5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room

By Lorena Fulgini
15 September 2023

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Discover the best classic bedroom design ideas to breathe new life into your space. Explore the latest trends and take advantage of our design tips.

When you start to furnish your home from scratch, it is easier because you start from an empty room to be furnished: conceptually you can work with more freedom and imagination, just choose a style and from there set up a project that includes furniture, colors, light, and space. It is different instead if you decide to renovate the interiors of one or more rooms, without changing the style but desiring something new and fresh.It means to make changes that can affect the appearance of that room without changing the project that is at its base (after all it is what you desired and thought).

In the case of a bedroom you have to start from a fundamental assumption: it is the room where you sleep, where you rest and due to the daily stress you recharge your physical and mental batteries. It is a very intimate place that is furnished and designed to offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere. And often the dream of many people is to imitate the beautiful hotel suites seen and experienced during the holidays.

But when starting a restyling project, where should you get ideas to renew your bedroom?

In this article we will discover the latest furnishing trends and see which are the most interesting classic bedroom design ideas. Why classic style?

For a few simple reasons: the idea of aesthetic harmony and the well-defined rules (even if they are capable, in history and in the present, of offering different versions) will in fact help to remain on topic.

In particular, we will explore the following topics:

5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Leonardo collection


Few changes but impactful: 5 classic bedroom design ideas for you

Those who love elegance know that revamping bedroom style by taking a cue from simple but effective classic bedroom design ideas means you can count on timeless interior design.

The classic interior design style, in fact, is capable, like few others, of providing a solemn yet refined appearance to your home spaces, recalling the greatness of the ancient times.

It is specifically for its thousand-years old soul (it reached us from over 3000 years of history) that classic style represents the ability to renew itself without losing its authentic spirit, thus open to anyone who appreciates its features and wishes to make it more personal.

Classic bedroom furniture obviously embodies this vision and facts: it is elegant and intimate at the same time, perfect for those who do not wish to give up good sleep under the flag of ancient nobility of taste. High-quality materials and finishes, balanced lines, precious details: each of its characteristics follows the rules of style, aiming at overall harmony.

Renovating a bedroom means to make changes that do not affect the style chosen and that avoid losing any of the most important features.

Therefore, you can work on individual elements, on details, or even on the color and other aspects, with the aim of offering a new and fresh image. For these reasons, below we wish to introduce you to a few ideas to renew your bedroom making changes to just a few (but central) elements, thus avoiding to have to update all the furniture.

  • Bed
  • Linen and curtains
  • Home decor/accessories
  • Colors
  • Floors


5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Donatello collection


1. Choose a star bed

Since the bed is the focal point of your room, it embodies the room functionality and its major aesthetic impact. Among the ideas that we propose, perhaps it is the most "drastic" one since it suggests you to replace the bed with another one. If it is right to say that this is an economically significant solution, it is also easy to understand that the operation in itself is simple and capable of drastically renewing the appearance of your bedroom without having to change the style or much of the classic bedroom furniture.

So, you could opt for a bed with neoclassic lines, made of fine materials and a richly decorated headboard, or for a model with softer and more rounded shapes, possibly with a padded headboard and different material.

Then consider adding "side" furniture elements that can enhance the bed's prominence even more, such as a dramatic designer lamp or a large painting on the wall behind the headboard.

On the other hand, if you want to create a more harmonious overall view and add a quid of elegance and stylistic consistency to the room, you could opt for classic bedroom furniture sets, matching nightstands and closet in style with the bed.


5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Fantasia collection


2. Change the bed linen, change the atmosphere

As we have seen, replacing the bed is one of the most influential moves in redefining the classic style of a room.

If you prefer less drastic but equally decoratively effective solutions, you might consider changing only the “look” of your bed frame. Sometimes, simply changing the color, graphic pattern, and fabric of the bedding is enough to give a burst of new energy to the room, connoting it in a completely different mood from the previous one.

Indeed, changing the comforter cover and linen, along with replacing the curtains (another complement that greatly affects the stylistic atmosphere of a room), is one of the most popular ways for renovating a bedroom. It is also one of the easiest and quickest to be designed and implemented, because there is nothing to change except for the bed and windows area.

It can simply mean new types of fabrics (from brocade to silk), or decorations and colors (about which we will discuss later): the bed itself and the whole room will appear profoundly different, as well as the curtains that adorn your windows.


