Do you want to give to your interiors the quality of Made in Italy?

By Jelena Raicevic
22 August 2018

Interior Design Items, Furniture


Made in Italy is a serious business. It is a concept containing a qualitative level which identifies our territory and its products, land and ideals.

When we talk about the quality of Made in Italy, we can easily range from the Pachino tomato to Romagna's Sangiovese, from Varzi salami to footwear, furniture and, of course, interior design.

It also includes the inventiveness that comes from the minds of our country, applied to many contexts and sectors, and for many people it is a factor to be proud of and very well recognized abroad (such as for example our cuisine) and therefore appreciated.

For the Arredoclassic and Adora brands, Made in Italy is a value that stands out in every sector of the production chain of classic furniture designed and manufactured in their factories: a spirit, a way of doing business (and furniture) that  allowed them to achieve the renowned certification of the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers (ITPI).

Copy of Lif - Cover blog post (6)Do you want to give to your interiors the quality of Made in Italy?

The quality of Made in Italy signed by Arredoclassic

Italian design and production in every aspect, from construction to the various decorative processing such as gold leaf, lacquering and upholstering, are an integral part of a new approach by Arredoclassic: a value to be protected that develops with innovative solutions as a follow-up to a solid tradition.

A value, we deliberately reaffirm with the slogan: certified "100% Made in Italy" by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products thanks to a series of checks throughout the production cycle that can ensure high standards of quality and traceability in the collections.

Do you want to give to your interiors the quality of Made in Italy? 2

Production, creativity and style, all Italian as clearly highlighted by a black/gold plate with the Arredoclassic logo applied to the external paneling, the certificate of guarantee with the holographic mark and the personalized lining for all the upholstered items. Otherwise, how could we define it as a true Italian classic?

"Maintaining ideas, experimentation and production in Italy is one of the cornerstones of Arredoclassic."

This is the saying that we could hear every day from those who work in the company. It becomes part of every process, from the sketch to the choice of fabrics, and puts at work designers and craftsmen who meet the requirements of the all-Italian quality of the Arredoclassic collections. 

Intermediate note: the importance of the ITPI certification

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers ITPI is the certifying body for products entirely made in Italy and therefore of the quality of Made in Italy. It helps in the recognition of the certified product, improving its qualitative image.

Among the different companies that can boast about this recognition, and of the consequent implementation at the product image level, there is of course Arredoclassic. The Institute was founded with the purpose of preserving and distinguishing clearly the real Made in Italy producers, giving certainty to the consumer about the origin and quality of the products.

The quality of made in italy artisan

Obviously, obtaining certification is not at all easy and requires, first of all, a voluntary subscription from the company that intends to apply for it. The company will then be inspected and assessed on a series of essential parameters and requirements:

  • Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
    • manufactured according exclusively to company drawings and design
    • manufactured entirely in Italy
    • made of Italian semi-finished products
    • provided with processing traceability
  • Manufactured with quality materials
    • individual or composite natural materials
    • quality materials and the first choice for the intended use
    • with traceability of the origin of the raw materials
  • Manufactured according to typical traditional processes
    • special company processing
    • use of typical traditional techniques
  • Manufactured in compliance with hygiene and safety in the workplace
    • Manufactured in full respect of the work
    • meeting standards for hygiene, health and safety in the workplace and products

Do you want to give to your interiors the quality of Made in Italy? 3

Once the requirements have been ascertained and approved, the Institute grants the Made in Italy certification for 1 year and it will do its best to confirm it in the following month and thus register the company in the National Register of Italian Producers: a guarantee of Italian quality and complete traceability.

Made in Italy is taken seriously at Arredoclassic.

The quality of made in italy production

The quality of Made in Italy signed by Arredoclassic

For Adora, Made in Italy represents something more than a simple identification concerning the entire production chain. It certainly resumes the concept of creation, from the project to the most refined details that Arredoclassic boasts, but it expands the concept in a more visionary and focused direction.

Creating in Italy, and therefore managing directly the various stages of the production of the Sipario and Diamante collections, is not only a job but is also, and perhaps above all, the passion that lies at the heart of the desire to do things well.

Do you want to give to your interiors the quality of Made in Italy? 4

Quality of Made in Italy therefore means work and attention to details, inspired by a local creativity capable of establishing itself in the world thanks to the right mix of classic style and modern renewal: a new experience in which classic Italian style harmonizes with contemporary design, inspiring elegant and profoundly refined environments.

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.