Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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10 February 2023

Interior design guide: choose the right colours palette

When beginning to imagine the style and colour palette of an interior, it is essential to carefully ponder all the elements involved....
7 February 2023

The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: the Arredoclassic collections

Not everyone knows that the sofa, in the form and function we understand today, began to spread in Europe in the Neoclassical era....
27 January 2023

Classic living room styles: 10 styles you need to know

In any variation, classical style expresses a careful search for perfection, attention to detail and a love of elegance. Every room in the house needs its own atmosphere, a distinctive aesthetic hallmark that ...
10 January 2023

How to design a classic bedroom furniture layout

Over the years the classic bedroom has gone from being a small, anonymous space reserved for sleeping, to the most important room in the night area of the house, becoming a real luxurious area for relaxation of ...
4 January 2023

5 Reasons to love a neoclassical interior design style

In the history of art, the neoclassical style spread between the 18th and 19th centuries, finding its place mainly in the European and U.S. culture. From the artistic world, the style slowly expanded to other ...
29 December 2022

How to design a master bedroom in 5 easy steps

Designing a master bedroom is a process that often requires (and achieves) the same care and attention as the living room and family room, the flagships in the overall interior design of a home environment. ...
31 August 2022

Contemporary dining chairs: make your dining room more unique with Adora Collections

Chairs complete a dining set, which is why they are essential in a living room design....
11 August 2022

How to arrange the classic Italian sofa set in an elegant and luxurious way with Arredoclassic

In any classic interior design project, each element plays a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere....
11 August 2022

How to decorate a living room with high ceilings

The high ceilings immediately take us back to a gallery of images linked to the villas of the great families of bygone eras, and the reception rooms where parties and receptions were held....
11 August 2022

Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style

About 250 years ago, the genius of Canova captured the overwhelming passion of Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss in a world-renowned sculpture group, impressing the definition of Neoclassicism in the minds and ...
3 August 2022

3 Tips to choose the right living room rugs and carpets

When it is a matter of creating an interior design project, we mainly focus on the choice of furniture overall, the style of the furniture, the arrangement of the various pieces and the colours....
1 October 2021

Neoclassical dining room furniture: the Modigliani collection

In the Modigliani living room there is a perfect balance of color and texture visible on every piece of furniture. The furniture features warm walnut nuances and elm-root silk-screen prints, and is embellished ...