Give charisma to your living room interior design with the contemporary Adora collection

By Jelena Raicevic
25 February 2021

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The philosophy of the Adora brand "luxury-à-porter" has become a true mission over the years: to bring the luxury and prestige of the Italian furnishing style all over the world and meet the stylistic needs of a wider audience.

The Adora collections update, in a contemporary key, the standards considered par excellence of the classic Italian style and add that inimitable touch of charm to any room in your home.

Each element is specially designed to ensure comfort, functionality and style with the aim of creating unique atmospheres in both the living and sleeping areas.

In this article we aim to show you the Adora collections and how you can add charisma to your living room by creating it using the furniture elements that best suit your personal taste.

Choose the collection you like the most to furnish your living room

The Adora collections fully express the appeal of contemporary style.

Here they are:

Each collection, sophisticated and bold, was designed and conceived specifically to tastefully create your living room and make its atmosphere pleasant and welcoming.

Let's continue now by studying more closely the details and the outstanding elements that make our collections unique.


Give charisma to your living room interior design with the contemporary Adora collection


Sipario and Diamante: the elegance of a contemporary style that never fades away

The armchairs and sofas of the Diamante collection feature Capitonné upholstery finished with gold buttons, small details that catch the light and complete the profile of the element, elegantly upholstered with customizable velvets.

Furnishings with a slender silhouette and a light, curved line, which finds linear continuity in the armrests, completed with gold inserts, and in the feet with a gold chrome finish, which recall the shape of precious stones.

On the other hand, the sofas and armchairs of the Sipario collection, complements of equal elegance and class, differ by way of their more marked shape and geometric cut.

Furniture in perfect contemporary style, whose slightly curved lines flow into the sharp profile of the armrests with golden inserts which, in a single embrace, envelop the entire seat.

Both collections guarantee furnishing proposals for the living area in which comfort and elegance are declined in a single solution.


Living room interior design: armchairs of Diamante Collection


Coffee table: the pleasure of conviviality, the value of elegance

Accompanying the sofas and armchairs, in a functional and aesthetic sense, is the ever-present coffee table: not just an elegant furnishing accessory, but the central point of your living room.

It is in this room that one can breathe the true essence of conviviality.

It is thus necessary to introduce a piece of furniture with a sober style, refined and at the same time light and versatile: to be placed wherever you prefer, to welcome you in your moments of relaxation.

A daring and sophisticated chromatic contrast defines the image of the Diamante coffee table with its ivory and elm finish surface, with squared corners, completed by feet in a bold gold chrome finish.

On the other hand, the coffee table from the Sipario collection is enveloped in an ivory mantle interspersed with golden inlays that break up the chromatic continuity, only to find it again at the base with the gold chrome finish of the feet.

A refined lozenge motif along the edges completes the aesthetic feature of the cabinet.


Living room interior design: Sipario coffee table


TV cabinet: refined composition ideal for your living area

The TV furniture in the Sipario and Diamante collections is designed to give you the pleasure of a tidy space and the luxury of a living room furnished with contemporary elegance.

The important and defined silhouette of the Diamante TV furniture creates a refined furnishing composition, which stands out for its formal and chromatic balance.

Both the showcases and the cabinet have frames at the base, outlined by the dark and persuasive tones of the elm finish, enlivened by elegant golden triangles placed at the corners: the leitmotif of the entire collection.

Completing the aesthetic character of the cabinet: thin golden serigraphy contrasting with ivory coloured fronts.

The design of the Sipario TV cabinet re-proposes the characteristic lozenge motif that frames the front, generating a dynamic contrast of textures that gives movement to the furniture.

Also in this furnishing context, the side showcases and the TV cabinet at the base outline a refined and glamorous composition with high aesthetic potential.



Mirrors: the real jewels of your living room

The mirrors of the Sipario and Diamante collections are made to enrich the furnishing atmosphere while at the same time maintain a sophisticated stylistic continuity in your living area.

