Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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18 February 2021

3 Contemporary wall sconces for your living room

When designing the architecture of a space, lighting definitely plays an important role. And in the living area, light is crucial....
4 January 2021

Best Adora contemporary living room furniture for a sophisticated Interior Design

Designing the living room according to a contemporary style requires a lot of attention in the choice of furniture. ...
21 December 2020

The elegance of contemporary: get inspired by Adora dining chairs collection

Elegance and style in interior design go hand in hand with convenience and comfort: and this is a must for contemporary dining chairs in the Adora collections....
20 November 2020

Adora contemporary bedroom sets: create a unique space

A home’s sleeping area is the most private part of a house and designing its interior with contemporary room sets is often the desire of those who appreciate avant-garde and stylish furnishings....
29 October 2020

Contemporary dining table: it is much more than just a table

A living room is one of the home’s main rooms. It’s your home’s living area where conviviality finds its full expression and the atmosphere outlined by the furniture’s composition plays a decisive role in terms ...
6 October 2020

4 Contemporary sofas for your living room update

Getting tired of your living area is not unusual....
17 September 2020

Contemporary chandeliers: the perfect choice for statement lighting

When it comes to choosing lighting elements to add a touch of style to your home, nothing can make an authentic statement of style like contemporary aesthetic chandeliers....
24 August 2020

Dining Room Styling: the importance of choosing the right contemporary dining table

In any dining room, a table is the undisputed protagonist. Whatever the size or type of home you may have and the room that will be used as a dining room, the table deserves your special attention....
9 July 2020

Make contemporary design vibe run through all your house rooms

If you want your home to be elegant and sophisticated, whilst retaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, you should opt for contemporary style furniture....
3 June 2020

Modern and contemporary interior design: what is the difference?

There are multiple interior design trends and styles, each one with specific characteristics that make them unique and different....
30 April 2020

The unmistakable beauty of a contemporary sofa: Diamante collection

Your living room is a place where comfort and a friendly atmosphere play a central role, along with aesthetics. This is why, in this furnishing scenario, elements like sofas and armchairs are a must....
20 April 2020

Contemporary style dining room sets: the Adora solutions

To be successful, a dining room interior design project , as well as any other project for your home, depends first and foremost on the furniture collection chosen for your room layout....