Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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23 October 2019

4 rules for the perfect dining room lighting

When it comes to choosing the light fixtures for your room, we often think that browsing through a catalogue will be sufficient to choose the lamp we like best. It’s not always that easy. Often, the lamp we ...
9 September 2019

Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style

About 250 years ago, the genius of Canova captured the overwhelming passion of Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss in a world-renowned sculpture group, impressing the definition of Neoclassicism in the minds and ...
30 August 2019

Classic style armchair: find here what you need for your living room

Armchairs are essential elements in the furnishing of a living room, capable of offering not only comfort, but also of visually enriching the environment.  For this reason, it is important to choose the perfect ...
26 August 2019

The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections

  In any classical style furnishing setting, every element plays an essential role in creating the perfect atmosphere. For example, in the living room, sofas are what set out the functional and aesthetic ...
5 July 2019

Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics

When it comes to dining room furniture, every stylistic feature warrants meticulous attention to detail. The elegance and beauty of Italian style is often reflected in individual decorative details and fine ...
28 June 2019

Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs?

In order to furnish your luxury bedroom in the best way possible, you should opt for a classy design concept that truly expresses the beauty and elegance of Italian style....
18 June 2019

Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know

In any variation, classical style expresses a careful search for perfection, attention to detail and a love of elegance. Every room in the house needs its own atmosphere, a distinctive aesthetic hallmark that ...
29 May 2019

Master bedroom lighting ideas: how to decorate spaces in a sophisticated style

When it comes to decorating and furnishing master bedrooms, we often tend to pay more stylistic attention to furniture than sources of light. This is can often be a mistake, as light plays a decisive role in ...
10 May 2019

5 tips for personalising your elegant, classic living room

Just as every home tells a story, every room offers an intimate and unique atmosphere that reflects the owner’s personal style and lifestyle choices....
3 May 2019

Contemporary Bedroom Moodboards: The Diamante Collection

Moodboards are an extremely useful tool. They’re essentially collages of inspirations and ideas that can help create an overall theme when designing your bedroom....
19 April 2019

How to combine contemporary and glamorous living room furniture styles with Adora

‘Luxury-à-porter’ perfectly sums up Adora’s philosophy – the Arredoclassic brand designed to meet the stylistic needs of a wider audience....
25 March 2019

Classic bedroom mood board: Sinfonia Collection

If you want to furnish your bedroom with elegance, if you’re looking to create a sophisticated setting, then you need to think big and first of all, to bring your ideas and style tips together with some ...