Lorena Fulgini

Co-founder, Marketing Manager and Sales manager, Lorena loves the elegant design of furniture and precious details.

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31 July 2018

The glamour of Arredoclassic: the Italian classic furniture company

Italian classic furniture offers and represents an aesthetic idea that has crossed history, developing in different ways in different countries or periods, always maintaining its originality. From its ancient ...
19 July 2018

Make your living room more exclusive with Adora and Arredoclassic armchairs

Making your living room more exclusive is something that should be part of the planning process. It means thinking about the furnishing and its arrangement, colours and light, accessories and decorations. In ...
28 June 2018

4 classic decor ideas for a perfect traditional home

When you purchase a new home or decide to renovate you may find that your ideas just start galloping away.   You have wonderful, innovative and unique thoughts but they are often an end in themselves and not ...
20 June 2018

4 useful tips to create your elegant living room

The living room is the unquestionable queen of the home. There are many reasons for this, the same for which you pay more attention and take greater care in planning its interior .  ...
8 June 2018

Interior design guide: choose the right colours palette

Colour is a something serious, personal and highly distinctive. This is the case in all fields, from fashion all the way to interior design. Perhaps it is the most important element in design, in the widest ...
24 May 2018

What you should learn about home decoration

The foundations and the design principles, furnishing and decorative styles, colour schemes and materials represent some of the elements that you should learn about home decoration, when you decide to change ...
10 May 2018

How to give a new look to a space with wallpaper

We are used to looking at it, generally with a touch of disgust (go on admit it), in our grandmother's homes, old university rental apartments that have remained locked in the '60s, or in venues and hotels that ...
4 April 2018

What are the 2018 color trends in interior design?

When you speak of colours and more specifically the 2018 color trends in interior design, you cannot avoid mentioning the Pantone Color Institute. For those not in the know (and for those in the know), we are ...
4 April 2018

5 major interior lighting trends you need to know about

Light is an electromagnetic wave that spreads into space and interacts with material. Its rays are visible to the human eye in a frequency interval known as spectrum. Perhaps some of you would like me to ...
4 April 2018

Interior design styles: what is yours?

The quest for the perfect solution for your home among the many interior design styles can sometimes be a real adventure. In the first instance because of the enormous variety of styles, current or less so, ...