How to choose a dining table: design ideas and practical tips

By Jelena Raicevic
8 September 2023

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How to choose a dining table for your style and space? Discover the key factors to consider for both an aesthetic and functional choice.

When you are renovating or designing a space such as your dining room, the first important choice to make is the table. You must choose it carefully because it is the focus of a dining room.

Dining tables draw our attention and drive our first impression of the room. All the other furnishing elements of this room revolve around the table.

We often think having a favourite style in mind is enough to make a good decision. Whether modern, classic or contemporary, setting a style is not sufficient to find the best table for you.

You also need to take other parameters into consideration.

If you are looking for the right table for your dining room, read this article and analyse the suggestions made. You’ll be sure to make the right choice, in line with your dining room style.

In this article, we will explore the following topics:

Let us look at each point together.

How to choose a dining table


How to choose a dining table balancing aesthetics and functionality

"How do I choose the dining table?" is probably the first question one asks when starting to design the dining room. Doubts focus on the table because it actually represents the centerpiece of the room, and because its impressiveness in terms of size, function, and style suggests some caution in the choice.

Infact, the first factor to keep into account when choosing a table is its relationship with the surrounding environment in terms of space.

You’ll realize at a glance that the table takes up a good chunk of the room you are designing. As we stated above, tables are the primary element in a dining room. Therefore, they must dominate the room also in terms of footprint.

Its central position in the middle of the room will make it the undisputed protagonist. At the same time, though, our table cannot take up too much space, because it would make it too cumbersome.

When furnishing a room, always balance out each element. Make sure you leave the right quantity of empty space between the end of the table and the surrounding walls.

Do not overdo it with too many elements. Other than for practicality and comfort, the empty space is also needed to make the piece of furniture you chose stand out.

After considering the aspects of size and proportions, we need to take into account the design, comprising the table shape, color, finish, and decor.

Indeed, don’t forget that the prominence of the table is not only functional, but also aesthetic.

For example, for an upscale dining room you might consider including a neoclassical-style dining table. A table that draws attention and conveys a feeling of luxury and elegance.


How to choose a dining table: Dolce Vita

If you love modern design, on the other hand, you can go for a contemporary-style dining table, such as one from the Luce collection by Adora, consisting of a top finished in light onyx marble and a base made with an eye-catching and original design: two blocks in light zebrawood-effect finish stand out in the center, while the sides are framed by two champagne-colored satin-finished legs intertwined to form a triangle.


How to choose a dining table: Luce Dark collection


Large or small table: what is the best size for a dining room table?

Before determining how to choose a dining room table colour (and its style or shape), get a sense of its size first.

For the dining table, no size is better than the other in absolute terms. Clearly, large tables are more convenient and versatile than small ones, but they may not fit the size of the room.

As stated above, measurements and proportions are essential criteria to take into account when designing a room.

That’s why you must first understand how to choose a dining table with the right dimensions to enhance the shape of the space...

 We suggest you get it slightly bigger than the one you had in mind.

While it is true that a slightly bigger table can be perceived as bulky in a small room, it is far worse to have a large room with a table that is too small. If you choose a table that is too small compared to the surrounding environment, it will lose its importance and central position compared to the rest of the room.

A small table in a large room can give a sense of bewilderment when experiencing the space, and it may lessen the importance and care you put in choosing each single furnishing item.

A good solution-compromise is extendable tables. The table from the Poesia collection, for example, is available in a convenient 200 cm version that extends to 280 cm.

What are the benefits of extendable dining tables? They fit the space in a versatile and flexible way and offer a compact alternative for reclaiming space in the dining room, when you don’t have many people over for lunch or dinner.


How to choose a dining table: Poesia collection


What is the most popular shape for a dining room table?

Let’s dig into the heart of the matter. The most common questions when it comes to buying a dining room table are: how to choose a dining table with the right shape? Best to opt for an oval table or a square one? Which is better, a round or a rectangular dining table?

Many people think it’s just a matter of personal taste. Actually, in this case too, there are many other factors to keep in mind when making this choice.

The considerations already made about how to choose a dining room table in terms of size (large, small, medium, extendable, etc.), can be extended to its shape.

Indeed, the shape not only affects the dining table style, but also the functionality/comfortable use of the room and the visual harmony of the environment.

So before you fall in love with an oval table like the one from the Melodia collection, with its romantic lines reminiscent of neoclassical atmospheres, with the addition of a touch of Art Deco, or one of the eye-catching contemporary tables from Adora, make sure that the table you choose blends in with the size and shape of the dining room, and is practical enough with respect to your habits/needs.

For example, the best choice of dining table shape for small spaces is one that takes into account not only the size of the room, but also the relationship between the shape of the room and the shape of the table.

