Contemporary interior moodboard: Sipario collection

By Jelena Raicevic
8 August 2018

Furniture, Adora


A moodboard is a series of images, drawings, illustrations, texts and texture that give the base vision and mood of an interior design project: it is essentially a tool.  It represents the first draft of an idea, the starting point and the foundations from where to start the design project.  Through a moodboard it is possible to define in a more or less accurate manner the style one wants to provide to the interiors, putting together a consistent and emotionally stirring vision.

There are 5 steps to prepare a moodboard, which we have used here to create our Sipario collection of Adora:

  1. Defining the target: Base yourself on what you love and what you need.  Add to the moodboard what you like and what grabs your attention, having set since the start a coherent and functional aesthetic guideline that is consistent and dictating the entire concept.  In our moodboard, we started from a passion for modern classic.
  2. Analysis of the environment: Analysis of the environment means contextualizing the moodboard.  In our case, it was a specific indoor environment, the living room.  But it is important to also keep in mind the external environmental: a certain style of furnishing will be more or less appropriate in the city, mountains, countryside or seaside.
  3. Choosing the color palette: Before searching for images and selecting based on the style (point 4) you must also set another filter to your search: choosing the color palette (link to article "Interior design guide - choose the right color palette)" and the scheme of colors that distinguish the moodboard and thus your future home.
  4. Gathering and selecting the material: Once the context and style have been chosen, you can proceed to collect the images that represent it, better if after having defined a series of keywords to help you in the search.  Google, books, magazines, photos taken by you, everything helps: the important part is that you like it and that it is coherent.  Then select, move, mix, arrange everything in pursuit of the ideal solution.
  5. Choosing the format and layout: The final step to create a moodboard is about the formal aspect: layout type and format with which you intend to embellish it.  It is not only a choice between digital or paper, but also images and texts, details and samples (for example, fabric), everything that is necessary to express your concept in a precise manner.

Classic interior moodboard-sipario collection


Sipario: textures, colors, elegance

The Sipario collection, the first born of Adora, reflects 100% the brand philosophy: luxury à porter, luxury available to a vast amount of people and not a privilege for a few.  The design means to offer a new vision and concept of classic, redesigned in a more modern and glamorous key.

In Sipario, the classic shapes are created through elegant and agile lines, summarizing contemporary simplicity and decorative enrichment.

The perfect living room

The living room takes on an important role inside a home: in fact it is the most lived in room of the entire home, the one in which we spend most of our time.  It is not by chance also the one that is most cared for as it is a common room to friends and relatives, so we normally put effort into how it is presented.

The same care would be taken also in creating the moodboard for it in order to design a living room using a fundamentally and extremely useful guideline.

Classic interior moodboard-melodia dining room 2

The harmony of Sipario

The prestigious environment of the Sipario living room presents a decisive and captivating character, capable of interpreting with subtle eccentricity the refinement of tradition.  The style combines in a functional way shapes and decorations, colors and textures, with continuous reminders of various furnishings.

Classic interior moodboard-melodia dining room

The neutral tones and the chromatic choice, generally subdued, are reignited by a game of dark and light designed to highlight the elegance and the luxury of the single elements that compose the living room: to the ivory color of the TV stand and armchair.  

A link of sort is offered by the common texture composed of the lozenges motif, which runs from the seat of the sofa, the armchair, the frame of the TV stand, and all the way to the back of the upholstered chair.  A texture capable of granting continuity to the environment and a peaceful atmosphere.

The wallpaper  from us is not anymore an old and anti-aesthetic element of the home environment, but represents an elegant element capable of decorating in a refined manner the entire living room.  In Sipario, it harmoniously blends with the neutral tones of the furniture, granting unity to the furnishing. 

The armchair

Liff-moodboard-adora-sipario-dett-2An essential and refined line, with a wide and comfortable seating.  The brass ellipsis strongly characterizes the armrest, giving continuity with the decorations of the surrounding furniture.

The sofa

The element that best summarizes the style of Sipario: comfortable, elegant and refined, presents a high back that stands out for its dynamic character.  The brass ellipsis of the armrests bring a dash of eccentricity, making every piece special.

The TV stand

Liff-moodboard-adora-sipario-dett-1The TV stand is characterized by horizontal geometry that can be combined to two vertical elements, capable of offering the ideal space for the TV.  Its solid and refined shape makes it an elegant solution of great impact.

The chair

The golden edges of the Sipario chairs highlight the square profile and the refined shape.  The back in velvet is decorated with small golden buttons.

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.