Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora

By Jelena Raicevic
12 March 2019



The Arredoclassic and Adora brands were designed with the goal of meeting the stylistic needs of everyone, from fans of the classic style to enthusiasts of the contemporary taste. 


The Arredoclassic Collections express a sense of shared prestige with classic canons, while the Adora Collections, equally sophisticated and refined, moves into a different stylistic direction devoted to modernity. Each collection is perfect for furnishing every room of the house.

The prestige of Arredoclassic and Adora enters in every room of your house, dressing it in a perfect balance of glitz and elegance, fulfilling your aesthetic sense, and that of your guests, in an unparalleled way.

Think of the living room interior design, for example: the living room is a room of welcoming and sharing, where you spend most of your time with friends and visitors. It is the ideal environment in which to make an authentic declaration of style and surprise with furnishing accessories of the highest class.

Discover the characteristics of our brands and the way in which each collection can give personality to living room interior design.

Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora

Renovate the your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora

The surprising way in which classic and contemporary taste appears in multiple variants can be seen through Arredoclassic and Adora, whose aesthetic lines take on different unexpected and exciting expressions.

Living room in classic style? Choose among the Arredoclassic collections

Our classic collections meet the needs and preferences of our clients. It is up to you, loving the classic style in its every expression, choosing the concept that fascinates you the most to furnish your living room.

The “Donatello” Collection enriches living room interior design with gold leaf decorations and furniture with intense shades in walnut finish. A room in which you can bring the feeling of Renaissance and touch the refinement of its typical finishes.

Relax on a "Donatello" couch, where you will recognize the unmistakable texture of damascus velvet, embellished with gold leaf inlays. Details that only true admirers of fine Italian furniture can appreciate.

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To create a romantic and comfortable mood in the living room, choose the “Tiziano” Collection, whose furniture accessories feature sinuous curves tinted of ivory and sparkle with silver reflections. If instead you prefer gold notes and warm mahogany tones, we recommend the “Sinfonia” Collection, for an environment with a baroque feel, rich in details and graceful in its aesthetics.

For those who love the neoclassic style, there is the opportunity of choosing among three different concepts thought out for living room interior design. Arredoclassic has created three collections that meet the canons of neoclassic style: three different ones to furnish your living room, three different ways of experiencing this environment. Specifically:

  • The Liberty "Collection" 

    The living room comes to life with the brightness of ivory and the golden reflections of the furnishing accessories of this collection. The golden decorative patterns enrich the furniture with strong lines and gold and silver leaf decorations add a touch of prestige to curvilinear sofas. Shapes and details in perfect harmony grant unique emotions.
Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora 13
The warm tones of beige and the golden friezes are distinctive details that make your living room a treasure of precious furnishing accessories. Every element of the Melodia Collection is aimed at the style concept of melody, that sees the union of round shapes and incisive finishes that lift the silhouette of the furniture. 


  • “Leonardo” Collection

    The sophisticated volumes of the furnishing accessories outline the unmistakable character of this precious collection. Precious golden gleams highlight the outline of the furniture and coffee tables, and fabrics with a beige and gold tint envelope the sinuous shapes of the sofas, that always seem to welcome you in a warm embrace.
Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora 2

Adora dresses your liing room in a contemporary style

The Adora Collection reinterprets the concepts of luxury and elegance through clean and essential lines, fine details and finishes devoted to a neat aesthetics, thus meeting more modern stylistic requirements. 

“Diamond” and “Sipario” are the collections designed for the living room with stylistic roots in contemporary design, giving a new look to the room. 

Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora 9

  • “Diamante” Collection 

    The furnishing elements of this collection have bold contours and lines that remind of a diamond's cut, and just like it, each detail glimmers and bestows a touch of class to the furnishing accessories. 

    The sofas and the "Diamante" armchairs are the perfect marriage of design and comfort. The velvet fabrics offer softness and texture beautiful to the touch, unmistakable, while the vertical quilting lifts the shape of the backs and completes in a harmonious way the silhouette. The golden inserts follow the curves of the armrests and enrich their appearance. 

    The furniture present distinctive details
    that express the essence of the entire collection: frames with a perfect elm finish and golden triangles that follow the star-shaped facets of precious diamonds. At the base of the curio cabinet we find geometrically shaped legs with a chrome-plated gold finish, a sophisticated note that completes the entire composition. 

Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora 3

  • Sipario Collection

    The eclectic taste of a contemporary style imbues the furnishing accessories of this collection and shows its beauty. The "Sipario" sofas follow soft lines that joined to each other create firm shapes, the surfaces of furniture and coffee tables are enriched by diamond-shaped texture that create games of light and depths of great visual impact. 

    The palette colors that splash the elements of this collection include white, purple and dark blue, hues that color the chaise longue, sofa and mirrors and combine perfectly with the golden details, leaving a distinctive mark of style and aesthetic charge in the living room. Adora features these particular colors, but it is still possible to combine other shades and colors.
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Five useful tips to customize living room interior design with an exclusive touch

A living room that is tastefully furnished is recognized above all by the attention paid to details. The choice of furnishing accessories and exclusive decorations will give a special touch to this environment, making it personalized in every detail.

Is it your goal to make your living room an exclusive environment? Follow our style suggestions to give personality to this room.

  1. Decoration of the walls
  2. Add rugs or carpet
  3. Choose curtains of excellent quality 
  4. Light up your living room with style
  5. Keep in mind the height of the wall

1. Give importance to the decoration of the walls

Do not let the walls of your living room remain bare, give them a new look with wallpaper. This decorative solution will bring out the entire composition of your furnishing and will create a luxurious atmosphere.

2. Add rugs or carpet 

Yes to style and elegance, but without giving up comfort and functionality. We recommend you choose carpets and rugs that match the mood of your living room. Cover the flooring laying out a soft layer of carpet or place where you wish a rug with a soft texture and elaborate pattern.

Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora 5

3. Choose curtains of excellent quality 

Choose the design of your curtains to match perfectly with the color scheme of your furnishing accessories in the living room. The curtains contribute to increase the aesthetic strength of the entire furniture.

4. Light up your living room with style

Choose the living room illumination. Select the design solutions that express best a classic or contemporary taste and let it decorate the entire room while casting light on every surface.

5. Keep in mind the height of the wall

Personalizing the living room in an exclusive way means finding the perfect spacial balance and take advantage of the size of the room to create a sophisticated environment. Evaluate the best way to decorate a living room with a high ceiling or with a low ceiling, only like this will you know how to arrange the furnishing elements.

Give personality to your living room interior design with Arredoclassic and Adora

Arredoclassic and Adora give your living room personality

The classic collections express a charm that belongs to the past, but that is always current and perfect to furnish the living room. The contemporary collections match the most modern style canons and enrich the living room with sophistication. 

In any case, both contemporary style and modern style give a refined and glamorous touch to your living room: a room of sharing and relaxation that with Arredoclassic and Adora becomes an environment rich in style and refinement.

If prestige and refined design are the styles you wish for in your living room, choose among our brands the collection that you prefer and transform your living room interior design with elegance.

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