Ambra and Essenza contemporary living rooms: let yourself be inspired by warm colours that lift your spirit

By Jelena Raicevic
31 May 2022

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When we talk about contemporary living rooms, we almost always tend to imagine environments dominated by neutral colours, such as grey or total white, by essential, square furniture and by compact, space-saving solutions designed to combine design and (multi)functionality.

However, since 2021, this trend has been reversed, by gradually moving away from the minimalism at all costs that prevailed in previous years.

We are slowly shifting from 'less is more' to 'more is more'.

Without renouncing contemporary style, the trend is to bring warmer colours and soft, embracing lines into our homes. It is almost like if we felt the need for greater intimacy and familiarity.

How can square lines and sinuous shapes be combined? How do you mix simple pieces of furniture and precious finishes, warm tones and functional design?

In order to create a contemporary style that is not too cold, the first thing to do is to avoid pre-packaged solutions and focus on customisation instead, drawing from the collections of the great Made in Italy tradition, a guarantee of quality materials, care for design and attention to the latest trends in the sector.

Let's find out more!

Ambra and Essenza contemporary living rooms


Adora contemporary dining rooms: a balance between simplicity and refined details

Adora a brand by Arredoclassic, is aimed at anyone looking for a compromise between elegance and functionality, between the refined design of classic style and contemporary taste devoted to ease of use and comfortable environments.

Adora's latest collections are contemporary yet pleasantly retro, in perfect harmony with the timeless elegance of the historic Pesaro-based company, which has always upheld the great tradition of classic Italian style, the quality of Made in Italy and the refinement of a taste that the whole world envies us.

In particular, in this article, we will go over the Ambra and Essenza collections designed to furnish the living area while maintaining the fascinating combination between classic and modern.

Each with its own characteristics, lines and guiding colours, Essenza and Ambra will give your contemporary dining room a refined and original imprint, a unique atmosphere that is difficult to replicate. 

Square lines and warm tones for the Ambra collection

Characterised by synergies of volume and precious finishes, the Ambra collection is striking for the harmony of its compositions, the refined taste of its materials and the innate refinement with which it designs contemporary dining and living rooms.

Let's discover the features of the dining and living rooms in the collection.

Contemporary style and classic details: Ambra’s living!

The furniture in the living area, with its simple lines, is enhanced by contrasting colours and overlapping materials.

Just think of the frame of the elegant sideboard, with an elm wood finish, enriched by lacquered glass tops. The vaguely retro design of the front doors is brought up to date by the glossy grey marble finish, which contrasts both stylistically and chromatically with the satin bronze handles and feet.

A functional, versatile and multi-purpose complement that perfectly sums up the simplicity and spirit of contemporary style.

The shine of glass can also be found in the bronze finish mirror frame with a special 45-degree cut, and in the elegant glass cabinet.

All the elements of the Ambra collection for the living area - from large dining tables to comfortable matching chairs, from TV furniture to sideboards - combine class and practicality, quality of materials, essential lines and precious finishes.

The basic colours are tasteful - with playful counter-positions between the brightness of white and the grey and dove grey palette - but there are also deeper tones that warm the soul, such as shades of brown and chocolate.


Adora: Ambra collection


Ambra contemporary living room: clean design and refined details

The Ambra living room, designed to be a space for conviviality and absolute relaxation, combines comfort with a chic and sophisticated style.

Armchairs and sofas stand out for their square design and clearly defined profiles in a contemporary style, but also by a special feature that softens their silhouette: vertical quilting runs along the armrests and backrest, emphasising the seat and making it look even more sophisticated and defined.

The bronze finish of the feet is also echoed in the matt inserts that wrap horizontally around the seat, creating a point of separation between the armrests and the base.

The feeling of aesthetic continuity created by the similarity in design and colour between the sofas and the coffee and side tables, available in various sizes and formats, is very striking.


Adora: Ambra collection


Essenza Collection: contemporary luxury scenarios

Compared to Ambra, the Essence collection pushes more in the direction of elegance and opulence, while remaining contemporary.