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1. Choosing the shape of the table according to the dining room size

The first criteria to decide whether to get a round or square table, is how big your room is.

If you have a big and long room, choose a rectangular table. Place it consistently with the walls length, so that its size is proportionate with the room’s.

If your dining room is more on the small side, we suggest you opt for a round table. Apart from a better visual impact, round style dining tables allow an easier transit in the room, since they have no edges or sides.

As noted above, extendable tables are an excellent space-saving solution for those who do not have a large square footage but have a large family, or often receive guests and like to hold lunches and dinners with many friends. In such cases, a round table alone does not serve the purpose, whereas an extendable table does.

This type of table is perfect for small rooms because it does not steal precious room. When there is no need to add seats at the table, the compact (preferably round) shape allows the dining room to be lived comfortably, optimizing space in the best possible way. And when guests arrive, the table immediately extends, offering the additional space they need.


How to choose a dining table: Leonardo collection


2. Choosing the shape of the table according to the dining room layout

Then, take into account also your dining room layout. If it has a long shape, then choose a rectangular table. It will become the focus of the room, making it more harmonious.

If the room has a square layout, you can opt for a round style dining table. Be sure to place it right in the middle of the square. It will make the room balanced and elegant.In fact, the round shape of the table creates a natural point of convergence and promotes communication between people during dinner.

If your dining room has a particular layout - L-shaped or angular - you might consider the oval shape, which fits well in irregular spaces and allows for a balanced distribution of seating along the table. A table with this kind of shape can also help create a feeling of flow in the room, establishing more stylistic harmony.

Is your dining room incorporated into a large open space that also houses a kitchenette and living room? The extendable model, which offers the flexibility to adjust the size of the table according to the needs of the moment, can also come in handy here.

Regardless of the shape chosen for the dining table, the goal should always be to create a harmonious, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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3. Dining table: how important is handiness to you?

Before moving on to discussing how to choose dining room table colour and style, there is one last - but not least - factor to keep in mind: practicality.

If you have a fast paced lifestyle and you often dine outside your home, your table practicality will be just the icing on the cake, and it will affect your choice much less than your personal taste or the room’s style.

In this case, the table shape will solely be based on style, rather than on the fact that you will use it to invite your guests to dinner.

For instance, if you love square shapes, a square table - or a rectangular one, depending on your dining room length - will do the trick.

If you, on the other hand, live your home first hand, in each and every corner, like a place to love and showcase to your guests, things are quite different. In this case, you’ll need to take into account also the table’s practical aspects.

To this end, remember that a round table can generally sit more people and it could be useful, if you often entertain a lot of guests, and if you have enough space available.


How to choose a dining table: Dontello collection


Choosing the dining table style

After size and shape, we will now go over the stylistic aspects related to color and table design. Basically, we will see how to choose the dining table according to the style and atmosphere you want to create in the dining room.

Choosing the style is the most exciting part of interior design.

After pointing out that style is strictly related to the designer and home-owner's personal taste, you should also reckon that interior design has its own rules. Like any other art, interior design is constantly evolving.

When deciding the table for your dining room, let yourself be inspired by new trends. For instance, opting for a contemporary table is an excellent way to stay ahead of current trends.

Generally, contemporary style features simple profiles and attention to design. A table with these characteristics will surely draw your guests’ attention, giving a touch of style and avant-garde to your dining room.

Classical style, on the other hand, is not tied to current fashions and trends. It is, indeed, a "classic": it enriches rooms with a universal and timeless beauty.

If you decide to opt for the elegant and luxurious atmospheres of the classic style, you should pay even more attention to the choice of the table: it will be the jewel piece of furniture of your dining room.


How to choose a dining table: Ambra collection


What to look for when buying a dining room table? Do not forget the harmony of the ensemble

In this in-depth look at how to choose a dining table, we went over the aspects to take into account (both aesthetic and functional), and how important it is not only to consider all the factors related to dining table design and style, but also to relate them to each other in order to make the best choice to enhance your space.

Your dining room is the place where you welcome your guests. The dining table is the cornerstone of this intimate and convivial environment.

When choosing your dining table, take into account the advice we gave you in this short guide, without forgetting the style you love. If you choose an elegant and polished style for your home, the dining table too should be inspired by this style.

Whether it is contemporary or classic, your interior design should be a harmonious pattern of choices. And the new table will fit in perfectly.

While remaining the star of the scene, it will fit in well with the other furniture in your dining room.

Are you ready to create the perfect dining room for you? All you have to do is discover Arredoclassic and Adora collections and identify the style that suits you. Contact us for more information or for a personalized interior design consultation.

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