The elegance of contemporary: get inspired by Adora dining chairs collection

By Lorena Fulgini
21 December 2020

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Elegance and style in interior design go hand in hand with convenience and comfort: and this is a must for contemporary dining chairs in the Adora collections.

When you think of the dining room in your home, two aspects certainly come to mind that are characteristic of this environment: the fact that it presents itself well to guests - and therefore that it has a very striking and refined design - and the fact that it is a comfortable and functional room, where you can organize lunches and dinners in company, making your guests feel completely at ease.

In this regard, the choice of chairs plays a vital role.

A chair is the element that is most likely to enter into a relationship with your guests and therefore has a very important task with regard to its comfort and functionality.

At the same time, contemporary style chairs are always characterised and planned from a point of view of design as well, in every detail, thus blending in perfectly with the overall space in which they are placed.

If you wish to furnish your dining room in a way that is worthy of a luxurious and avant-garde home, without neglecting quality and comfort, be inspired by the Adora dining room chairs collections.

Below we offer hints and inspirations for choosing the best chairs for your beautiful dining room.


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How to furnish the contemporary dining room: 3 design suggestions

As previously mentioned, the dining room must have a good visual impact for those being hosted in your home and should be both elegant and functional.

One certainly cannot think of placing a new furnishing element such as chairs in an already existing context, without taking into consideration a review - even with just a few changes - of the overall design of the entire space.

To furnish a dining room in perfect contemporary style, then, you need to follow some rules to achieve a result that is actually in line with the principles of the style.

This is why we have decided to offer you 3 suggestions that can guide you in realizing the perfect dining room project in which to place your precious contemporary chairs, so that they will not be out of context, but well placed in the room’s harmony.



1. Table and chairs: protagonists of space

In the dining room, the table is certainly the protagonist, along with its matching chairs. Guests entering your living area should see a well-organized, balanced and harmonious space.

This is why, choosing the right table, its size and shape is very important. Equally important will be its position in the room: it must be central, or in any case in a place that allows it to have the right importance in the overall space.

Rooms furnished in a contemporary style require large and airy spaces, so remember not to choose an excessively large table if you have limited space.

Then remember to measure its size while taking into account the chairs, which will be arranged symmetrically around the table and will reflect its style and materials.


2. Don't underestimate lighting

A great help in not only organizing the spatiality of a room, but also accentuating the most valuable elements of furniture, is the study of lighting.

Don't just place a few lighting points here and there on the ceiling and walls.

Always ask yourself how much light you might need in a particular corner of the room, from which direction the natural light is coming, which piece of furniture you want to give more importance to, and whether you might need to illuminate some darker corners more carefully.

An example - when referring in particular to a table and chairs - could be the choice of an important chandelier placed symmetrically above the table to frame its elegance and centrality.

A well-lit living room, with elegance and grandeur, always has a great impact on guests.


Contemporary dining chairs: Don't underestimate lighting


3. Other furnishing accessories to embellish the room

There are many pieces of furniture that can help you make the room more valuable and personalized.

In a dining room, for example, mirrors, display cases and buffets can play a strategic role in harmonizing spaces and filling corners and walls with taste and elegance.

Placing a horizontal mirror over a buffet that matches the table, or choosing a beautiful luminous display case that vertically aligns one of the side walls, is certainly a way to complete the room’s decor in a targeted and intelligent way, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

The finishes and geometries of this furniture will reflect those of the chairs and table, in both colours and shapes, so as to be a harmonious part in its entirety.


Contemporary dining chairs: the Adora collections

Now that you are clear on some rules for designing your dining room, you are ready to choose the contemporary dining chairs that best meet your taste.

Below we propose two collections by Adora - the Sipario collection and the Diamante collection -  and the respective chairs combined with the dining room tables.

Elegant and refined, the Adora collections chairs will give the right touch of class to your living area.


The Sipario collection chairs

One of the must-haves of the Sipario dining room is brightness.

The design of the collection insists on the use of borders with lozenge details, a decorative motif taken up in each element of the dining room.

The Sipario chairs recall this decorative profile in a sober and refined manner. And the brightness, typical of this collection, emerges from the golden buttons found on the back.

The chairs’ velvet upholstery is in a neutral shade - which is in harmony with the rules of the contemporary style, as is the choice of fabric - and allows for the right balance between elegance and comfort.

Your guests will appreciate the refined details combined with the comfortable seating.


Contemporary dining chairs: The Sipario collection chairs


The Diamante collection chairs

The Diamante collection is perfectly suited to the home of those who love to impress their guests with their personal taste and personality.

Even in the Diamante collection chairs you will have the pleasure of seeing comfort and elegance combined.

The details of the upholstery play an important role in the overall refinement: enriched by vertical quilting - which picks up on the geometric lines, a leitmotiv of the entire collection - it is embellished with gold-coloured buttons.

The colour of the fabric will be of your choice: you can opt for darker or lighter tones depending on the need you have to match the chair covers with the other fabrics or finishes of your dining room furniture.


Contemporary dining chairs: The Diamante collection chairs


The dining room: the calling card for your stylish home

A stylish dwelling with a cutting-edge design cannot exclude choosing the right contemporary dining chairs.

The dining room is the calling card of your home: the convenience and comfort of your guests will also be seen by the pleasure they will have in sitting at your table.

This is why the choice of chairs for the dining room is an important step when furnishing this environment, so as to achieve an elegant and pleasing result in the eyes of those who enter the room.


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