4 Tips to revamp your bedroom during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Jelena Raicevic
16 July 2021

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Renovation work requires a lot of dedication
, both in terms of time and attention, even when the renovation work only concerns one room and not the whole flat.

It is necessary to carefully choose the most suitable color and material for the walls and paneling, the lighting, the small furnishing accessories such as curtains, carpets, tables and light points to enrich the environment.

It is not always necessary to invest large amounts of money or to plan a general renovation in order to renew a living space and give it new energy.

It is also possible to give a different twist to the space by simply making small changes, perhaps dedicating time to one room at a time.

In this article, we turn our attention to the bedroom, one of the most appreciated and loved environments because it is a symbol of rest and intimacy.

Just recently, with the global pandemic that has forced millions of people indoors, we have seen an increase in the amount of time devoted to small and large restorations.

Bedroom renovation during Covid-19 is certainly one of the most popular and interesting topics.

Let's find out how to revitalize this room with some tips.

Revam bedroom covid-19


Colors to renew the bedroom during Covid-19

A sanctuary of relaxation and the intimate space par excellence to which we retreat after a stressful day to recharge physically and mentally. Specifically for this reason, it was essential to renovate the bedroom during the Covid-19 period to recreate this feeling of peace and security.

The goal is clear: creating a serene, pleasant and calming environment through the choice of furniture, fabrics, lighting and colors in harmony with each other.

To achieve this, at the beginning it is necessary a fundamental step: choosing the colors for the walls.

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1. Green, a reminder of nature

The latest interior design trends suggest the use of green in its softer, more discreet shades.

Color therapy also backs up the trend by emphasizing the relaxing effect of this color that conveys harmony and serenity; it helps to recover from anxiety disorders and does not tire the eyes.

We recommend the use of a delicate shade such as sage or teal to alternate with the neutrality of white to avoid a boring, monotonous and monochrome visual effect.

If white does not convince you, you can opt for a combination with light brown and all the earthy tones - from dove grey to caramel - that have been very fashionable in recent years.

Again, the use of the brown palette is an unequivocal reference to nature.


Revamp bedroom covid-19: green color bedroom


2. Blue, a relaxing splash

Another everlasting color that is always popular for wall painting is blue: from its darker to lighter shades, this color will make your bedroom look modern.

Darker shades such as cobalt will add intensity while lighter shades such as sugar paper or aquamarine and sky blue will make it sophisticated.

Although every shade of this color lends itself very well to making the bedroom cozy, as a general rule, bear in mind that darker shades are better suited for larger rooms as they tend to optically restrict space, while softer shades lend themselves to enliven any space.

The appreciation of blue has also been certified by its election as Pantone color of the year 2020 for its many positive aspects: it adapts to many combinations, stimulates positivity and is recommended for those suffering from insomnia. There are plenty of reasons to choose it.


3. Earthy tones, a warm palette

Bringing nature into the home: this is the main vision that drives interior design trends in 2021. A strong reference to nature through the use of specific colors, fabrics and materials.

Clay, rust, apricot, caramel, terracotta, peach and salmon but also sand and beige: these and many other tones of the earthy palettes warm up and make the bedroom cozy giving character while remaining discreet.

The wide range of choices allows choosing the best shades according to the desired yield while paying attention, once again, to the size of the room: the more generous the surface area, the more the shade can increase in intensity.


Revamp Bedroom covid-19: earthy tones, warm palette


4. Yellow, a surprising solution

Certainly not often considered suitable for a room dedicated mainly to relaxation, yellow is experiencing a moment of great success.

Together with the Ultimate Grey, the Illuminating Yellow has been chosen as the pantone color of the year 2021.

Warm, positive, energetic and conveying a message of optimism yellow is perfect to make the bedroom welcoming during the period of Covid-19 because of its positive meaning.

If you do not dare using too bright a hue, opt for a softer, pastel variant to stimulate concentration.


5. Purple, a stimulating shade

Even purple, at first glance, does not seem to be the best color to make a bedroom cozy. Instead, surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the most suitable.

Many interior designers inspired by the oriental discipline of Feng Shui choose this color to harmonize spaces, making the most of the shapes of the furnishings, heights, sizes and the surrounding context.

Purple is an unexpected solution, capable of stimulating meditation and creativity, especially in the barely noticeable shades of lilac, mauve and lavender. 

To enhance these shades, consider combining them with furnishing accessories in a matching palette such as a chaise longue if space permits.


Accent wall, a focal point to create interest

Ingenuity and boredom prompted us to look for interesting solutions to renovate the bedroom in Covid-19 times.

There were many ideas and often no need for major interventions. Creativity guided the renovation of many rooms, which have changed their face with a few adjustments.

On the subject of alternative color decoration, a popular trend is an accent wall. What is it? We are talking about a colored wall, decorated in various ways or with a different texture respect to the surrounding walls that then becomes the protagonist, giving character to the whole room.

The solutions for turning a wall into the focal point of a space are endless, and it is only your personal taste that directs this choice.

Our recommendation is to use a color that either creates a link with the rest of the room or breaks it up completely, creating a wow factor.

Alternatively, you can use the chosen wall to hang a large painting or a full-length photo.

The idea of adding wallpaper is also an interesting one. Forgotten in the sidelines for a long time because deemed old-fashioned, wallpaper is enjoying a comeback thanks also to the variety of textures and patterns available on the market.


Revamp Bedroom covid-19: Accent wall, a focal point to create interest


Halfway between bedroom and living room

Due to a traditionalist vision linked to the habitual subdivision of space, we are often led to think that a bedroom should be dedicated exclusively to sleep. It is no longer just about that.

In a more contemporary concept, a bedroom is much more than a place to rest.

In the current times, remodeling the bedroom during the Covid-19 pandemic means rethinking rooms in a more functional and fluid way.

However, the idea of dedicating the most spacious and comfortable area to rest is unchanged where to place a comfortable and elegant bed embellished by practical bedside tables.

To reinforce the relaxation effect, we recommend creating, space permitting, a wellness area, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with the inclusion of a small pouf a sophisticated mirror, a chest of drawers and an elegant sofa, perhaps at the foot of the bed.

A small oasis of tranquility that acts as a limbo and helps to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere.


Revamp Bedroom covid-19: Halfway between bedroom and living room


A balanced room for relaxation

There are many elements that must communicate harmoniously so that our bedroom becomes pleasant, functional and consistent with our wishes and the mood we have decided to pursue.

A fine line between specific needs, current trends and personal taste a balance that is not easy to achieve but necessary for the success of an optimal restyling with the ultimate goal of creating a relaxing space.

Let’s not forget that the key to successful projects lies in calmly and carefully analyzing each element if possible taking one room at a time without excluding an overall view that brings all rooms together.


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