The Sipario mirror has a lozenge texture over its entire surface, a recurring motif that runs through the entire collection.

A furnishing accessory of innate class, lined by a thin gold thread that perfectly matches the ivory shade chosen to enhance its image.

The Diamante mirror is also in perfect aesthetic harmony with the collection’s elements. The elm finish frame, with dark shades illuminated by a refined golden outline, enhances the defined lines.


Living room interior design: Sipario mirror


Chaise longue: a welcoming embrace

In order to create a glamorous furnishing style for the living room, an elegant chaise longue is a must: a furnishing element in which comfort and style come together, complementing each other.

The chaise longue from the Diamante collection is ideal for any furnishing context, given its extremely versatile and sober aesthetic character.

The thick armrests, enriched with gold inserts, follow flexed lines that blossom outwards, giving movement to the seat; completed at the base with feet in a gold chrome finish: a seductive touch of light for the discerning eye.

The Sipario chaise longue, on the other hand, follows a more sinuous and dynamic design. The line of the backrest, placed at the corner, finds continuity in the curved armrest.

An element of contemporary design dressed in precious fabrics, customizable according to your taste, which furnishes the living area ensuring the pleasure of sitting in a comfortable seat with great decorative potential.




Allure and Atmosfera: the new luxury-à-porter concept according to Adora

Allure and Atmosfera are the new entries of the Adora brand.

They are complete with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables: each element is designed to furnish your living area creating the perfect contemporary style furnishing scenario.


Allure sofas and armchairs: when contemporary charm meets functionality

The seats in this collection make it possible to create a sofa with a corner composition, so as to create different customized lengths that are ideal for arranging any kind of space and environment.

The sofas have an enveloping outer shell that fully embraces a soft cushioning inside, creating a play of volumes and softness that emphasizes the comfort and silhouette of the seats.

The profiles are edged and covered with contrasting fabrics/eco-leather, customizable as per pattern book. The base is finished with a polished metal profiled foot that adds a shiny touch to the ensemble and seduces the eye.

Similar to the sofas, the armchairs in this collection have the same aesthetic and functional characteristics.

They provide the same elegance and comfort, but in a smaller format. Moreover, they can be be customized with fabrics and textiles from the pattern book, according to the customer’s stylistic preferences.


Living room interior design: allure collection


Comfort signed Atmosfera: the seats you were looking for

Atmosfera sofas not only guarantee a cuddle to the body, but also fascinate the eye given the golden reflections of the front plate and seduce the touch thanks to the quilting with a strong line that runs along the back creating vertical and horizontal geometric games.

The armchairs follow the concept of the sofas. In fact, they feature the same elegant three-dimensional quilting that runs along the back and front of the armrest, at the centre of which we find a gold-finish detail.


Allure coffee tables: a play on volumes

The shape of the coffee tables echoes the concept of the sofa and is defined by the contrast of different volumes.

Each model is offered in two different porcelain stoneware finishes, both of which are extremely versatile.


Living room interior design: Atmosfera coffee table


Atmosfera coffee tables: agile and elegantly designed furniture

The coffee tables in this collection are characterized by a sophisticated, sturdy and shiny structure given the satin gold finish powder coating.

Completing the silhouette: a solid top in real marble, available in two precious finishes, both capable of giving different and refined personalities to the element.

Furnishing accessories with a decidedly modern character, ideal for an exclusive atmosphere.


Pouf Allure: the comfort of small things

The agility of its shape and the elegance of its silhouette make the pouf of the Allure collection ideal to complete the living room furnishing scenario while making it even more sophisticated.


Adora: a touch of style and charisma for your living room interior design

We've shown you how each of the Adora collections blends comfort, functionality and contemporary elegance into furnishing solutions of undisputed charisma.

Choose the collection that is most in line with your taste and give personality to your living room with Adora. Each piece of furniture will add a new and timeless charm to your interior design.


Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.