Classic Italian style: design your dining room with Arredoclassic Collections

By Jelena Raicevic
17 September 2021

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Creating a classic furnishing atmosphere in your living room means giving a new full image to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Are you decorating your dining area and want to make it more elegant with furniture in perfect classic Italian style?

Be inspired by the Arredoclassic Collections and transform your dining room into a place where routine becomes luxury and pure fascination.

In this article, you will find some useful style and design tips for furnishing your dining room in a stylish way.

In addition, we will show you the brand's furnishing lines designed in different classic style variants to enrich this environment.

Classic Italian style: design your dining room with Arredoclassic Collections


10 Tips to create the perfect furnishing scenario in your dining room

Below you will find a comprehensive guide of 10 key tips for creating a sophisticated interior design project for your dining room:

  1. Choose the concept that best represents you
  2. Set the color palette that best suits the concept you’ve chosen
  3. Create a moodboard
  4. Take the room measurements into account
  5. Take care of your wall decoration
  6. Choose decorative lamps in a classic or contemporary style
  7. Select a dining set in line with the style you’ve chosen
  8. Choose furnishing elements by focusing on their design and details
  9. Complete the composition with an ornamental rug or carpeting
  10. Decorate with elegant furnishing accessories

Follow these steps and you will achieve remarkable end results.

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Arredoclassic Collections are perfect to furnish your dining room with unique classic taste

Classic furnishing style has the power to fascinate in all its variations and so do the Arredoclassic Collections:

Let's discover the aesthetic characteristics that distinguish each furniture line together.

The sophisticated and sober soul of Dolce Vita

With the Dolce Vita dining room welcoming your guests and spending time in such refined surroundings becomes an exclusive daily experience.

A collection that combines aesthetics and functionality and allows art deco style to enter your home and dress it up with elegance, without weighing it down.

Quite the opposite, in fact: geometric lines, color contrasts, cut corners and solid surfaces are perfectly combined in a balanced formula and give the entire collection a sophisticated, understated soul.


The sophisticated and sober soul of Dolce Vita


The neoclassical charm of the Modigliani collection

A perfect balance of colors and materials reigns in the living room of the Modigliani Collection.

Every piece of furniture wears the warm tones of the walnut finish, elegantly contrasting with elm-root serigraphs, and is completed with elaborate friezes and motifs in precious walnut gold leaf.

Precious details with an unmistakable refined touch decorate the front and the important Empire-style columns of each piece of furniture.

A dining room collection with classic Italian charm, perfectly in line with the dictates of neoclassical taste, of great aesthetic value.


The neoclassical charm of the Modigliani collection


Fantasia dining room: where elegance and comfort meet

In the Fantasia dining room modernity blends with antiquity thanks to the neoclassical stylistic references in the furnishings.

The decorative research is perfectly harmonized in the contrast between structural linearity and curves, as in the combination of table and countertop. Elements such as the display case and the large mirror enhance the brightness of the room. Elegance and comfort go hand in hand.


Fantasia dining room: where elegance and comfort meet

Melodia: lines and shapes in total harmony

Everything is in perfect chromatic and stylistic accord in the Melodia dining room a furnishing line in which every element is consistent with the Italian spirit from which all Arredoclassic creations are born.

Every line, every detail and every gilding are carefully thought out and manufactured, maintaining the highest quality standards, to ensure that you not only enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, but a place in which to live to the fullest.




Leonardo: the essence of classic Italian style

The dining room of the Leonardo collection gleams with intense gilding, instilling a feeling of pleasure and coziness.

This collection features furniture designed specifically to offer you and your guests the pleasure of spending time in the essence of style, in contact with the creativity and quality that only qualified craftsmen can guarantee and convey.

A dining room made to be admired and to allow you all the luxury you desire.


Leonardo: the essence of classic Italian style


Donatello Collection: typical classic style refinement

The dining room of the Donatello Collection is conceived as a place of absolute beauty, perfect for celebrating the art of good living and hospitality that plays such a large part in the charm of Italian culture and style.

Every detail, from the hand-applied gilding on the friezes and selvedges, to the study of the decorative motifs that embellish the semi-gloss surfaces and the precious woods they are made of, is designed to please your eyes and those of your guests.

To leave a trace of indelible beauty: this is the intention of the Donatello collection.


Donatello Collection: typical classic style refinement


The unmistakable class of the Art Nouveau dining room

The class of the Liberty dining room never goes unnoticed: a clear, clean light makes the polished, finely decorated surfaces sparkle with frames and geometric details.

The choice of important details, inspired by the ancient friezes of Greek and Roman architecture, lends regality to the entire living area, a sophisticated monumentality that fills the eyes with the beauty that only the classics can provide.


The unmistakable class of the Art Nouveau dining room


Make classic Italian style design run through your dining room

Spending your time in an Arredoclassic dining room means living surrounded by the luxury of a precious environment, receiving your guests in a place where comfort and the unmistakable elegance of Italian style come together in a balanced combination.

Choose the furniture line that best reflects your personal taste and turn your dining room into a furnishing scenario of unparalleled refinement.


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Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.