How to choose the right neoclassical sofa: 4 suggestions

By Jelena Raicevic
13 August 2021

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In any classic interior design project, each element plays a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere.

In the living room, for example, sofas outline the functional and aesthetic aspects of the room. This is why it is important to carefully select the seats with which to set up this relaxing and welcoming environment.

In this article, you will find specific hints on how to select the perfect neoclassical sofa and create an impressive and rich setting.


Neoclassical sofas by Arredoclassic: suggestions to furnish your living room

One of the undisputed protagonists of living room furnishing is undoubtedly the sofa.

Led by the goal of selecting a comfortable and aesthetically appealing seat, let yourself be charmed by the elegance of a neo-classical style sofa.

Below, we would like to introduce you the Arredoclassic Collections designed to meet the neoclassical design style rules including sofas that combine considerable comfort and unquestionable aesthetics:

Let's find out the features of each collection.

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The Fantasia living room is a true symbol of beauty and elegance in typical neoclassical taste.

Each piece of furniture is characterized by bold, square lines - especially the tables and display cabinets - friezes and patterns, as well as major decorative details recur with continuity throughout the collection, and create refined effects on the armchairs and sofas.

The distinctive feature of the Fantasia sofa is its soft shapes and the fan-shaped design of the central upholstery: features that make these sofas of great visual impact.


Neoclassical sofa: fantasia



Each furnishing element of the Melodia living room is linked by a subtle stylistic and formal balance, made bolder by the gilded accents.

In coffee tables, curio cabinets, armchairs and sofas. Here, gilded friezes and feet bestow charming effects to the seats.

In the Melodia sofas, comfort and elegance combine design and balanced functionality.

The sofas in this collection are available in different designs and details.

In addition, they can be customized in the choice of upholstery, which can be simple or with capitonné inserts. In short, there are no limits to your creativity and wishes to embellish your living room.


Neoclassical sofa: melodia



The furnishings of the Leonardo living room are characterized by refined volumes and fine details.

The unmistakable character of this high-quality collection shows in the sofas.

Extremely cozy seating made of elegant fabrics with a strong aesthetic appeal, whose soft shapes and precious base bring to mind the patterns of the ancient capitals.


Neoclassical sofa: leonardo



The luminosity of the ivory and gilded hues enlivens the room with the furnishings of the Liberty living room.

The sofa is embellished with neoclassical friezes, decorative patterns and gold and silver effect details along with fine damask velvet fabrics embodying the beauty of an element in perfect neoclassical style.

The Liberty armchairs, with their soft, rounded lines, add a touch of vanity to the collection.

Comfortable, thanks to the large enveloping seats, they do not forget to boast polished details that with the gilded pattern of frame at the base, embellishes the armrests.


Neoclassical sofa: liberty


5 Tips to create the perfect scenario around your neoclassical style sofa

A neoclassical style furnishing solution brings new personality to the living room. A refined image that finds full expression in elegant furniture elements and fine details.

To recreate a neoclassical-inspired furnishing style in detail, follow our 5 aesthetic tips. This will allow you to create the perfect concept for your living area.


  1. Set up a color scheme appropriate to the context
  2. Opt for a wallpaper in line with the concept
  3. Favor elegant lighting solutions
  4. Select furniture embellished with gilded friezes, cymas and columns
  5. Complete the composition with furnishing accessories and sophisticated decorative cushions

Let’s proceed step by step.

1. Set up a color scheme appropriate to the context

To furnish the living room in perfect neoclassical style, it is fundamental to set up a color scheme appropriate to the furnishing context.

Neoclassical furniture compositions are recognizable by their soft, muted shades of cream, ivory, cream, gold and silver: colors that permeate every element in the living room, from the furniture to the smallest detail.


2. Opt for a wallpaper in line with the concept

To give a sense of stylistic consistency in your neoclassical style living room, we recommend opting for wallpaper with a neoclassical taste, in line with the design concept of the living area.

For a more opulent image, choose wallpapers with well-defined arabesques that can remind of the ancient design of columns and capitals.

If you prefer neutral tones, choose plain wallpapers taking into account the above mentioned color scheme.


Neoclassical sofa: wallpaper in line with the concept


3. Favor elegant lighting solutions

Decorative lighting plays a central role in creating the perfect neoclassical atmosphere.

In this case, it is advisable to give preference to lighting solutions with neoclassical aesthetics that boast unmistakable elegance.

To make a statement that is about style and luxury, choose jeweled chandeliers with pendants made of blown glass or crystal.

Alternatively, to decorate and illuminate the room, opt for elegant floor lamps to be placed next to armchairs and sofas, or select wall lights made of coated or frosted glass with gilded details.


4. Select furniture embellished with gilded friezes, cymas and columns

In a neoclassical interior design atmosphere, details speak for themselves. That is why you should select furniture embellished by friezes, cymas and gilded columns.

Ornamental details with great decorative power that embellish the furniture and enhance its image.


Select furniture embellished with gilded friezes, cymas and columns


5. Complete the composition with furnishing accessories and sophisticated decorative cushions

To complete the furnishing composition of your living room, place fine furniture accessories on side tables and glass cabinets, such as:

  • Vases finished with gold details and bas-reliefs
  • Gold or silver-plated brass candelabras
  • Silverware services
  • Porcelain, decorative hand-painted plates to be placed on the showcase shelves

Finally, do not forget to highlight the elegance of your sofa by adding decorative cushions made from fine fabrics and with precious details.

  • Nappas
  • Cords
  • Double flounces
  • Buttons
  • Elaborate embroidery


Choose the right neoclassical style sofa for your living room

To create a furnishing design with perfect neoclassical charm, it is key to choose comfort furnishing of great visual impact and refined style.

Choose the timeless spirit of a neoclassical sofa to furnish your living room.

Make an exclusive style statement by giving this room a new image without sacrificing comfort and hospitality.

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