5 rules to choose the best bedroom color schemes for your home

By Lorena Fulgini
22 November 2018

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When any interior designer aiming to design or renovate a house begins to subdivide the different areas on which to work, the designer inevitably has to work with macro and micro structures. Among which, the first one is color.


The choice for the best bedroom color schemes and palette and the context in which to apply them are in fact fundamental elements in interior design, capable of making an impression that matches your chosen style (lines and shapes). Even white is considered to hold personality, it is not just about a blank space to be filled.

How to design a classic bedroom furniture layout

For obvious reasons, each room in a house has different color needs based on the purpose of the room (this is the same for lighting): eating/cooking, relaxing, sleeping, etc. In the bedroom what rules, and it could not be otherwise, is rest and thus silence, intimacy and relax. For this reason the palette and the bedroom color schemes have a very different meaning than the one held by the other rooms of the house, with preferred shades and mixes.

Without getting into the topic of color therapy, there are colors, hues and pairings of colors that can improve the feeling of rest that a bedroom should be able to provide, ideal solutions for this specific scope. What are the rules to follow when it is time to choose?

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Bedroom color schemes: the basics

Before investing time and creativity, or analyzing the "best practices" or recommendations in order to choose the best mix, it is best to know the topic very well and all its characteristics.

A first important distinction comes from the color temperature: there are warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors (for example red, yellow and related hues) tend to be more stimulating for the eye and mind, while cool colors feel more aristocratically aloof, as if not very empathic. 

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To talk more in depth about bedroom color schemes we also have to know the color wheel and how it works. It is fundamental in choosing the proper palette according to the scheme that one wants to apply. Use a palette in which the base colors are subdivided in primary, secondary and tertiary.

  • Primary: pure colors that cannot be created from mixing other colors (like blue, yellow and red).
  • Secondary: generated from mixing two primary colors (red and yellow make orange).
  • Tertiary: a series of colors born from mixing primary and secondary colors.

Once you know about the color wheel, about warm and cool colors, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, it is possible to look at the main schemes with which to define the palette of your choice, the one that best expresses your personality, represented in this case by a pre-set pairing. The main types are considered generally four and they represent the way to intepret interior design colors that are balanced in terms of number and effect (it does not matter whether contrasting or harmonious).

5 rules to choose the best bedroom color schemes for your home 10

  • Monochromatic: tone on tone of the same color, clean and essential, playing on shades and chiaroscuro effect.
  • Complementary: it is generated by two opposing shades in the color wheel, it creates a bold combination with a strong expressive capacity. Yellow and purple, blue or orange are examples of this captivating effect, but can also be created with the respective nuances.
  • Similar: a subdued but rich mixture, created by mixing colors close togetherwithin the color wheel (an example is the relationship between yellow, orange and red). Generally it is two primary colors and the secondary color that results from them. The proportion must be correct: one dominates, one supports, and the other highlights.
  • Contrast: as in the similar case, it calls for the use of three contrasting and equally distant colors in the color wheel, designed for a very lively effect. Also this bedroom color scheme should be applied with correct proportions.

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Our 5 rules to choose a bedroom color scheme

1 - It is always a matter of taste

While it is important to follow schemes and styles when choosing colors, so as to create an effect that does not look bad (careful, because this can happen with neutral or subdued colors, too), the first step is to never to ignore your own taste: choose a series of colors that you prefer, put them together (all or some) in various ways and this will allow you to find the best colors for your bedroom.

2 - If wishing to create a calming environment: go with similar and monochromatic schemes

Let's go back to concepts related to color therapy: it is undeniable that due to the purpose of the bedroom we must search for colors and combinations capable of promoting comfort, relaxation and therefore improving the hours spent resting. A primary goal in the choice of the palette and the scheme.

5 rules to choose the best bedroom color schemes for your home 4

3 - An essential and clean style

We do not mean to say with these "rules" that it is convenient to opt for simple styles that are not rich. Simply we recommend to create a sense of balance and harmony that can help you in selecting the colors and the scheme so that they match the context (and vice versa): furniture, accessories, complements, lighting and so on.

4 - The conciliating effect of cold colors

In searching effects capable of generating comfort, peace and relax it is important to give prevalence to cold colors: light blue, blue, purple and green are considered among the most relaxing and pleasing when trying to rest. At the contrary, warm colors tend to stimulate, which is not wanted when going to sleep.

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5 - Neutral colors are good for everything

All neutral colors offer a wide variety of nuances and effects, definitely not boring as some people may mistakenly think.Whether neutral colors are the main protagonists of your bedroom color scheme or highlights to refine it, they bring with them a unique, elegant and accommodating versatility: ideal for your rest.Gray is a great ally for this purpose.

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