Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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9 July 2021

Interior design 2021: how Covid-19 has shaped the year's trends

The year 2020 was a whirlwind of events that inevitably changed our lives and affected our daily routines. With the spread of the Coronavirus, the world stopped and for safety reasons we found ourselves ...
18 June 2021

What are the most important elements of interior design in 2021?

Minimalism, eco-sustainability and personalization: this trio is the most comprehensive key to interpreting the most important interior design elements of 2021. Over the last two years we have witnessed and ...
11 June 2021

Which colors add warmth to a modern room?

In popular imagination, the word home evokes pleasant feelings of well-being, tranquility and security. Your own home is the perfect refuge where you can relax in the company of your family and friends, regain ...
28 May 2021

Which are the new Pantone colors of 2021?

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey: these are the colors of 2021 according to the Pantone Color Institute. The shade of Illuminating Yellow is reminiscent of the golden hues of a summer sunset, while ...
21 May 2021

Color trends for 2021: which are the best colors for interior paint?

Whether you want to completely renovate a house or just make a few stylistic changes, wall painting is one of the most important steps for a successful total or partial redesign. This is essential to create a ...
23 April 2021

5 Reasons to love a neoclassical interior design style

Neoclassical design emerged in the 18th and 19th centuries - after Baroque and Rococo - and since then, spreading from Europe to America, it has become one of the most appreciated and popular styles....
2 April 2021

How to choose the best sofa colour for your classic living room

Luxury classic furniture plays with colours to direct the atmosphere and define the stylistic imprint....
18 February 2021

3 Contemporary wall sconces for your living room

When designing the architecture of a space, lighting definitely plays an important role. And in the living area, light is crucial....
4 January 2021

Best Adora contemporary living room furniture for a sophisticated Interior Design

Designing the living room according to a contemporary style requires a lot of attention in the choice of furniture. ...
21 December 2020

The elegance of contemporary: get inspired by Adora dining chairs collection

Elegance and style in interior design go hand in hand with convenience and comfort: and this is a must for contemporary dining chairs in the Adora collections....
20 November 2020

Adora contemporary bedroom sets: create a unique space

A home’s sleeping area is the most private part of a house and designing its interior with contemporary room sets is often the desire of those who appreciate avant-garde and stylish furnishings....
29 October 2020

Contemporary dining table: it is much more than just a table

A living room is one of the home’s main rooms. It’s your home’s living area where conviviality finds its full expression and the atmosphere outlined by the furniture’s composition plays a decisive role in terms ...