Luxury living room: ideas to furnish spaces in a classic style

By Jelena Raicevic
3 November 2023

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Learn how to furnish a luxury living room with the best classic-style furniture and how to create a space that balances luxury, functionality and coziness.

Your living room is the perfect place to make a style statement. Your living room is the perfect place to make a style statement. What room in the home best expresses your style more than the room where you welcome friends and spend relaxing moments with your family?

If the living room is the stylistic and functional core of your home, you can easily guess how important it is to furnish it with care and passion, choosing well the individual pieces that make up the puzzle: the structural elements (walls, ceilings, fixtures, and floors), the color palette, materials, lighting, and accessories.

And, of course, the furniture, which should be chosen not only according to personal taste, but also according to quality and design, so that its shape, size, lines and details create a harmonious and coherent ensemble.

When one chooses luxury living room furniture, the challenge is to maintain a good balance between the key element of the rooms (luxury and opulence) and the other two aspects that every living room, regardless of style, must have: functionality and a cozy atmosphere.

Luxury living room: ideas to furnish spaces in a classic style

6 best luxury living room ideas to furnish your home in a unique style

If you are wondering how to have a luxury living room, the answer is without a doubt: choosing the best classic-style collections.

By "best" we mean those collections that have made quality, attention to detail and great Made in Italy design their hallmarks. Collections from companies such as Arredoclassic, that can interpret the timeless beauty of the classic Italian style in a wide range of stylistic nuances.

From art deco to neoclassical, empire, and renaissance styles, you can find plenty of inspiration and ideas for luxury living rooms among the Arredoclassic collections and they are all breathtaking!

But, as noted above, decorating is not only about choosing high-quality classic furniture. To create a refined living room, bestowing that special atmosphere that only luxury rooms have, it is necessary to work on all the details and factors involved.

Check out in the next paragraphs a few of our luxury living room ideas in order to make sure you really opt for the best refined, yet elegant furniture options.

So let's go through the point-by-point secrets for a luxury living room in the classic style.


Luxury living room: Modigliani collection


1. Tips for decorating luxury living rooms with high ceilings

High ceilings, typical of the grand noble halls of the Victorian era, are still a symbol of opulence and royalty, enhancing the dining rooms and lounges furnished in the classic style.

Among the architectural elements, a high ceiling is definitely one of the most scenic elements. However, for a high ceiling to be a strength of the room, it is important to strike a good visual balance by adding texture to the walls to lead the eye upward. Elegant vertical lines are, for example, a good solution.

Another idea for luxury living rooms with high ceilings is the inclusion of architectural and decorative details that boost it, such as cornices, paneling, and trim on the walls. These are all elements that avoid flattening the space and add depth without weighing it down.

The frames, which decorate where the wall meets the ceiling, come in an infinite variety of styles, each dating back to a different period of the classical era.


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2. Timeless classic patterned wallpaper

The atmosphere in a room is often primarily determined by the walls, and more specifically, by accessories that tend to enhance its lavish feel.

That’s why it’s important to opt for decorative elements with an elegant, visual appeal. Why not give your living room a new look with some classic wallpaper?

Classic-style wallpaper continues to have great appeal and extraordinary decorative power to this day. If anything, the challenge is choosing the right pattern for the context, given the huge variety of commercially available patterns, colors, and textures.

Trends for this year and the next change swiftly in the direction of a fusion of tradition and innovation, with classic motifs reinvented with a contemporary twist that enhances their appeal.

From the opulent Baroque motifs to the sophistication of art deco, the grandeur of the Empire style and the decorative opulence of Renaissance designs, wallpaper can transform an anonymous wall into a fine art installation.

To make your luxury living room bolder in the classic style, you can also consider coordinating the wallpaper with the seating upholstery.

And speaking of that, let's take a look at the sofa and armchairs.


Luxury living room: Melodia collection


3. Sofas and Armchairs upholstered in Fine, Premium Fabrics

So, the best way to transform your living room into an elegant space is to rely on sofas, armchairs and chairs upholstered in fine fabrics, such as velvet, satin and silk.

