Stylish contemporary bedroom: the perfect solution for your home

By Jelena Raicevic
9 September 2020

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When it comes to furnishing the bedroom, it is essential to select furnishing elements with great decorative potential, but which do not sacrifice the functional aspect as well.

In this sense, furniture designed according to the principles of contemporary style is the perfect synthesis of this technical-aesthetic combination.

This is why it is fundamental to choose accessories with a refined taste that can not only elegantly decorate your room but that can also be the perfect storage solution for your personal belongings.

This is an essential aspect that will enable you to perceive your room as a true oasis of comfort and relaxation, where order and harmony reign.

The aim of this article is to illustrate the Diamante Collection furnishing proposals, ideal in creating an orderly and a tastefully refined furnishing scenario.


Stylish contemporary bedroom: the perfect solution for your home


Stylish contemporary nightstands: the Diamante Collection

The Diamante Collection bears the signature of Adora, the Arredoclassic brand inspired by a contemporary style.

Each element of the collection is capable of adding a precious touch to the entire room, making it shine like a jewel, with its recurring theme: an elegant golden triangle.

A true leitmotif that gives the collection its name, an unmistakable trait that recalls the typical facets of the precious stone, par excellence, and that stands out in every furnishing context thanks to the seductive golden light effects.

Let's continue now by looking at the features in more detail of space-saving bedroom furniture:

Let's have a closer look.

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Diamante bedside tables: small furnishing jewels

The elegant and refined profile of the diamante bedside tables shows that every detail is in its place and has been designed to decorate the environment with sophisticated taste.

In addition to completing the decor and framing the bedroom corner, these accessories are useful for storing your effects.


Contemporary bedroom: Diamante bedside tables


Diamante dresser: capacity and elegance are assured

The Diamante dresser is composed of three large and spacious drawers ideal for storing linen, blankets, sheets and other effects. It also features a graphic silhouette that extends horizontally over the element.

This piece of furniture, as well, bears the collection’s precious and distinctive features which converge in a balanced choreography that includes chromatic contrasts and refined details.


Contemporary bedroom: The Diamante dresser is composed of three large and spacious drawers


The imposing elegance of the Diamante wardrobe

The Diamante wardrobe presents a refined chromatic balance characterized by harmonized contrasts between the light and dark shades of the elm finish frame, linked by the golden shades of the inlays and triangular handles.

A composition of imposing elegance that completes your bedroom decor with sophistication and provides additional storage space for your clothes.


Contemporary bedroom: the Diamante wardrobe presents a refined chromatic balance


The precious details of the Diamond commode

Precious golden details complete the aesthetic look of the Diamante commode, a piece of furniture with a defined style in which every detail moves in a perfect geometric synchronization.

The golden triangles, placed at the commode’s corners, enhance its appearance, denoting a subtle but perceptible stylistic and decorative continuity in the gold chrome-plated feet that capture the light and illuminate the bedroom.

This piece of furniture is also extremely ideal for storing your objects and beauty products in a rational and orderly manner.


Contemporary bedroom: precious golden details complete the aesthetic look of the Diamante commode


Stylish contemporary nightstands: the right solutions for your needs

We described the functional and aesthetic qualities of Diamante furniture in this article. Features that offer elegant and spacious furnishing elements for your rooms.

Make your bedroom a temple of relaxation and orderliness, where you can always find tranquility and cosiness, choosing the right furniture to create your space.


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