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3. Add color accents from the classic style palette

A classic interior usually has neutral tones in order to give greater importance to the quality of the materials, to the lines in which refined decorations often stand out, capable of highlighting the shapes. But style does not shun notes and accents in brighter and more vivid colors.

Through accessories, furnishing decorations, fabrics and decorations of various kinds, you can drastically change the appearance of the room without having to rearrange the entire palette. Try this trick with pillows, lamps, vases, ornaments and other objects: their highlighted colors, always part of a theme, could make the environment even more beautiful and new.

To emphasize the elegance of a classic bedroom, it is also important to create striking color contrasts through the interplay of light and dark and the inclusion of golden details, which enhance the luxurious and regal atmosphere inherent in classic bedroom design ideas.

When exploring how to decorate with classic bedroom furniture, each piece must be chosen carefully to create harmony and balance. A strategically placed mirror can amplify light and make the room seem larger, while a classic armchair with an out-of-the-ordinary design can add a touch of originality and at the same time add another element of comfort in the bedroom.


5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Leonardo collection


4. Update the style with new classic bedroom furniture sets

Replacing old furniture with classic bedroom furniture sets that are more current and in line with trends is the most important, and perhaps the simplest, step in renovating the bedroom. However, it is not enough to breathe new life into the environment alone.

Furnishing means creating a symphony of style in which every element, large or small, plays its part to create music that is pleasant to listen to. In our case, not a tune, but a bedroom that is beautiful to look at, made with an elegant and refined style that is capable of remaining timeless. And classical style is undoubtedly the most suitable to "surpass" the dynamics of fashions and time.

Therefore, when we talk about updating the style of the bedroom, we do not mean to mix other styles with the classic one or even change it in its entirety. Rather, we are talking about an intervention that is more similar to the one explained previously, in terms of colors.

It is a less difficult intervention than it seems, since it is sufficient to simply add modern or contemporary decorations and accessories to a purely classical structure, remaining linked to an idea of harmonic refinement and elegance (it means that every "foreign" element must be carefully selected). The effect of a modern classic can really give a fresh look to the room.


5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Dolce vita collection


5. Beauty under your feet: classic style parquet and carpets

The last of our classic bedroom design ideas turns its attention to the floor. The classic and valuable parquet will hardly leave space for anything else, it is a type of flooring that remains wonderful even if damaged over the years.

Beyond the interventions that can be made on the wood, useful to change its appearance (sanding, brushing, etc.), it is always possible to give it a renewed appearance thanks to the use of carpets, another yet final element with which you can have fun freeing your creativity.

In fact, among the tips for renovating the bedroom, carpets are at the top of the list, both because they convey a sense of accomplishment to the decor and because they can transform the style and atmosphere of the room quickly and versatilely.

A beautiful, elegant carpet made of a fine material could be just the addition you need to elevate the elegance rate of your classic design, blending functionality and aesthetics.

Among the carpets most suitable for classic bedroom furniture there are Persian or Oriental rugs, which can add sophistication to the style with their elaborate patterns and rich colors that complement parquet flooring perfectly.

The decorative richness of these rugs creates a sophisticated contrast to the light and understated feel of a classic bedroom with ivory trim and gold details, such as Melodia by Arredoclassic.


5 classic bedroom design ideas to renew your room. Melodia collection


Revitalizing your thalamus with 5 classic bedroom design ideas

As we have seen, no major corrections are needed to breathe new life into your bedroom. By focusing on key elements such as the bed, linens, color palette, fabrics (curtains, carpets), accessories, and some structural elements, such as fixtures or flooring, you can change the face of the room with small adjustments.

Of course, you need to follow the right classic bedroom design ideas, such as the ones we have pointed out to you in this article, which show that even small improvements can have a significant stylistic impact.

If, on the other hand, the style of the bedroom is very dated or the furniture, colors or materials no longer match your personality, trends and lifestyle, a simple restyling won’t be enough. In this case, it is much better to make a drastic change of look by replacing the existing furniture and, if necessary, some of the elements considered in this article, such as the floor, curtains, wall color, and carpets.

What then is the next step in designing a brand-new classic bedroom? Arredoclassic, with its prestigious luxury classic collections, is the answer to help you achieve your vision.

Our consultants are ready to guide you in choosing the classic bedroom style that best suits your taste. Whether you are in the process of studying the interior design project or you are ready to work out the details, please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information.

It's time to make your dream come true!

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