view, you won't have any difficulty in matching the color of your new contemporary dining table with the rest of the furniture. In fact, a contemporary table has a very discreet palette of colors that can be adapted to any space: cream, white, beige, black or grey and other soft, neutral colours.


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: the colours


3. Dining Table finishes

Finishes are a must for furnishing accessories in perfect contemporary style; consistently discreet but important in the economy of the entire design.

You can choose a table that presents contrasts between the smooth, glossy surfaces of the top and the finishing elements (perhaps present on the contours and legs), in more opaque but decisive colours (for example, golden finishes).

Or you can steer firmly toward ethereal and bright finishes to make the room light and even more contemporary. Speaking of brightness, we cannot fail to mention the brand new Luce collection from Adora, available in both Luce Light versions, with Calacatta marble finish, and Luce Dark with Portoro Gold finishes. Both are very trendy and create either a perfect color evenness in the former case, or a bold contrast in the latter case that enhances the clean shapes of the contemporary style and, at the same time, highlights the precious details and decorations.


Choose the perfect contemporary dining table: finishes


Why not reconsider all the home decor keeping in mind a contemporary table?

Let's say you've fallen in love with a beautiful contemporary dining table that embodies all the features we've just described. Let's assume that you have placed it precisely in your dining room, complying with all the criteria required by a perfect interior design in contemporary style.

Perhaps, at this point - when looking at the beautiful table you’ve chosen - you may decide to revolutionize the entire furnishing of your home with a view to contemporary design. Why not?

Seeing how the new table is in perfect harmony with the rest of the house, you won't be able to resist the temptation to redesign the entire living area, and - why not?! – the sleeping area as well with the new Moderna collection.

After all, contemporary style is synonymous with freshness and versatility.

Now, all you need to do is begin to build your home style exploring all the contemporary collections by Adora.

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