Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.

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8 September 2023

How to choose a dining table: design ideas and practical tips

How to choose a dining table for your style and space? Discover the key factors to consider for both an aesthetic and functional choice....
5 September 2023

Living room interior design trends 2024: transform your space

Discover living room interior design trends 2024. From bold colors to curvy shapes, explore what’s new to make the living room a jewel of contemporary elegance....
1 September 2023

Luxury bedroom furniture 2023: colours, trends and interior ideas

Rely on luxury bedroom furniture to revamp the design of your room. Find out how to combine the princely atmosphere of classic style with 2023 trends....
25 August 2023

Classic Italian living room furniture: secrets to create a luxurious space

Discover what makes Italian living room furniture perfect for the classic style. Create your own living room with our advice and find out the secrets for a cozy and luxurious space....
8 August 2023

7 classic dining room ideas 2024 for beautiful gatherings and events

Discover the finest concepts for a classic dining room that provides a captivating and elegant atmosphere for hosting events and dinners....
7 July 2023

Classic contemporary design: browse the 2023 collections

Do you want to furnish your home in a classic contemporary design style? Learn how to create a refined and functional furnishing style with Luce and Moderna, Adora's new collections....
29 June 2023

5 Reasons to love a classic interior design style

Boost the look of your home with a classic-style interior design. Discover the 5 reasons why this timeless decor trend is so beloved and popular among people....
15 February 2023

Neoclassical dining table: how to choose the best one for your dining room

A classic style has always been about elegance and luxury appeal. In its different aesthetic options and in every furnishing context it shows its versatile, timeless and charming character....
13 February 2023

Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room

Dating back between 1400 and 1550, the Renaissance was a period of revival that marked profound changes in every sphere of life - socio-political, cultural, philosophical, artistic, architectural - after the ...
2 January 2023

Timeless living room design: how to achieve it in your home

Which style, which items and which furnishings, which colors or games of light can offer timeless living room design? The question, however, is poorly formulated because to design and create an environment that ...
19 October 2022

How to design an elegant bedroom using classic Made in Italy furniture

There's no doubt that classic Italian interiors design is renowned for its unmistakable elegance, but it’s perhaps most famed for its ornate details - a vital component when tastefully decorating one's home....
17 October 2022

What are the main features of the neoclassical furniture style?

The neoclassical style in interior design finds many enthusiasts all over the world, especially among those who love luxury. The reason is quickly explained: this style is characterised by elegant lines, ...