Contemporary style dining room sets: the Adora solutions

By Lorena Fulgini
20 April 2020

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To be successful, a dining room interior design project , as well as any other project for your home, depends first and foremost on the furniture collection chosen for your room layout.

Would you like to turn your dining room - a place where you enjoy pleasant social moments - into and exclusive environment?

Then, let yourself be inspired by the Adora collections, Arredoclassic brands designed to meet the style needs of a broader public.

Behind the brand’s philosophy, there’s an indisputable formula, which is translated into the formula: luxury-à-porter, accessibility and luxury combined, in contemporary furnishing items.

In this article, we will showcase the Adora collection items for the dining room area, by highlighting the details that embellish each piece of furniture and accessory.


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Contemporary style dining room sets: Sipario and Diamante Collections

The Sipario Collection and Diamante Collection  are furniture lines designed to furnish your dining room in style

Even though they have been both designed in line with the canons of contemporary style, these two fantastic collections have different aesthetic features , both classy and versatile in the same way.

Let’s take a look at the main features of the collections:

Comfort and sophistication:  contemporary chairs and table

The Diamante Collection table has a solid geometrical top, with golden silk-screening in contrast with the ivory colour of the entire structure, making it a very classy item.

Diamante chairs , expertly designed to be comfortable and embellish your dining room, have a geometric profile that matches the table, embellished by the vertical seams and the golden buttons.

The Sipario table features a top with an overlapped silk-screened marble finish on a golden base: intertwined volumes that create a dynamic asymmetrical effect. The supporting base has a solid and bold geometry, partially matching the diamond-shaped pattern present in other elements of the collection.

The Sipario seating elements feature the button-tufted pattern of the entire collection, in a clean and classy way. Their golden edges valorize the square profiles and the classy shape. Tiny sparkly touches embellish the backrest, enlivening the velvety surface with small golden buttons.


Display cabinets: furnishing accessories for a complete and elegant interior design

The Diamante display cabinets feature wide glass surfaces and mirror backings, that create a bold and precious reflective effect, increasing the brightness in the entire dining room.

Furnishing elements designed to contain and exhibit contemporary design pieces and precious China, and, above all, to make the room complete.

The Sipario display cabinets, on the other hand, feature linear and defined geometries, with a classy edge.

A diamond pattern - typical of the entire collection - frames the display cabinet, embellishing it. Last but not least, golden feet make the entire display cabinet more slender, giving it a touch of classy decoration.

Sideboard: sophisticated design furniture

The Diamante sideboard is classy and austere-looking, in its ivory and gold two-colour pattern on the doors, top and feet. Golden triangle embellish the piece, almost echoing the geometric cut of the diamond, the precious gem after which the entire collection is named. It is no accident that this detail can be found on every single piece, becoming the leitmotiv of the collection.

The Sipario Collection sideboard stands out for its essential and classy geometry. A central piece of furniture, embellished by bright details and framed by the typical diamond pattern. The golden feet match the handles, making it even more classy and slender.


Contemporary style dining room sets: the Adora solutions 2

Mirrors: essential elements to add a  precious touch to your dining room

The Sipario and Diamante collection mirrors are designed to embellish the room, whilst preserving a sophisticated style continuity in your dining environment.

The Sipario mirror features a diamond-shaped texture on the entire surface - the leitmotif of the collection. An inherently classy accessory, framed by a thin golden thread, perfectly matching the ivory hues chosen to enhance its appearance.

The Diamante mirror too perfectly matches the other collection items. Frame with an elm finish with dark hues brightened by a fine golden edge that enhances its marked lines.

Why you should choose one of the contemporary style dining room sets by Adora?

Choosing Adora contemporary sets for your dining room, means creating a fine and balanced atmosphere, with a great contemporary allure.

Let yourself be inspired by the Sipario and Diamante collections, and create the layout of your dreams for your dining area.


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