Best Adora contemporary living room furniture for a sophisticated Interior Design

By Lorena Fulgini
4 January 2021

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Designing the living room according to a contemporary style requires a lot of attention in the choice of furniture. 

Contemporary living room furniture must necessarily be stylish, elegant and at the same time functional, as well as blend in well with the surrounding space.

The contemporary living room requires airy spaces, smooth surfaces and bright lighting. The colours are mostly tenuous, except for one or more elements that give that personal touch to the room.

In this context, each piece of furniture must be thought of as a protagonist within the room, and this requires a well-considered choice, favouring quality over quantity.

In this way, you will have furnishing elements with attention to detail, decorations and finishes.

In order to furnish your contemporary living room correctly, you will have to pay attention to placing high quality elements in the spaces, from the point of view of both design and materials.

A single piece of furniture can astonish and attract attention, enhancing the entire room and distinguishing your contemporary living room from a simple living area without taste or character.

In this regard, below we offer a description of the features and qualities of two collections of Adora living rooms: the Allure collection and the Atmosfera collection.

Be inspired by the Adora living room collections and you are guaranteed to get a perfectly elegant and sophisticated result, in line with the most recent avant-garde style.




Allure Collection: glamorous elegance for a prestigious space

The Allure collection by Adora is suitable for elegant homes, whether in the city or rural areas, furnished with a style that is projected towards contemporaneity.

The collection is complete with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, which you can combine at your leisure by choosing the shade that best suits your space and your character.

Let's take a detailed look at the various elements of the collection and their main features.



Allure sofas: elegant comfort

The Allure collection sofas can make up the complete furnishings of a truly stylish contemporary living room.

In this series of sofas, glamorous design is combined with the comfort and functionality that a sofa must necessarily possess.

You can choose the shape you prefer, perhaps opting for the prestigious corner sofa which, thanks to its design, allows you to create modular layouts according to your taste while taking into account the space you have available.

Despite its imposing appearance, the Allure corner sofa, is suitable for any type of environment, whether it is a home with large and airy spaces, or a city apartment with limited room.

The Allure collection also includes non-corner sofa models, which can be combined with a matching armchair.

The softness of the cushions of the Allure sofas is accentuated by the play of volumes and the shape of the seats, which emphasize comfort and functionality.

The upholstery colours can be customised according to the range of colours in the collection. The fabric is embellished with edged profiles that accentuate the elegance, as does the base which is finished in polished metal.


Allure sofas: elegant comfort


Allure armchair: functionality and design

The design of the Allure armchair recalls the finishes, volumes and softness of the corresponding sofas.

The smaller sizes allow you to place the Allure armchair in your living room, redesigning it symmetrically with respect to the sofa and any other furnishing accessories from the same line.

Even with regard to the armchairs, the nuances and fabrics can be customised according to the collection's sample range, thus better matching your tastes and needs.


Allure pouf and coffee table: style and customisation

If you wish to personalize your living room with further elements that complete the spaces and give a touch of luxury to your living area, you can combine sofas and armchairs with the pouf from the Allure collection and coffee table.

Both elements reflect the shapes and finishes that are the leitmotif of the collection.

The coffee table in particular is made with two different porcelain stoneware finishes that embellish its shapes and overall design.


Allure pouf and coffee table: style and customisation


Atmosfera Collection: contemporary comfort in a sophisticated environment

The Atmosfera collection adapts to the tastes of those who wish to give a touch of finesse and luxury to their contemporary living room, whatever the type of environment and size of the space.

Here too, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables complete a refined yet comfortable collection, suitable for creating exclusive environments.


Atmosfera sofas: refined details and comfort

The golden reflections on the front panel of the Atmosfera sofa immediately catch the eye and draw attention to the central focus of the room.

You can place your Atmosfera sofa wherever you prefer: its design and finishes will make it the protagonist of your living room.

The quilted finishes of the upholstery, which draw vertical and horizontal geometries around the sofa’s seat, will add a touch of finesse to your environment, thanks to the very sophisticated attention to detail.

The particular workmanship used on the fabric of these sofas will be applied as the characteristic motif throughout the collection.


Atmosfera sofas: refined details and comfort


Atmosfera armchair: elegant style and harmony

The Atmosfera armchairs match perfectly with the sofas of the same collection, thanks to their quilted design and golden finish.

The large cushions give this armchair model even more comfort and softness, making it perfect for the pleasure of relaxing in a sophisticated setting.

You can choose this armchair model that matches well with the sofa described above to create more harmony inside the room.


Atmosfera coffee tables: solidity and preciousness

The structure of the Atmosfera coffee tables boasts the characteristics of a refined lightness combined with the robustness typical of a quality design.

The real marble top is available in two finishes and, thanks to the timeless beauty of the material, it gives this line of contemporary living room furniture that touch of luxury and preciousness characteristic of class, placed in an extremely modern context.

Choosing to customize your contemporary living room with the Atmosfera collection elements will guide you in creating a personalized modern environment with exclusive tasteful and quality choices.


Atmosfera coffee tables: solidity and preciousness


Contemporary living room furniture: a guarantee of the ‘Made in Italy’ design

For a living area in a perfect contemporary style, Adora's contemporary living room furniture collections are always a guarantee for the creation of sophisticated and avant-garde environments.

The ‘Made in Italy’ design is unique and accompanies every element of the Adora collections with regard to attention to detail, the creativity of the design and the preciousness of the finishes.

When you decide to redesign your living room with a contemporary and luxury design, the ‘Made in Italy’ touch is always a choice that helps to differentiate and create unique and sophisticated atmospheres, thanks to the furniture elements that are never trivial and characterised by great attention to detail.

Bring your living room back to life with furniture from the Adora collections: you will never tire of experiencing this space with its elegant, refined and comfortable atmosphere.


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