Elegant bedroom sets: discover Arredoclassic collections

By Lorena Fulgini
6 October 2023

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Elegant bedroom sets transform your room into a luxury oasis. Discover Arredoclassic collections for a timeless classic style space.

Classic style has the power to grant a refined look to every room, including the master bedroom, that is the most intimate and secluded space of the home.

Our article will focus on this environment. By exploring Arredoclassic classic collections, we will see how it is possible to furnish the bedroom while balancing function and luxury, creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and adding a few personal touches to instill warmth and a sense of welcome.

In order to make your bedroom an intimate dream oasis, enjoying it at a sensorial and emotional level, it must be cared for in the attention to details.

In addition to choosing the style that charms you the most for this environment, it is necessary to think the design of the master bedroom taking into account the arrangement of each furnishing element and spatial balance, so as to allow elegance and beauty to stand out and make the whole unique and pleasant.

Elegant bedroom sets: discover Arredoclassic collections

Elegant bedroom sets: how to create a classic style with Arredoclassic Collections

To bring to life sophisticated bedroom furniture, we need to enhance the beauty and quality of great Made in Italy, while trying not to neglect practical aspects and spatial balance.

Indeed, when choosing furniture elements, we need to take into account the characteristics of the room (square footage, shape, level of brightness) and organizational needs, so that the furniture is functional and usable, as well as pleasant to admire. It is only by equalizing both practical and aesthetic factors that a classic bedroom can acquire a refined atmosphere without losing its functionality.

Arredoclassic collections are a perfect example of how to create an elegant and timeless bedroom, a place where luxury becomes an everyday experience.

All the furnishing elements belonging to these collections have a great decorating and aesthetic impact.

By comparing Arredoclassic elegant bedroom sets, we wish to show Arredoclassic’s desire to meet the stylistic needs of its customers, creating always exciting series of furniture converted to different shapes and colors.

Let's delve deeper.


Dolce Vita: the unmistakable class of Art Déco

Among the various classic bedroom sets by Arredoclassic, Dolce Vita best embodies the fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

The square lines and solid profiles of the furniture, characterized by a modern and sophisticated appeal, dialogue spontaneously with luxurious details and stylistic choices with a clear classical feel.

The Dolce Vita bedroom stands out for the use of silver and rose gold finish frames that enhance doors, drawers and furniture shelves.

The delicate cream hue creates a fascinating contrast with the walnut-root band, which frames squared handles with rose gold decorations.

Each element - nightstands, chests of drawers, closets, beds - features decorative details (walnut burl insert paired with rose gold and silver decorations) throughout the entire collection, for a refined visual and stylistic continuity.


Elegant bedroom sets: Dolce Vita collection


Let yourself be enchanted by Neoclassic Style: choose Melodia

The furnishing elements of Melodia have been designed to create an ensemble of elegant bedroom sets, ideal for anyone seeking a neoclassical style marked by solid shapes, softened at the sides by smooth gold lines that lift the look of the furniture, exalting the refined silhouettes. Structural details that make every element, like the dresser and dressing table perfect for any need.

The gold frames on the surface of the dresser, the frieze at the base of the dressers and on top of the bed, combine perfectly with the characteristic ivory tint, breaking the chromatic continuity, granting to the sight elegant gold details.

Ivory tones, combined with golden details, give the room a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere. The thoughtful design makes the Melodia collection a stylish choice for those who wish to create a timeless and elegant bedroom.


Elegant bedroom sets: Melodia collection


Let yourself be charmed by the romanticism of Fantasia Collection

Like in the most charming of fairy tales, the Fantasia bedroom has the power of creating a romantic atmosphere, with sophisticated bedroom furniture, accessories featuring soft lines, embellished by golden details.

A concept of great stylistic and decorative impact dominates in the bedrooms furnished with the items of this collection. The unmistakable romantic design of the golden decorations and the soft tones of ivory catch the eye of the observer and delight the senses. Fantasia reinterprets the majestic atmosphere of the Empire style in a contemporary way, and this can be seen in the characteristic "double F," which we find in the closets, in the form of a handle, and as the central decoration of the bed headboard.