"Luxury-à-porter" is the expression we could use to sum up the key aspects of the contemporary luxury living rooms featured in this collection.

A collection that, through fine details and finishes, shows the beauty of contemporary style in all its facets, albeit with particular focus on a refined and timeless kind of furniture, capable of transforming every room into a jewel of design and stylistic refinement.

All elements in the living room and sofa area are characterised by a balanced interplay of polychromes and a sophisticated classic-contemporary dualism.

The dark tones of wenge wood create a fascinating contrast to the shiny marble finish.

The synergy between strong materials (and colours) and more delicate ones creates a bold yet graceful and elegant image.

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Essenza dining room: when luxury meets comfort

Woe betide those who think that the luxury and sophistication of the style of this collection were allowed to get in the way of the overall comfort and liveability of the room. Comfort reigns supreme!

The strength of the Essenza contemporary dining room lies in its ability to combine two souls: on the one hand, the pleasure of conviviality, warmth and an invitation to relax, on the other, the aesthetic enhancement of every detail and the desire to create atmospheres of contemporary luxury.

The furnishings - austere and square - are dressed in the dark tones of wenge wood, but then light up with touches of light and gold-finish bands, giving the overall view a sense of ease and harmony.

Every element of this dining room, from the table to the sideboard, from the chairs to the glass cabinets, is designed to give a sense of aesthetic continuity to the entire room. In what way? With superimpositions and cross-references of colours and finishes, fitting volumes and geometries, shapes and lines, chromatic details and materials to perfection.

Inevitable gold details, such as those on the impressive dining table, are enveloping and geometry-enhancing. In spite of its large size, the Essenza collection table maintains a slim and slender silhouette, just like the chairs, with an agile and refined design, characterised by wooden legs and a back with a slightly curved line.

The TV furniture is available in a wide variety of finishes - with wood or glass doors or with open compartment; and glass or marble finish top - and can be completed and personalised by elegant wall displays for storing books, magazines and accessories.

Another highlight of Essenza’s contemporary living room is the glass cabinet, although there is no shortage of interesting classical additions.

Indeed, this piece of furniture is a symphony of different materials, finishes and textures: the wenge wood makes it strong and bold, the satin-finish gold metal bands give it lightness and vertical momentum, and the marble finish is an indispensable touch of class that goes perfectly with the door glass reflections, available in both transparent and bronzed versions. Features that make the glass cabinet a true contemporary style statement.

Adora: Essenza collection


Essenza contemporary-classic living rooms: welcoming with style

The sofa and armchairs area holds the same dualism as the living room elements. Style and function coexist seamlessly, because one is the added value of the other, and vice versa.

The seats respond to contemporary ergonomic concepts - comfortable seating, wide backrests - while recalling the elegant and timeless design of classic styles at the same time: armrests with vertical quilting, gold finish inserts to frame the armrests and the base, neutral but warm and welcoming tones, precious materials and fabrics, refined details.

Essenza contemporary living rooms are also characterised by flexibility of composition, versatility (each sofa can be modulated, combined and customised) and the possibility of making the relaxation corner even more comfortable, by adding matching comfortable benches and footrests.


Adora: Ambra collection


Essenza and Ambra living rooms: contemporary luxury that makes a difference

The new trends for contemporary living room furniture are pushing for a return to cosy and elegant environments, dominated by warm, deep colours and a general atmosphere of warmth, security and familiarity.

Therefore, contemporary design seems to have abandoned the idea of cold, minimalist environments to embrace a more reassuring and personal style.

In this sense, it finds its best expression in the classical contaminations that warm up and create elegant and refined environments, without trace of the aseptic and impersonal aspects.

Adora, Arredoclassic’s contemporary brand, features new collections for the living and lounge area.

In particular, in this article, we learned about Ambra and Essenza - two collections that fully represent the classic-contemporary combination we have been talking about.

Both collections feature luxurious details and refined materials, combining square, defined lines with a contemporary cut, colours and finishes such as gold, bronze, shades of beige and brown, which warm the soul and soften the overall vision.


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