Take your contemporary living room to the next level with one of Adora's unique collections

By Jelena Raicevic
15 October 2021

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With its "luxury-à-porter" philosophy, the Adora brand clearly shows its primary objective: we want to make the luxury and value of Italian furniture accessible to a wider and more complex public, and bring the elegance and value of contemporary style into homes all over the world.

Each collection fully expresses the quintessential contemporary concept, while retaining that inimitable touch of charm that only the Adora brand can give.

The design of the Adora collections satisfies contemporary canons, by varying with details and daring with precious finishes: elements that make each furnishing line a unique and sophisticated solution, suitable to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of the most demanding customers.

In this article, we are going to talk about restyling your living room and on how to give it a new image by choosing the Adora furniture.


Take your contemporary living room to the next level with one of Adora's unique collections


Adora's solutions for the perfect contemporary living room design

Adora collections show how many stylistic variations contemporary aesthetics can take and how this style of furnishing is always extremely sophisticated and versatile for home furnishing.

Let’s go over the elements in each collection, by studying the details that make them true jewels of contemporary design.

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The eclectic taste of contemporary style permeates the Sipario furnishing items, and shines through in all its beauty.

The sofas follow soft profiles that come together to create decisive shapes; furniture and table surfaces are enriched by lozenge-like textures that create visually striking plays of light and depth.

The color palette in this collection includes white, purple and dark blue nuances, coloring the chaise, the sofa and the armchairs. With perfectly matching golden details, they leave a distinctive mark of style and aesthetic charge in the living room.

However, it is possible to combine other shades and colors, customizing the furniture as you wish.


Contemporary living room: Sipario Collection



The Diamante furniture has sharp contours and lines reminiscent of precious stone cuts, and, like them, every detail shines and adds a touch of class to the furnishings.

Diamante sofas and armchairs are the perfect combination of design and comfort. The velvety fabrics offer unmistakable softness and caressing texture; the vertical quilting enhances the line of the backrests and harmoniously completes the silhouette. The gold inserts follow the curves of the armrests and enrich the line.

The furniture features distinctive details that express the essence of the entire collection: frames in a perfect elm finish and golden triangles that trace the star-shaped facets of precious diamonds.

At the base of the display cases, geometrically cut legs with a gold chrome finish, a sophisticated touch that completes the entire composition.


Contemporary living room: Diamante Collection



The Allure chairs allow corner compositions and thus create different customized lengths that are ideal for fitting out all kinds of spaces and environments.

They are characterized by an enveloping outer shell that fully embraces a soft cushioning inside, creating a play of volumes and softness that emphasizes the comfort and silhouette of the seats.

The base is finished with a polished metal profiled foot that adds a shiny touch to the ensemble and seduces the eye.

The coffee tables are based on the design of the sofa and are characterized by bold volumetric contrasts. Each model is available in two different porcelain stoneware finishes, both of which extremely versatile.


Contemporary living room: Allure Collection



Atmosfera sofas and armchairs not only guarantee a cuddle to the body, but also fascinate the eye given the golden reflections of the front plate and seduce the touch thanks to the quilting with a strong line that runs along the back creating vertical and horizontal geometric games.

The coffee tables in this collection are characterized by a sophisticated, sturdy and shiny structure given the satin gold finish powder coating.

Completing the ensemble: a solid top in real marble, available in two precious finishes, both capable of giving different and refined personalities to the element.


Contemporary living room: Atmosfera Collection



In this living room, quality and comfort are guaranteed in every corner. Essenza furniture - from sofas to coffee tables, from TV cabinets to display cabinets - are designed to create a balanced yet luxurious atmosphere, fully expressing the stylistic and functional essence of contemporary style.

The seats and furniture, designed according to a minimal and sophisticated concept, combine aesthetics and comfort, thus guaranteeing a fascinating and welcoming furnishing composition.

Contrasting fabrics and textures, details and polychromes playing on the dark shades of wenge wood and the shiny marble finish make the entire collection unique and inimitable.


Contemporary living room: Essenza Collection



Everything in the room from furniture to accessories, outlines the image of a relaxing and cozy setting. Sofas, armchairs and furniture convey a feeling of elegant sophistication in total balance with comfort and functionality: essential to make the living area pleasantly liveable.

The collection shows a balanced combination of details, finishes and colors: shades of grey, white and dove grey are mixed and, declined in various textures and consistencies, give a feeling of class and refinement.


Contemporary living room: Ambra Collection


Contemporary living room: how to create the perfect layout in 5 moves

Once you have selected your favorite furnishings, based on your style and decoration, you should organize their arrangement in the room. The right furniture arrangement will make the living room look bigger, brighter and more elegant.

Here are 5 useful tips to shape the most functional and sophisticated layout:

  1. Determine the focal point of the room
  2. Assess the measurements of the living room
  3. Arrange the furnishings around the focal point
  4. Avoid placing all furniture against the walls
  5. Play with various sizes and textures

Let's take a closer look.


1. Determine the focal point of the room

In order to determine the focal point, consider your day-today habits and way of living.

A potential focal point could be: a fireplace, a piece of comfort furniture - such as a sofa, for instance - or a bookcase if you like to read in your free time or, if you want to relax while watching programs or documentaries, a TV cabinet.


2. Assess the measurements of the living room

This step is decisive for the correct choice and optimal arrangement of furniture, furnishing accessories and lighting solutions.

The height of the ceiling, the length of the walls and the size of the room are the main measures to take into account in order to position each piece of furniture correctly.


3. Arrange the furnishings around the focal point

Ensure that side tables or ottomans are gathered around the focal point, so that the final layout evokes a sense of order and balance.


Arrange the furnishings around the focal point

4. Avoid placing all furniture against the walls

In addition to TV furniture and bookcases, we recommend placing the remaining furniture away from the walls.

Placing all the furniture against the wall may, paradoxically, make the room narrower and less liveable.


5. Play with various sizes and textures

To add visual interest to your living room, dare to use precious furnishing details and furniture with a contemporary, minimalist look, while keeping in line with the concept and respecting a certain stylistic balance.


Contemporary living room: play with sizes and texture


Adora: the best collections to revamp your contemporary living room

We have seen how to create an agile and comfortable layout in your living room and how each of the Adora collections can provide style, comfort and elegance at the same time.

Choose the collection that best suits your taste and add personality to your living to a higher level of design.

Download "The basics of contemporary style explained and how to master it" guide!

Jelena Raicevic

As part of the commercial department, Jelena Raicevic loves to discover different cultures and trends, mainly related to the furnishing worlds.