Living room trends 2022: design and layout for a contemporary space

By Jelena Raicevic
1 July 2022



In 2022, when designing the layout of the contemporary living room, we will still be bound by the concepts of openness and sharing, but with some fundamental changes.

Indeed, since the pandemic has transformed the way we live our domestic environments, it is increasingly important to carve out corners of privacy in our homes in which to work, study or do those activities that used to take place outside, such as working out.

So, in the wake of the previous year, 2022 will still be poised between these two requirements: on the one hand, fluid and communicating environments, and on the other, the need to create micro-divisions to multiply spaces and adapt to new demands.

Let's see what are the living room trends in interior design for 2022, with a focus on contemporary living rooms and layout.


Living room trends 2022: Adora collections


Living room layouts: 2022 trends for a contemporary atmosphere

In an increasingly hectic society, living quarters and other residential spaces have also had to adapt to the key concepts of contemporary style: multifunctionality and flexibility.

(Multi)functionality, in particular, is inherent in contemporary-style living rooms, in which everything is designed and created with the intention of making rooms practical to use and comfortable to live in.

The most popular configurations in 2022 will be those capable of optimizing the available space in the best possible way, by balancing out moments of conviviality - typical of life at home - and the need to be able to count on space for work activities.

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Yes to sharing, but with separate areas

Among the main trends for living rooms in 2022, there is the so-called 'fragmented' layout.

Basically, when there is a need to divide one large room into several smaller rooms, the space can be split, even with temporary solutions, to create separate areas.

This need - which can be achieved through plasterboard walls or by installing glass doors - is especially felt when living and kitchen coexist in a large open space.

In this configuration, typical of contemporary homes, on the one hand, we have a kind of 'dialogue' between the relaxation area, consisting of sofas and armchairs, and the entertainment area with the TV and bookshelves. On the other, we find the kitchenette and dining area.

The latter, depending on the kitchen layout, can have a practical and easy configuration, with a snack counter and stools, or a more traditional one, with a large dining table which perfectly embodies the diktat of functional interchangeability.

As well as serving as a connecting element between the living room and the kitchenette, the table can also become a smart workstation, a space for children's homework or a surface for family table games.

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The new home offices

Many freelancers and smart-working professionals feel the need to design a space in the home dedicated exclusively to work, to maximize concentration and productivity. If space permits, it is possible to transform a room in the house into a home office, otherwise a workstation can be created in the living room or bedroom.

That is why we cannot fail to include the rise of home offices among popular living room trends for 2022.

Whether it is an ad-hoc space - created by converting an under-utilized room - or whether it is a corner carved out of the living room, the important thing is that the contemporary home-office allows for a minimum of privacy and that it is equipped to be comfortable and functional. Green light to built-in elements, folding tables and concealed furniture.


Living room trends 2022: Allure collections


Feeling at ease

We have seen how the home-office combination has transformed (and not just a little) the way the living room and other domestic spaces are designed.

There is also another aspect that is influencing residential interior design: our state of mind, challenged by the destabilizing events of recent years.

People feel more than ever the need to feel safe and comfortable at least within their own homes.

Architects and interior designers are called upon to create spaces in which we can feel 'pampered', environments that reflect both visually and affectively what we are feeling: a feeling that emerges very well, for example, in the Atmosfera collection by Adora.

So, it is no wonder that even in 2022 people's desire will be to feel good and comfortable at home.

How does this translate into interior design and contemporary living room trends for 2022?

To talk about this, we have to move to the design level and find out what the dominant colors, shapes and materials in our homes are and will be for the coming months.


Living room trends 2022: Diamante collections


2022 contemporary living room design trends: between bright colors and references to nature

What does 2022 hold for contemporary living style and furnishing?

To begin with, there is a rise of warm, soft nuances in place of the total white minimalism that reigned in past years.

On the same wavelength, sofas with enveloping and sinuous lines, such as those in the Ambra collection, which have effectively ousted the square shapes. 2022 contemporary living rooms also feature hints of luxury and Made in Italy designer furniture with timeless elegance, such as those from the Adora collection.

Faux leather and velvet, natural materials and nature-inspired textures, are also on the rise.

In general, the trend is to surround ourselves with everything that inspires protection and coziness, with softened shapes that 'keep us safe', like a warm embrace.

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Living room trends: Sipario collection


The reassuring colors of the earth

Among the 2022 living room trends, nuances from cognac to burnt amber are making a strong comeback.

With a nod to vintage, this 'chocolate' palette dialogues well with energetic orange tones and other deep, welcoming colors to create modern yet chic and sophisticated contemporary-classic settings.

Winning combinations are also those with yellow ochre, one of the most versatile colors in interior design, with shades of pink and terracotta, and with olive green, proclaimed color of the year 2022.


The energy of bright colors

If earthy nuances respond to the need for protection we have mentioned earlier, there is also a color trend in 2022 that pushes towards strong and bright colors, such as scarlet red, magenta, deep blue, violet - always declined in the warmest and most enveloping shades.

Such a bold palette must be handled sparingly to prevent a patchwork effect.

How is color harmony achieved? Through the balance of the composition and the interplay of light and dark, juxtaposing bright colors with light and neutral shades (or an elegant concrete grey), playing with tone on tone and gradual nuances.


Living room trends 2022: Ambra collection


Materials and patterns inspired by nature

Spending more time indoors has also made us more aware of the importance of strengthening our connection with nature.

In furniture, this translates into a tendency to choose natural materials, especially in raw and imperfect finishes. Make way for terracotta, clay, stone, wood, marble, not only on floors and walls, but also for decorative objects, furniture, washbasins and bathtubs. 

The call of nature can also be found in wallpapers and in popular fabrics for the 2022 living room, with floral patterns, jungle graphics, forests, parrots, landscapes dominated by different shades of green.


Curvilinear design

A curved shape is unconsciously perceived as safe, friendly and welcoming. This applies in interior design as well as in other fields. Even for the contemporary living room, 2022 envisages a prevalence of furniture with rounded lines and deep, enveloping seating, such as the sofas from the Diamante collection by Adora.


Grandmillenial 2022 version

Started in 2021, the 'Grandmillenial' trend, halfway between vintage and bon ton, is becoming increasingly consolidated in 2022 as a 'more is more' way of furnishing in stark contrast to the essentiality of minimalist interiors.

Minimalism is not rejected, but made warmer, more familiar, less 'perfect'.

What exactly is Grandmillenial style? We could define it as a sort of dive into the past, or rather, 'into grandmothers' wardrobes', in search of new inspiration for the home.

A mix&match that revisits the past and seeks to contextualize it in modern environments, through the inclusion of a detail, a touch of glamour or a more contemporary palette.




2022 living room trends: soft shapes and cozy atmospheres

When designing contemporary spaces, it is important to keep up to date with industry trends, which are a kind of a 'base' on which one can build a unique and personal style.

In this article, we take a look at 2022 living room trends, focusing on how to design the room layout, the dominant colors and the different inspirations that intersect with pure contemporary style.

We have seen how 2022 marked a return to warm and cozy atmospheres, with darker and deeper tones than in the past, soft and enveloping shapes for seating, and details that add different atmospheres.

Ranging from the bon ton vintage reinterpretations of the Grandmillenial to the urban-jungle references to nature, passing through Made in Italy fine furnishings of classic-contemporary inspiration.


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