In this elegant bedroom sets we find not only luxury and fairytale dimensions, but also various functional elements, such as the pull-out glass shelf of the dressing table.

The quality of the finishes and the luster of gilded decorations lend a noble and romantic aura to this room, in which every detail is designed to express the essence of classical elegance.


Elegant bedroom sets: Fantasia collection


Leonardo, thought out for lovers of Neoclassic Style

Among Arredoclassic collections for the bedroom, Leonardo stands out, representing one of the most elegant bedroom sets.

A collection characterized by square shapes, typically neoclassical, that join perfectly together with the thin frames and the gilded decorative patterns, details that decorate with innate grace the surfaces of a warm beige color. Every furnishing element presents recurring motifs and decorations, a stylistic continuity and meticulous attention to details, typical of the classical style.

In the Leonardo bedroom, every detail is carefully designed to ensure an environment inspired by 19th Century European noble vibe.

Leonardo embodies a balance between luxury and understatement, a symbol of a Neoclassic design that, although rooted in rational shapes and clean lines, doesn’t shy away from elegance and rich decors.

Unsurprisingly, Neoclassic style is one of the most hybrid and versatile decors, oscillating between different faces of the same coin: glitz and elegance on one hand, and an orderly, balanced vision on the other, which makes it the most “contemporary” among classic styles.


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Choose Donatello to create environments with pure renaissance charm

With Donatello Collection gold notes and the warm and alluring color of brown, this time in dark walnut tone, return to reign in the bedroom. A concert of decorations and soft curves, that together define the profile of each furnishing element.

Luminous aural finishes intertwine in an oval frieze on the bed headboard and wrap the curvilinear silhouette of the wardrobe and the accessory elements such as the nightstands and dressing table. Details that grant greater refinement to an already high-class collection.

But what really makes a luxury room? It would seem that to create an elegant bedroom, the key is in the attention to detail: in this sense, the Renaissance classicism of the Donatello Collection, dominated by dark woods and contrasting golden decorations, creates the ideal context.

The opulent and richly decorated furnishings evoke the atmosphere of the Renaissance era, while lending a touch of timeless elegance.

The majestic design, the warm dark tones, and the striking juxtaposition with the gilded finishes, create a mix of beauty and luxury that contributes to a refined and welcoming atmosphere, transforming the elegant bedroom sets into an alcove of style and comfort.


Elegant bedroom sets: Donatello collection


A return to Neoclassic Style with Liberty Collection

Among the most sumptuous and elegant Arredoclassic Collections for the bedroom there is Liberty, with an expressly neoclassic style. Defined geometries and rich golden ornaments outline the characteristic features of these refined furniture elements.

Each piece of furniture is decorated with a Greek frame featuring the soothing hues of gold and silver and key details, meticulously modeled. Placed vertically at the side of the bed’s footboard and headboard (and other furniture elements such as the dresser and wardrobe, for example) we find sculptural decorations of gold, which seem to recall those of the Corinthian capitals of the majestic Greek temples.


Elegant bedroom sets: Liberty collection


Let yourself be inspired by Arredoclassic Collections for the bedroom

Crossing the threshold of an elegant bedroom set designed by Arredoclassic, we cannot fail to be struck by the striking mix of luxury and formal balance. On the one hand, the richness of the details, the choice of fine materials, the introduction of jewel-elements that catch the eye, and on the other hand, the skillful balance of shapes, colors and lines. A compositional harmony that conveys luxury as well as authenticity.

What are you waiting for? Transform the most intimate space of your home into a place of hospitality, elegance and luxury by choosing Arredoclassic’s Made in Italy quality.

Browse our catalog and choose the collection that most closely reflects your taste, style and way of living your home.

Contact us now, one of our consultants will be happy to help you find the right collection for you.

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