Among the elements that have the greatest impact on luxury living room furniture is undoubtedly the sofa, the undisputed star of the room.

Different textures, rich fabrics and luxuriously shiny materials – all blending together to create depth and nuance – will catch the eye and stimulate the senses, allowing guests to enjoy a pleasant tactile experience.

Complete the look by choosing a few different sized and shaped accent cushions made from linen, silk, satin, brocade, lampas and velvet. Cushions made from quality materials can also be jazzed up with a few decorative details such as ruffles, fringes, double frills and cord.

Ensure your living room is both welcoming and appealing by adding a few upholstered ottomans and poufs. The icing on the cake could be a curvy and noble chaise longue like "Venere" from the Dolce Vita collection.


Luxury living room: Dolce Vita collection


4. The Golden Touch: the key to luxury living rooms with walnut and ivory finishes

If you’re looking for an elegant, mellow colour palette with a few precious accents here and there, why not opt for walnut-finished furniture with a touch of gold.

Adopting a varied colour palette creates contrasting shades and tones that generate great visual appeal.

On the other hand, if you love the bright and refined atmospheres of the gold-ivory combination, we suggest the Arredoclassic collection Fantasia, the ideal choice for those looking to furnish their luxury living room with unmistakable class. The subtle contrast between bright gold and ivory tones will guarantee a romantic and refined space.

For a few small but striking details in your living room, add a few gold leaf decorations also to tables, furniture and along the walls.

Lavish picture frames, clocks, ornaments and decorative objects will seduce any visiting guest.


Luxury living room: Fantasia collection


5. Decorative details that make the difference

When it comes to classic furniture, finesse is the key.

But, what makes a living room luxury? The details, of course!

We have seen how important it is to play on all the elements involved, both in terms of architectural and stylistic ones, to bring to life the rich and opulent atmosphere of luxury living room furniture.

If you want to make sure your living room is elegant but cosy, add a few decorative rugs or a soft carpet.

Go for rugs (tufted, Persian, hand-knotted, etc.) and/or carpets (bouclé, velour or needle-punched) that best suit your style and comfort needs.

Hang large decorative curtains made from precious fabrics such as linen, cotton, brocade, damask velvet and lampas. Curtains will complete the space by really emphasising aesthetic beauty.

No detail should be overlooked. Artistic features, for example, such as landscapes, portraits, tempera paintings and classic statuettes, are guaranteed to create a classic, opulent, and luxury living room.

And how to forget the mirrors? Ornate mirrors are a must-have for any living room, as well as other sophisticated reflective surfaces. Opt for wall mirrors with antique gold-leaf frames made from walnut or with a walnut finish.


Luxury living room: Donatello collection


6. Lighting as an art form

Decorative lighting plays a key role in any interior space, including the living room. Opt for wall and table lamps made from clear, frosted or satin glass, finished with gold or silver details that complement the surrounding furniture.

Glass filters light, giving spaces an intimate and peaceful feel, in perfect combination with a few accented areas.

Make light a real focal point: place a chandelier with curved decorative arms in the middle of the ceiling.

Bejewelled chandeliers are the best way to give your living room a luxury feel, as they tend to majestically dominate spaces, shining like precious gems.

The addition of lamps and sconces with gilded accents can further elevate the luxury of a living room atmosphere, creating a harmonious combination with walnut or ivory finishes in the classic furniture collections, and adding a touch of timeless class.


Luxury living room ideas for the perfect look

Living rooms are where furniture and welcoming atmospheres come together to give life to harmonious spaces, bustling with energy.

The luxury living room ideas that we have suggested in this article can help you find inspiration when furnishing your home in a classic Italian style, creating a perfectly furnished and elegant space.

Whatever idea of luxury and sophistication you may have, with Arredoclassic collections you can turn it into reality.

From the glittering, bright atmosphere of art deco and neoclassic collections to the warmer, cozier atmosphere of the Renaissance style, all the way to the opulence of the Empire style and the formal balance of the Italian classic style, Arredoclassic holds the secret of beauty and is ready to share it with you to create the home of your dreams.

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